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Hi, great template.

I’m trying to change the background on the index page to white and I’ve gotten it mostly but depending on the screen size and orientation, I’m still seeing a black background partially on the right side of the index page. This only seems to be occuring on Windows machines in Chrome, Firefox, and IE11, and doesn’t seem to affect most mobile devices or OSX. I’m pretty sure there’s something I missed in the css but I can’t seem to find it.

Here’s an example url:

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, Before purchase I would like to get answer for below questions about this template(

1. Is it pure HTML+Javascript+CSS template(or it includes PHP files)? 2. I am planning to integrate this template with Phonegap(So I am asking for HTML template and not PHP). Can I use this template in Phonegap to develop app for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone?. 3. Is the template will automatically re-size with all device resolutions for iPhone, iPad Android etc?

Please help me.

Hello, will this template work for an iOS and android mobile and tablet app?

Hi, is this template still supported, I noticed your last reply was a year ago and last template update was in 2013?

I have a very big problem, when I downloaded the code and set it up on my server the iScroll is not functioning (properly or not at all) because scrollbars appear and the touch-like feeling is gone.

Can you please help? I can’t find the “style.php” file that I’ve seen in the source code of your demo. This is a big problem and I’m in a very tight schedule to fix it. Did I do something wrong? Or?

Please help me as soon as possible

Thank you

Hello! I have one question. The scrolling is only horizontal? Is it possible to have vertical scrolling? Thanks in advance


1) What advantages are there of using the PHP version over HTML?

2) Can the theme handle device rotation?

Hi, I purchased the template, and i think it is very nice. But i have a problem. I modified some pages, adding external js files, with jQuery.ajax() methods. When i click on the button on the right side of the index.html page, the next page (portfolio.html for example) does not load any javascript scripts. Could you help me?

Thanks in advance