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Keren nih item! Akhirnya ada juga author dari Indonesia di kategori ‘Email Templates’. Salam kenal & semoga laris manis dagangannya, gan! :-)


Amen gan!
Terima kasih sangat banyak gan atas dukungannya :-)

Ngebut Rek…!!!!


hehe, iya ni. Moga ngebut juga salesnya ;-)

Look here! Your own newsletter, which I just purchased, doesn’t work propertly: http://snag.gy/O1idH.jpg

Hi sir,
Firstly, thanks for purchased :-)
About the issue, sorry to hear it.
I just directly double check it anyway, with my own Outlook and looking good, see here: http://goo.gl/lq1Sg. Do you made a changes on codes?
By the way I will on my work desk tomorrow, please contact me via via this contact form with your detailed info such program you’re using to send and received the message, so I can investigate for further.


supasabs Purchased

Hi Saputrad,

Really nice templates. I was wondering if it was possible to have the 1/3 column areas wrap down to 2 columns instead of 1 column when the screen is smaller?



Hi supasabs
Many thanks for the purchased. Sorry about the delay. Anyway, it’s possible with some modifications to have 2 columns instead of 1, in smaller screen, however it’s only good (or possible) to be applied in 480px screen width.
Please contact me via contact form in my profile page for further assist.

Kind regards

Hi, I just sent you a message for help as the email is not displaying well for me on iPhone. Look forward to your reply. Thanks


Just replied your email. You can send me the customized file, I’ll going to check it :)

is it ready for sending email with youtube video integrated?


Hi Stas, thanks for stopping by! :)

What do you mean by YouTube video integrated?
We can add a video in email by using HTML5 video for email, but with a risk, the fact that only few email clients are support for video in email.

Hi, I bought this but am having problems.

So, I inserted the 1/2 block from MailChimp version layout 2 into MC version layout 7 which works fine dragged into local browser, & full size but my MC test loses the two 1/2 block images when viewing the test responsive on my phone.

Any ideas whats wrong? If you give me an email I can send over my Zip file or forward my test.

Thanks James


I have looked into this more and they show on iPhones but not Andriod