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how can i change the text “Loading assets” and the title “just another wordpress site”

You can change that “Loading Assets” text by modifying file landing-header.php

It’s on line # 116

You can change that “just another wordpress site” by logging into your WordPress admin panel and then by going to Settings->General


I’ve been waiting for days, but no response from support. Here are the existing problems;

1. Contact form: I tested the contact form with a test message. The form submission was received but email body is empty. 2. Portfolio: When clicking on the tabs, for example, logo design, website design, videos and so on, it “FREEZES”! It happens 80% of the time. 3. I’d like to “remove” link on each portfolio item, so it doesn’t open up to a portfolio post. 4. Map: Any possibility to remove map at contact but show only the contact form?

Thank you.

Rosana, we’ve removed the link icon on each portfolio item. Now it’s only preview icon which shows the lightbox

In our latest test, we didn’t see the tabs freezing. We’re using Chrome in Mac OSX Yosemite. If it still freezes, please let us know which browser you’re using with version number. Also mention about the OS

Thank you for your help.

You’re welcome :)

Hi, when I try to add new items to my portfolio, via Essential Grid, I cannot do anything. I can’t change existing items. When I click any icon to add or edit, the whole page is grayed out, and I can only click the left navigation bar, leaving the Essential Grid area. How do I fix this? All updates were already done. I need to update urgently. Could you please provide me a solution?

Do you have an existing page that we can look at to understand this issue? That will help a lot

appartently I had to buy the Essential Grid plugin. This plugin does not do any updates within your theme? Problem solved.

ok, thanks

please where i can change this “Download Resume” i want to translate it ! thank’s

its in sections/section-abtme.php on line #37

Is there any way to Add an experience to the bottom of the Experience list? I input my experience starting from where I work now and I need to add more. What is the best way to add Experience? Delete all and start from the first job?

Is there any support for the portfolio section? I don’t know where to look or start. Thanks.

I think I am understanding the Portfolio section. I am trying to get rid the .sticky-logo img (the top left logo)There is a small white box that shows up in the tablet and mobile version.


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Great theme – thanks for all your work! I’m trying to change the color of individual circles in the skills area (so I have one red, one green, and one blue). Is this possible by modifying the CSS? Any help is appreciated!

I am only seeing two portfolio items in the mobile version. I am using the essential grid. :(

Hi there, When trying to install this theme or install any of the updates, I keep getting getting an error which displays “Are you sure you want to do this” and the only available option is to click “Please try again”. Repeating the process over and over again has the exact same result. I’ve been able to install the theme (and subsequent updates) via FTP, however this is a major hassle (I won’t go into the details, but trust me, it’s painful). Given all other themes install fine, do you have any idea why this may be happening and what could be done to resolve this? I noticed others posting about experiencing this issue but couldn’t find a solution to this problem.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks


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i have recently been experiencing problems with the blog link. the blog posts shows up at bottom of page but when i hit the post link or blog header it gives me a error and does not display the post. please take a look and if you need my login i can provide in email.

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I uploaded the theme via FTP and it was successful. I am able to edit the content but for some reason, none of the content is being displayed. On the Resumex settings, all of these categories says they are being displayed. What do I need to do differently to have it displayed.