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Awesome work dude!!!! Wish you many sales!!!! ;)

Thank you :)

Clean and Nice work! GLWS! :)

Thank you :)

Looks really nice! Wish you great sales! :)


pmvuong Author Team

Thank you :)


Looks great. However can we have the header of the theme ‘fixed’ as the user scrolls down the screen?


You can mail your requirement to We can help you.

Hi there

Theme looks really good, but I don’t seem to be able to add anything to the basket. Shopping cart is always empty. Is it normal?


We configured server again. You can try again.

Thank you :)


Pre purchase question:

Is it possible to disable hover effects (on product images) for mobile devices layout? Theme is laggy and less responsive with them on.

Hi man,

After purchasing this theme, you can send a cutomization request to, we will disable it for you.


hello i bought your template but not arrived to install in my magento can you help me please it’s urgent thanks


You can mail to . Our support staff will help you install it.

hello i can’t to put my products in featured tab can you help me please?

hello thanks for your answer but not arrived to put all my products in featured product its bloc to block to number to 8 products in featured product slider. Why? can you help me? thanks

and menu idem i not arrived to change the defaut menu?


You can change limit show featured products in CMS > widgets > EM0106 – Area 07 – Featured Products > Tab “widget options” > change value “Limit Count”.
With menu, if you want use default menu , you can go to EMThemes > EM0106 Chaussure Settings > General > Disable default navigation > Choose “No”

Great theme I was wondering what server requirements does this theme require to run smooth like the demo?

Do I need dedicated hosting to run in as such?

Thank you and an amazing job!


yes, magento is big framework and it need much resource . You should use dedicated hosting . And you need configure your host with system requirement magento :

Hi, Recently puchased and there seems to be a few plugins that are missing. em0106-blog is missing em0106-onestepcheckout is missing Please help and advise us of where we can get these files to install to the website.

Thank you and I look forward to your response!


I am sorry. 2 extension blog and onestepcheckout don’t include in theme. You can refer list extension include in theme in Features List.

Hi, Im interested to purchase the theme. However, I just want to check first if it is compatible to Magento CE version?


Magento version was just released. Current theme don’t check with version. We are trying to complete the upgrade as soon as possible. When it complete update , we will notice in description theme . You can login your account and download package theme again.

Hi, Let say if I purchase the theme, then sooner or later you will deploy the updated theme version for Magento Is there any additional charges if we request to have the updated version?


This theme will update to magento soon. When it complete update , we will notice in description theme . You can login your account and download package theme again. It don’t need any fee additional.

Hi, great theme. I’m just going through the instructions and setting everything up. I’ve got to the bit where it says to go to EMThemes > EM0106 Chaussure Settings, but when I click on the link it brings up a 404 error. Do you know why that would be and how to fix it?

Thanks, Aimee


You try logout and login backend again. Or you can go to system > permissions > roles > Administrators > save role. If it don’t work , please send your information to . We will help you check it.

Hi, i have a pre-sale question. first awesome job!

I would like to know if on the ajax filter you have on the category, is possibile to create other attribute. for example i sow there are filter for: colors, prices, category, brand.

If i would like to to create a filter for a bracelet store. So i will need to filter like kind of charm, kind of necklace . Do you think there is a way to put small image like for the (colors) istead of words like (brands, category)? thanks.


You can create attribute “kind” and add it into layer navigation. It will show in “shop by” of category page. You can upload image for each value. EX :

do you have Multi-language ?


I just bought this theme and installed without problem. Excelent manual! BUT when I add a product to my cart directly from the product list, the cart keeps saying there is 0 items in cart, I’ve noticed that when I click on refresh or click anything else on the webstore that makes the page to refresh, the item(s) that were not added when the button was clicked appeared. This is a big issue please help with this. Also I’ve noticed a few more issues on the checkout page, when a payment fails, it is common that you go back to your payment details and check everything is ok, once you review your payment information you have to click again the checkout option, but noticed that when you are on this last step, the shippment ammounts and other rules that are supposed to be applied are not displayed and charged anymore. Thanks,

So far, excelent support!

Hi, we want to buy this theme for Prestashop. Now the problem is why had you not made this theme available on themeforest and only available on & egg themes website. We wanna buy it from themeforest only. Please confirm if you can made 3 prestashop themes viz. Et Chaussure, ET Homemarket and ET WineStore but through themeforest. Please confirm.

Can you please confirm, why it is not alowed on Envato marketplaces. Maybe due to some concerns / issues in theme or what else is the reason, because there might be some concern, that is why they are not allowing you to sell on envato. Please confirm the reason, as we liked the theme, and intend to buy.

Had Just Purchased… Had the Revolution Slider not updated to 4.2.4, as seen as 4.2.3 in download zip file, and commented as Updated Revolution slider

Hi man,

A theme only be sold on a single market. And we have decided not to sell it on here.

Please let me the theme that you have purchased.



I am not a technical person. I am planning to sale my research reports and monthly ebooks [ PDF] online. I am looking for a website which can fulfill the following and much more if possible.

1: Excellent Categories, Sub categories for example: Galaxy, Earth, Region, Country, Province, City, Street. Of course it will not be that much deeper but still just to give you an idea.

2: Visitors can read the product description and also related products underneath.

3: Header layouts, Landing pages layouts

4: An excellent blog template, and multiple layouts if possible.

5: Customer Singup and account management

6: Ticket system if possible.

7: Visitors can buy one item or can subscribe to view multiple items per month.

8: Shopping cart and wishlist,

Take an example of a blog website, I want almost the same but my contents will be paid. And a subscriber can view most of the contents after the subscription. Any thing which can add more value. Like walk me throug etc…

Can you please suggest me which of your theme can fulfill these requirements at maximum?


This theme is made on base magento. So it have features of magento framework, you can refer to Magento feature list at this link: . Besides, it has also some own features, you can read at Key Features in introduction of theme. This theme has almost features which you list. If you want to have different features, you can send the requirements to us.