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Retina Responsive WordPress Blog - Zephyr - Personal Blog / Magazine

Personal WordPress Blog Theme built for Everyone. Customization by the second – A theme that allows to express yourself in a beautiful & elegant way!

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Zephyr is a Responsive Blog WordPress Theme (Personal Blog) featuring Over 100 Blog Layouts, Customization by the Second, Responsive Google Ads & tons more!

  • Works with WordPress 3.9.1 (And 3.5+) – UPDATED
  • FRONT-END LIVE CUSTOMISATION through the WordPress Customizer. Get the best of options & exactly what you need to change your Blog within seconds in real-time! Set a Background or Video that will be seen in the back of your whole Blog. Currently Zephyr offers over 100 total blog-homepage variations & layout options – all Retina Ready & Responsive, we literally couldn’t set them all up in one! Pick from 2 Sidebars, Masonry Layout, Icons Placement, Boxed Layout,Select Infinite Scrolling & more! Zephyr was built on HTML5/CSS3 & it’s fast as the lightning! You can’t go wrong with this Blog Theme!

    We’re your favorite Support. You just didn’t know it.

    • We care. Our tickets are checked twice for quality!
    • Free Lifetime Updates. Along this awesome deal, you’ll get free updates from us.
    • A Documentation so beautiful – you just can’t not read it. We’re trying to update it as much as we can! Please make sure to check it out!
    • Why is Zephyr so Powerful?

      You’ve never done fast customisation like this before on a Blog. You can literally change your Blog’s face within seconds, with just a few click! That is not a lie.Crazy, right?

      • Backgrounds: Image/Video or Solid Color
      • Individual Blog Post Background Image – This changes the site’s background on the post’s page!
      • Beautiful CSS3 Front-End Effects
      • Post Types: Audio, Aside, Image, Gallery as Slider, Video, Self Hosted Audio/Video & Quote
      • Infinite Scrolling Blog
      • Masonry Layout Blog
      • No Excerpt Bog
      • Shortcode Generator
      • Rich XML Dummy Data to Import
      • 26 Layered PSD Files

      Zephyr’s Blog Front-End Live Customizer allows for:

      • Over 120+ Social Icons that you can use for your social profiles!
      • Extensive Documentation & Videos Provided aswell!
      • Changing of Settings & More within Seconds!
      • Super Extensive Blog Layout Customisation
      • General Branding & Site Settings such as Logo Changing
      • Site Title & Tagline
      • Super Extensive Color Changing – You’ll be able to change every single page of your Blog!
      • Background Image/Video – Personalisation done the right way! You’ve never gotten more personal and never looked more beautiful! Change the way your site looks within seconds.
      • Navigation – Easily select Menus
      • Fonts – Change Google Fonts

      Layouts & Sidebars:

      Zephyr benefits of a very extensive range of possibilities for its Blog Homepage! In total, all of them add up to over 100!

      Layout & Sidebars List:

      • Top Slider on Every Blog Layout!
      • Blog Boxed Layout with Sidebar Left/Right/None
      • FullWidth Blog Layout with Sidebar Left/Right/None/
      • Masonry Blog Layout with Sidebar Left/Right/None
      • All of the above can have two Sidebars: Widgets & Latest Posts!
      • All of the above can have Image Backgrounds/Videos!
      • Everything above is completely responsive & retina ready! Woo!

      Performing on Mobile

      Zephyr is totally Responsive Blog and we made sure everything works as it should on mobile! It’s also Retina Ready so you’ll look beautiful on any device!


      Responsive Google Ads & Promotional Popup

      Zephyr features a basic built-in promotional popup functionality – if you wish to add promotional popups with your products & such! Also, Zephyr works amazing with Google’s Responsive Ads!

      • Google Responsive Ads
      • Easily Modify the Google Code
      • Quickly upload an image for the Promotional Popup
      • Store Emails in a CSV files & Download them!

      Is Zephyr fast?

      Yes. Actually, it’s really fast, why don’t you abuse that F5 a bit and see how fast of a Blog Zephyr is?

      Shortcode Generator

      Ever wanted to tell a story with Chapters on your Blog? Well – we’ve built that for you and more!

      The list for the Shortcodes is:

      • Columns
      • Buttons
      • Quote
      • Header Block with Image as Background
      • Divider Lines
      • Counters
      • Update Boxes for when you need to update your Posts!
      • Author Showcase Boxes
      • Dropcaps
      • Chapters
      • Company Info/Showcase
      • Contact Forms
      • Google Maps
      • Spacer – To space up things!


      Zephyr packs most of the functionality inside Zephyr Shortcodes, install it and you’re free to go!


      Zephyr uses Google’s WebFont Repository, serving over 650+ Webfonts

      You’ll be able to change:

      • The Main Font
      • The Second Font
      • The Titles Font
      • Their Colors

      Colors & Styling

      Zephyr allows for a very extensive styling! You can even change the lines’ color!

      You’ll be able to change:

      • The Color Scheme for Icons: Dark/Light for different backgrounds
      • Background Color
      • Separator Lines
      • Accent/Theme Color
      • Titles Color
      • Titles Hover Color
      • Links Color
      • Links Hover Color
      • Menu Link Color
      • Dropdown Link Color
      • General Text Color

      18 Widgets

      • Facebook Widget
      • Twitter Widget
      • Categories Widget
      • Recent Posts Widget
      • Calendar Widget
      • Custom Menu Widget
      • Pages Widget
      • Search Widget
      • RSS Widget
      • Recent Comments Widget
      • Video Widget
      • Tag Cloud Widget
      • Gallery Widget
      • Image Slider Widget
      • Author Widget

      All the images were taken off flickr & deviantart with the consentment of their respective authors. Images are Copyright of their Respective Owners and are not distributed with the theme. Thanks for the Photos: Patarnow
      Gina Vasquez
      Gael Sacre
      We’d love it if you guys could send them some love! If you’ve reached this point – know this, you’re awesome!

      Developed & Egged by

      Updates history

      Version 1.4.1 – Feb 11th 2014

    - We've added the option to change the Font Weight
    - We've fixed some visual bugs (Header Image on Responsive View, Some Allingment Issues)
    - We've added Extensive Coloring Options for the Navigation
    - Added the option to change the Search Line Color
    - Increased the Text Size on Forms
    - Erased the "Select" effect on forms, now it shall look natural.
    - Increased the Form Size (Now you can write more!)

    Version 1.3 – Feb 2nd 2014

    - We've fixed a problem with the responsive menu where the icons would overlap each other and the menu would look just very restrained. Thank you !
    - We've fixed a problem with the Masonry Layouts on OS X which appeared in some special cases. Thank you
    - Some minor code adjustments
    - Fixed some Slider Errors
    - Some other minor responsive Issues

    Version 1.2 – Jan 30th 2014

     -   Reworked the Backend Page Editor to enchance User Experience
     -   Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterst Icons added.
     -   Add the Option to Show Posts Entirely on the Homepage (No Excerpt)
     -   Added 3-4 Columns for Masonry (Available on Video/Image Background aswell!)
     -   Added the Option to make your Sidebar Unsticky/Sticky
     -   Added Back to Top Functionality
     -   Added Sharing to: Pinterest, Digg, Reddit & StumbleUpon!
     -   Added more Space between Widgets
     -   Fixed some minor visual bugs
     -   Added Options to the Front-End Customizer to fit the new changes.
     -   Fixed some Resizing Problems & Some Possible Issues that may occur with the Masonry Layout
     -   Fixed the Documentation & Improved it! We’re willing to add more to this if our beloved users would let us know what they wish for!

    Version 1.1 – Jan 28th 2014

     -   Solved a bug with the Twitter Widget (It shall work properly now!)
     -   Remade/Increased the Contact Form “Selection Area”, now clicking shall be easier!