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Hello is the theme multilingual? Is it possible to use it with WPML and 3 languages with the same layout? I read that the feature wasn’t available a year ago, is anything changed now?

Yes, it supports multilanguage and you can use WPML. Please use – the latest language file

Hey @Euronita, Why dont you change the image for another one? It simple to do this. I using this theme with some customizations. I’ve liked that. You can check my site on:

Hi there,

Where can I change the text for the button “Live Demo” that is used as default in the portfolio grid?

I noticed there was already a reply to similar question and couldn’t delete this comment. ” landing-footer.php and change the label in line # 28 ” thanks.

Hi, Unfortunately it was left as a hardcoded string. So please open the file landing-footer.php and you can find the “Live Demo” text on line # 28. You can change it to your desired text and save the file.


I was trying to use the Essential Grid instead of the “Default Portfolio” included with the theme, however, I wasn’t able to make any essential grid skin work with the ResumeX theme. It won’t show the URL of a single slide in the grid and instead I have a javascript:void(0). The only skin I was able to use was the HowardThaft, that shows title and magnifying glass on mouse over.

Is there a way to make the slide of the default portfolio to go straight to an URL? Without opening full size image when item is clicked, Instead I would like that it goes directly to URL when an item on the portfolio is clicked.

I’m afraid there is no way of doing this easily. Please feel free to consult with freelance development to do this customization for you

How can you get the text to wrap within the skills section boxes?

Hi, Sorry for late reply. For quick solution please go to style.css line #325 and add the following css white-space: normal; line-height: 22px; like this screen shot selected css are indicated

thx for you keep patience

Hello there mate, may I ask if it’s possible to limit the portfolio items that are being shown without enabling the grid portfolio as it’s too much of a work to make it look decent? Thanks in advance!

Hello. I recently purchased your theme, and I’m happy with almost everything other than one quirk with the Revolution slider integration. When viewed on a mobile, it’s responsive as it should be, but an increasing amount of padding is added below it (above the menu bar). Is there a way to stop this from happening? Thanks!

Never mind – I figured out the issue. However, I was wondering whether there could be two other features implemented in the future.

First, the thumbnail of a featured image in a post is severely distorted when viewing it outside of the blog section, particularly on a mobile. Could there be an option added to simply load in a custom thumbnail for display? (My current workplace uses a custom theme that added this function during post creation, and it’s fantastic.)

Second, a nice addition to the education section would be the ability to upload a logo of the institutions, perhaps just above the date. Those central boxes otherwise seem a bit empty other than basic text, while the rest of the theme has strong visuals.

Can you please send us your site URL, User ID and password to our email address, so that we can visit and take necessary steps to make it okay. NB: please mentaion your user Id and problem details in the mail. thanks

How can another area to be created?

Hello There,

yesterday I have bought and installed this template. It is very nice and easy to use. Now I need a range of products but I can not find any setting. How can another area to be created? For example...

Greetings from germany, Berndt

Its not possible to add another section what is not included with the theme. You need to manage the site with the section which comes with the theme

Hi! I’m currently working on this template and I was wondering if it was possible to duplicate and area or create a new one to add new content. Thanks for your help.

Understand your issue. But in our current system we dont’ have this option. you can’t duplicate any section or create any new section.

When I add a separate widget to the Footer It gets disappear. Why is that?

can you please share your site URL with us so that we can have a look?


cl3m5 Purchased


I installed your theme and I am pretty happy with it but I am having some issues with the revolution slider on mobile portrait viewing. The revolution slider is showing but there is a “big gap” between the Rev Slider and the menu.

You can take a look at my website with your smartphone in portrait mode to have a better idea of what I am talking about :

Thanks Clem