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rbonatto Purchased

Having a weird problem that I didn’t have before. When I create a new page and use its page builder to add a simple text block, for example..Steps I’m doing… 1. create new page; 2.using page builder I add a simple text block; 3. write the text I need; 4. when I hit “save” it asks me if I want to leave the page or stay; 5.I’m redirected to posts page and now it has a new entry. Problem is happening when I’m on step 4 “pressing save button”

Any ideas?

I am having the TEXT problem as well. Can’t see it in PageBuilder, but it appears on the site. Can’t edit it. Submitted a ticket. Is there some sort of workaround, can I disable PageBuilder or anything?

I loved the theme but with the current problem I have to take my website offline! I can not edit text boxes anymore and appantly no one cares. This really sucks.

I am having an issue with adding/editing content on the “Why Choose Us” section of Home/Homepage1. When we attempt to add a custom icon or even plain text, we get redirected to a different page or an error that says “Request-URI Too Large”. It seems there is a bug. I’ve submitted 2 tickets (#1199 and #1178), but I have gotten no response. Can you please provide some assistance?

Good day I wish I could group the categories of portfolio. I am doing the following. I created a portfolio item and enter the URL option the link of a page (model portfolio) which brings together groups the display of certain categories portfolio. But the inserted URL is not redirecting. How should I proceed?

Ticket: #1208


ormester Purchased

Can anyone explain how to use the Icomoon icons? I’m at a loss as to how to get these to work and I’m not getting any response through the official support channel.

I request help. I need group in the Portfolio category. Display in a portfolio page only major categories and clicking go for the sub items using another page in model portfolio. A link on the option URL of a portfolio that leads to a page. But this URL does not work, it is as if there were. I do not get no return support!

I have just purchased the theme a few days ago, and I am having the same issue other people have had a month ago regarding the text box in the Page Options not working. Since I just uploaded the theme, I would have assumed it would have included the update/fix. Please advise where I can find this “fix”. Thank you.

Also every time I try and SAVE a Page Option, it bounces me back to my Posts. What is wrong with this theme? I just started working with this and already have so many issues.


Really like the look of your Circles theme. I have a few themes on my short list to purchase but its the Circles template I like the look of the most. So I was just wondering if there will be any further development to your Circles template in the near future.

Kind regards,

Hi There… I’m having the same issue with adding simple text boxes or any of the elements that use text (icons, etc.) I submitted a ticket #1239. Please respond.

I’ve built 3 sites using this theme and my clients depend on it. I’m a web professional and have purchased this theme expecting support as well. Please help! Thanks!

I have asked a question twice on support now and its been nearly a week with no response can you please get back to me it is very urgent. Or does anybody here know how to change the mobile responsive menu so that it sits further right….

Ticket number is #1243 can you please respond…


Buyoka Purchased

When i upload logo and main page photos it does not show the full picture and the logo is not with high resolution. can support team help please? also how cna i get my free installation?