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Thank you drupalet

Wonderlicious layout!
Kind Regards,

thank you again !

Great!Well done :)

thank you themerox

Great looking! just one question; this template is already prepared for Pay Pal? or how does it works? i mean: To sell online, i don’t need to install nothing more?

You can follow the VirtueMart documentation for installation any plugin/modules http://docs.virtuemart.net/ our theme fully support to all default features and plugin.

Hi i’m not sure to buy this template, but i see your demo are some invalid page (404).

Go http://template-demo.org/virtuemart/VTM05/VTM050103/ and click on footer link “category blog” http://template-demo.org/virtuemart/VTM05/VTM050103/index.php/category-layout

can you fix that? So i could be considered to buy this template. thanks!

Those links are Dummy link, you can place it with your own.

I suggest you to fix in href=”#” so we see that link is a dummy. But if i want to see a category/blog layout, where is it in this demo?

I can’t find it.


All footer links are CMS pages, Just need to create new CMS pages for all footer links, but we have just put ”#” for all link. But you can create CMS pages from your admin panel and assign any link for it. If any more question regarding our theme demo please contact to our technical team at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ so our team will guide you.

Hi, I purchased this template today and installed following your instructions, but unfortunately it doesnt look the same. Can you please help? This is my domain… http://www.ukhostingforme.co.uk/miracle/ Thanks, Stef

Please submit your new ticket at http://www.templatemela.com/support/ with your store details, So our technical team will perfectly install your theme on your server.

Excellent work! one question: Can I use the vm menu categories in home as a joomla generic menu without losing the actual design?(font, style and fork icon,etc.) Thanks.

No, Need to update in design for extra menu extension.

Hi, I’m testing your template in Iphone because I really need a responsive design but in the home page, if you scroll down and click in a product, first you can not go to product detail, second you can not scroll up because the focus remain in the product slider. can you please tell me if this is normal or if you are planing to develop a patch for this? thanks! (IPhone 4S, IOS 7.01 with Safari)

It is because slider is touch enabled so once you touch slider, you need to select any product to go in. As Product Slider Touch Enabled you needs to disable so it will not focused there

Can I request you to disable the slider touch, I wish to test and confirm if work friendly and then I buy. thanks and sorry to bother you.

Yes our support team will do it for you. Once you get License code after purchase, you should contact http://www.templatemela.com/support/ with license code

Hello. I purchased this template but it doesn’t look like the demo and i did follow the instructions. Can you help me!?

Yes our team can help you to install, please contact with theme LICENSE CODE at https://www.templatemela.com/support/

Normally this type of theme is coming with a dummy installation package, do you have something similar? I can believe that I need to install everything separate before I can apply your theme.

we provide XML for dummy data install. But you need to apply widgets and contents separate. We will make 1 click install soon.

Hello, Ticket ID: IWU-118-46240 i haven’t receive any respond! The shopping cart still not working. I need it fix Please ASAP. Thank you.

I see the ticket in QUEUE. You will get reply soon. Thank you for your patience.

Is almost a week that you haven’t respond to my ticket. I don’t like to be ignore. I need to know If you have another similar template that works or I need the money back to buy another one, my client is very upset. Please answer ASAP. ooh and please stop sending emails saying “This message concerns your ticket #IWU-118-46240. We have not received any response back from you in 48 hours, and would like to know if you consider this issue to be resolved.” Because we have been replying to the ticket but we haven’t got any answer from your end.

Your store issue is not our theme related, because same issue in your default store as well, We are support to our theme related issue only. Also our technical team will reply you via your ticket. Already we have spent so much time for fix your default issue.

Hi! I have purchased this Template, but i can’t find dummy data, where is it?

In this theme not included same data with our theme package, But we will install some dummy data same as our demo store on your server, Please contact to our technical team with all your details at http://www.templatemela.com/support/

Hi! Excellent work!

I’ve installed the template and works fine, but after upadate Virtuemart to the last version (2.6.6), the url doesn’t show. What’s wrong!

Thanyou in advance!

Please contact to our technical team with all your details https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can check it all your issue.

Solved! I’m so sorry for the inconveniencie caused. Finaly it works allright! Thanks!

OK fine.

Hi, This template works with joomla 3?


No, This theme not support to joomla latest version.

This template is a TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!! I regret I paid for it.

It looks nice but the user registration and order process looks like shit. It is confusing. The Category view is also awful. Both look like they are not branded. The hover circle with the price cannot be switched off. I want to show the price always. But all this is not big deal if the registration page was clean and comprehensible.

I want to use it as a gallery only (for this purpose is good far away from great) but the stupid yellow circle is always shown on hover even all prices are switched off.

Please contact to our technical team with all your details at https://www.templatemela.com/support/ so they can help you about all theme related changes or issue.

Hi, will this template work on Joomla version 3.3.6 ? Pls let me know I really want this template! Thanks :)

This theme not ready for support latest version of Joomla.

Oh, sorry I just saw the previous comment.

OK fine.


icinfo Purchased

Hi, are you planning to update this template for Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3? If you are then when will they be ready?

- Anne

Yes, We will upgraded all theme for support latest version of joomla and virtuemart.


icinfo Purchased

Hi, good to know. When do you think this template will be available? We need to upgrade the site and would like to stick to this theme? But it it will take long then not possible to wait too long. :)

_ Anne

Yes, We will take time for upgrade theme because we need to create totally new theme.


I need this template for Joomla 3.4 when will it be available?

Hello, we’re currently update all our themes support to latest version of (Joomla, VirtueMart) Once it is done, If you’re as purchased theme author, we’ll inform you related to ‘new update is available’. and we provide free life time support related to our theme issue.


I will buy your theme as soon as you release it for J3.4 can you please tell me your scheduled? This is for my customer and I need to give them outline.


Hello, Currently we design ‘Restaurant’ theme. It may lunch within a week with support latest version of Joomla and VirtueMart.


icinfo Purchased

I’m also waiting for the J3/VM3 compatible version. Hopefully out asap! :)

- Anne

Yes, We are working on upgrade all our theme for support latest version of joomla and virtuemart.


icinfo Purchased

Great! I’ll try to be patient! ;)

Upgraded theme package available very soon.