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JamCircle Purchased

I would as well like to ask for the time that you will release a bug-free version… I am waiting and .. please do not drop this theme I want to keep it for the next 5 years!!!

Hello @JamCircle,

Hope you had a great day. Just letting you know that we have no plans on dropping the theme and we are planning to release updates soon.

Warmest regards :)

Hi, I am also experiencing problems to find the one page demo file. Here is the files available in the demo folder : 1- All Content : Contains all the demo files 2- Banners : Contains only banners 3- E-commerce : Contains only shop files 4- New contents : Contains just the new pages that has difference with version 3.0 and others 5- Pages : Contains only pages 6- Posts : Contains only posts

Just tell us which one of those files is the one page demo file ?

Many people have asked same question here but instead of clearly answering, you are always asking people to go find it in the knowledgebase or the forum. Why don’t you just give people the direct link to go right the way on the related page ? If we know where to find it in knowledgebase or the forum, we will not waste time asking. Plus the link you provided for knowledgebase lead to a not found page.

Replying it is already answered or it is on the forum is not helpful. Why make complicated while it can be simple ? Just copy and past what you have answered or please give the direct link of the pages in the forum or knowlegde base that take your customers directly to what there are looking for. Is that possible or are you going to reply again saying it is already answered or go find the answer in the forum ?