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Would you know by any chance why the contact form is working on some hosting company and not with others ? It works on HostGator and Godaddy “shared servers” but somehow it doesn’t work on Drupion VPS. Maybe I need to change something in the php.ini ?


Hi danygiguere, thx for buying resumr. did you check for their php version? which one is it? cheers


Sorry, I realized it was going into my spams.

mnzi Purchased

Hello. Question about side menu. I need to add custom link, for example my link. But for some reason in not works. there is only scrol down the page.

How can a make this link works? maby add attribute ot something like that?


Hi mnzi thx alot for buying resumr and sorry for the delay. you are right you need to add a class to make external links possible. its .ex

full example: <a href="link" class="ex">link</a>

please rate resumr if you like it. thx alot!

foxj Purchased
Hi ! Great template, I like it. Just one question, I try to remove the google maps part. When I erase this part
  <section id="map">
            <div class="container">
                <div class="hero">
                    <h1>WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS</h1>
                    <div class="spacer"><i class="fa fa-star" /><i class="fa fa-star" /><i class="fa fa-star" /></div>
            <div id="map-container" data-text="<strong>John Doe</strong><br>795 Folsom Ave, Suite 600<br>San Francisco, CA 94107<br><abbr title='Phone'>P:</abbr> (123) 456-7890<br><a href='mailto:#'>john@doe.com</a>" data-location="795 Folsom Ave, Suite 600 San Francisco" data-zoom="13" data-maptype="HYBRID" />
            <div class="banding" />
Map is gone but everything else is messy. Any solution? Thanks Jay

hi jay thx alot for purchasing RESUMR. you should be exactly fine when removing the <section id=”map”>...</section> stuff. Can you send us the link to your site so we can have a look? cheers and please rate the template thx alot!