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Have noticed the website does not load properly when using mobile data and the wi-fi is switched off. Slider does not work and neither do other features on the page. I have let a ticket which I have opened, please respond back to me. Thanks


any chance of a reply?


still no response. can you please get in touch.

The theme is broken with the latest update to WordPress, can we get a ETA on an update?

Brad Web is one the best developers in the entire forest.

Is it possible to change the transition effect on the BradSlider so the images fade rather than slide?

martice Purchased

You aren’t responding support questions. Very disappointed. I’ve questions waiting in que for over a month.


I already purchased the theme, and am having trouble configuring the Side Navigation, could you specify on how to customise the Side Navigation? Or anyone that knows about it?

Thank you.

redmh Purchased

Hi – The search bar does not work. I’ve entered any words or tags and I just get a blank grey screen (theme background). Header is still there but nothing.

Have even tried from within posts, same result.

Thanks in advance Red

Hi Brad Web,

Can we please get an ETA on when this theme will be updated to work with the new version of Wordpress? I see this issue was raised a month ago and has not yet been addressed.

hi brad web, i found the my brad button source code, title text is double text when i use it on the feature box. please help me to solve this issues. thanks


we will try to fix it