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How – Where do you manage thesimpleCart_shelfitem ID’s and items? I am adding to the menu and realized I need to add the times in then add them to the menu.

After reading documentation it seems I just need to ensure all items are “unique” in my code … I name them in the code and then give them Item IDs and the JS will follow along … correct?

Yes JDEMMG, that seems to be a correct solution.

Noticed some problems with the contact form if you can offer some help.

1) The contact form works, but after you submit the form, the message information stays in the fields and the form locks up. When it locks up, you are unable to clear the data from the fields or use the contact form again.

2) When the email is received, the subject line includes the following: rnContent-type: text/html

3) In the body of the received email, the first line says the following: Od: Restaurante

This is on line 22 of the sendmail.php file and I have no clue what it is supposed to be.

4) It would be very helpful to have a “Name” field for the contact form if you could add it.

I also sent you an email about adding a font for the h1 & h2 tags if you could help with that.


Since you don’t want to support your theme or your customers, I have asked for and received a refund from Envato. I hope others will take note of your lack of support and concern as they decide to buy this theme.

As for me, I won’t support you by buying any future themes from you.

Sorry to hear that, Leyte. I have sent you an email with a modified sendmail.php file. Hope that helps even a little bit!

All looks good on my initial set up of site. Very good coding and the support documentation is great! One question – is there a fast piece of code for starting the site up with all menu accordions closed? I have Breakfast, lunch and dinner menus to add and it would be best if user found them closed and then touched/clicked to open.

Thanks! We’ve sent you an email describing how to fix that issue.

Might be stupid question, but can this template be used in Abantecart or I need to hire someone to integrate it?

i am interested to buy your template ..but why demo is not working?