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Great work. GLWS ! :)

Thank you very much! :)

wow it’s awesome looking ! GLWS :)

Awesome theme tony, glws mate!;)

Thank you :)

hi will you update to make it responsive?

Hi, unfortunately the template was made with the idea that it won’t be responsive. That is why it has too much hardcoded widths/heights etc., besides many aspects are not really that usable on touch devices for example. I am sorry.

The skill slider and single page scroll effect is not working . Please help :(

Hello, I need more details to know what might be wrong, but I do know a situation where it wont work. If you open it as a normal HTML file it wont work. You need to open it through a web server, it doesn’t matter if it is as a website (http://www...) or on a localhost (http://localhost/..) as long as you open it through HTTP .

Check if this is the case & contact me back if not.

there is error with google chrome and operates one who was tested and worked with opera heelp!

Perhaps the problem is the same as I explained in an earlier comment response. Anyway, I’ve sent you a PM :)


Can i see an exemple of the CV as pdf when downloaded

Hello, the download resume button is actually a link to a file you create. There is no example CV coming with the theme. Besides there are many standards about how a CV should look like, depending on the country you’re in, or the position you apply to.

Great template!

I deleted the <meta> viewport tag and it looks a lot better on idevices. However only the first thumbnail in the galleries is the only thumbnail which will show up on idevices or dreamweaver live view. Does anyone have a fix to this?

Id like to buy this but am an end user know ZERO about web development I have small amount of content and a few images.

Can I hire you and give you FTP and have it set up for me if I buy it?

Corey USA 805/722-8340

You can contact me via the form on my profile :)

I’m following the instructions given “In order to start using the template you must install it first. There are many ways this can be achieved and all of them are classic for installing WordPress themes. Go to Appearance > Themes > Install Themes. Install by uploading the zip archive named”

My problem is I do not see/have that file. Can you please assist. Thank you.

Hello, this is an HTML template, there is not wordpress version, because themeforest rejected it. This documentation is to be removed.

:( I bought it because I thought it was a wordpress template. Do you have instructions for installing it for HTML please. I’m using Fatcow for my webspace if that matters. Thank you.

Is it possible to get your Word Press version directly from you?

Send me an e-mail from my profile page.

Hy, my friend buy this theme resume. But when we upload on test server. All slides and rest not working. What is problem ? We upload, all files. Evrything is ok, but slides not working. Ty

Hello, there is no reason why it shouldn’t work on a normal server. Can you give me more info about what exactly is the problem, what is your server setup etc. Thank you for the interest.

Just stumbled upon this—very nice indeed good luck with the sales !

Thank you very much :)

Hello, Love this template.

Can you tell me how to add an additional slider section after the design and photography? I have tried myself but seem to break it.


Hello and thank you for the interest, to add a slider section, just copy an existing one and change all id attributes. A section is defined by a div tag with id of something like “php-development” or “web-design”. Copy the entire section and change the ids so php-development becomes php-development2 (for example) and gallery-php-development becomes gallery-php-development. More info in the documentation :)

Hi, really nice template.. And I will like to purchase it. But is possible to make the head in the “About Me” section to resemblance a woman?

Thank you in advance.

Best Regards

Hey, thanks for the interest! That’s a really nice idea, I’ll look into it and I’ll write you back :)

If you want, you can send me an email through the contact form on my themeforest profile, so we can talk directly.

That sounds great.. I am looking forward to hearing back from you. I just sent you an email through the contact form.

Best Regards

Just sent you an email.

I’ve also uploaded it here: if anyone else wants to use it. It looks horrible in the preview on the site, but should be just fine after you download it :)

I am probably being a noob here but if you add any more than 9 items to the web design or photography scroller when you click on the 10th or more image it all vanishes?

Yes, you are correct. For more than 9 items the design breaks, but there is a really really simple solution actually. Just open the ./css/style.css and on about the 105th line you’ll see width: 9280px; just change it to something bigger, or just use 99999px and you’ll have no more problems.

Thank you Tony! :)

You’re welcome :)

This is a nice theme, congrats…

I encountered a few issues though, the theme does not display correctly on smaller devices like an iPhone 4S in portrait mode and as such i had to change the following: .textfield, .textarea { width: 310px; } To: .textfield, .textarea { width: 295px; }

As the email and message fields over stretch the rest of the page causing a white banner down the right hand side of the page when viewed on my iPhone in portrait mode.

Secondly the:

<h1 id="about-me"><span class="left">Let me introduce <em>myself</em></span><span class="image about-me" /><span class="right">and what I do with passion</span></h1>

Also does not display correctly… the words over lap onto the image so again i had to change:

/* Landscape phones and down */ @media (max-width: 480px) { footer .pull-left, footer .pull-right { float: none; height: 30px; } footer ul li:first-child { margin-left: 0; } h1 .left, h1 .right { font-size: 16px; line-height: 20px; } }


/* Landscape phones and down */ @media (max-width: 480px) { footer .pull-left, footer .pull-right { float: none; height: 30px; } footer ul li:first-child { margin-left: 0; } h1 .left, h1 .right { width: 35%; font-size: 16px; line-height: 20px; } h1 .image.about-me { width: 30%; } h1 .image.skills { width: 30%; } h1 .image.projects { width: 30%; } h1 .image.contacts { width: 30%; } }

The theme now displays correctly in both portrait and landscape modes, I have tested it with an iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3 and 4, laptop, desktop PC using various browsers and it seems to be spot on!

Thought i would post it as others may find the fix useful, or should they wish to tweak it further they will know where to start.

Just to add i have tested it on a Samsung galaxy ace and a Sony Ericsson Xperia Play and it displays correctly with the above changes too.

People with smaller screen phones well i am not too sure if it works for them but those cheap skates should buy a decent phone lol


Does this come with a working contact form?


No, it does not. But I have one, specially for this template, that I can send to you for free after the purchase.

Contact me back if you want it.

Great! :) do you also happen to have a female version of the cut-out found in the “about me” section?

Yes, and it is already included in the package as ./img/code-head-female.png :)

hi It’s so nice … but it seems that users have some problems with it … hum ?! and also I want to know what files are included in the package that I purchase . :)

Hello, all problems users had were resolved with communication through email, what problems are bothering you?

Here is a list of all files included in the purchase:

yes … thank u … everything is OK :) ... but I have another question … why it need to web server to run correctly ?

Hello, in short: it needs to be opened through http because of the LESS library. If you want me to explain this in further detail, or propose alternatives, contact me through the contact form on my profile.