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Does the theme is compatible with WordPress 4.0 ?

Yes it is full compatible with 4.0

Great thank you !

You are wellcome

Hi, the 3 featured blocks overlap each other on Ipad, when you load the page on landscape device. Sometimes if you touch the icon ( cake icon for example ) it loads one of the 2 others blocks.

Please open ticket on our support. Our team will help you

Ok post another time on your support for this bug on iPad. You have closed the ticket but the problem is not solved ! please help !

May be your didn’t response our ticket withing 48 hours after our support staff answer you.

*Vacation notice: * Dear client, Due to national holidays in our country, all of our ticketing and support service will be unavailable from 5/10/2014 to 10/10/2014. During this time, you can open your ticket at and we will answer you as soon as we are back to station. Hoping, you will consider our apologizes and will keep patience till we are back. We are requesting your`s kind co-operations.

This is some sick joke? I install the theme after 2 hours having to find out that there’s still ANOTHER file (why dont you mention in manual??), and then when it’s uploaded finally, it sayd that it’s not the latest version, you need upgrade, so i do, and the site is taken over by some chinese restaurant with a website like from the year 1978? I could again delete everything from ftp and start over :( I think your theme was hacked, surely not our pc’s.

We use HelveticaBold

hi, it’s definitelly not helvetica bold you use in the rev sliders!

For more details you can contact with your support system. Our technical staff will help you. I told you after view the psd.

hi, nice template. About the gallery (Gallery 3 columns) there is a problem sometimes the button to display the image does not work. If you click directly on the category 4 “Pizza & Stuf” it works correctly. But if we start from categories 1, 2 or 3 in arriving at the 4th grade its not working, we have no way to get images (fast food + health related salad food + rosted chicken with wine ) the button to display the image does not work. plz if you find the solution inform me. thanks.

Please open ticket with your purchase code in our support system

Finally bought it. Awesome theme :)

Please send your wp site access in our support system . . We will take a look. At the morning.

Send me a screenshot, Where it is?

Yes, got it. Apologies for the confusion… :(

When I install this theme, another standard “restaurant” theme appears instead (published by Wordpress). I don’t know who’s fault it is but even though I like this theme I trashed it and purchased another one.

that is wordpress theme repository. That theme name also restaurant that is why wordrpess show the name. It is one bug for wordpress although we set different theme url. I will report in wordrpess about this

hi, shows an issue with wp-content/themes/restaurant/custom_style.php file, which is super-small but takes over half a second to load while it hold up all the other loading. You have some earlier experience with this issue?

Hello,Adorelia Please open ticket in our support system. We will update that script with out latest code. where we have generate a dynamic static css from that php file to increase performance.

I like this theme. But It will support woo commerce and wpml or Not.and I am going to integrate payment gateway for reservation. so kindly reply me

I have answer your message.

I didn’t receive any message from your side except above message.

Below is the link of online ordering system for restaurant items. Kindly see it and tell me is your theme have these features or not?

No this kind of order system in not integrated. It send email to your account

Hi there

I am looking to purchase a restaurant theme and yours looks simple and very well designed. What I would like to know before purchasing relates to one of the above comments made by swisskud. Have you got over the ipad issue which causes the 3 featured blocks to overlap each other on Ipad, when you load the page on landscape device.? When I resize my browser window (I use Chrome) on your demo the whole slider disappears when I get to the Ipad size. Before purchasing can you tell me if this is going to be a problem still?

Many thanks in advance,


Hello,Mike In ipad we have hide the slider as there is a reservation form. If you have any kind of issue our technical staff will help you.

I want to buy the theme , but before i buy , iwant to confirm , do this theme support different languages like chinese and malashian etc , and also right to left that is arabian possible ,

if not included can we install the plugin and make it work ?

Let me know

Thanks Abbas

No RTL is not possible. It work for one language.

so that means i cannot buy any other plugin and convert language , if not RTL then not even german etc ?

You can translate the theme using po and mo file

Hi i have a big problem: events doesn’t works!! If i insert a start date and a end date i have in the event page this date: 1 january 1970!! Look at this page, what i have to do??

I opened ticket Tuesday at 10:48am!!!!

Could you resolve the bug please? I’m waiting!

inside ticket #3360 our support staff told you about the things which you made problem.

Hi, I like to buy this theme, it ’s possible to change color of header and footer.

Yes, It is possible to do that.

Is it compactible with woocommerce laatest version?

Yes it managed but our theme have not woocommerce style. It will looks like default woocommerce style.

Hello, I couldn’t launch reservation form on the main page. Is there extra instruction to be done? Thanks for your information


not work reservation form

Open ticket in our support system , our technical staff will help you.

Dear Clients,

Due to the Muslims’ biggest religious festival Eid-Ul-Azha at our country, our total support team and operational team will be in vacation from 24-09-2015 to 28-09-2015 (GMT +6).

During this time, all kind of support and ticketing reply, forum reply, inquiry response and business communication will be postponed.

Our operation will resume again at 10:00 AM (GMT+6), 29-09-2015


@Smartdatasoft Hi

How disable header photo`s in blogpost? Thanks

If you do not assign image as featured image. Then it will not show, other wise you need to edit the post template file to remove the featured image block.