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Hi there,

This theme is not liquid. Why does the cover image stretch on 4,3. 4,7 and 5 inch screens? Do you have a fix for this?


Hi. The theme is liquid, only the cover image stretches (after the previous update). I have realized this lately, and I do have a fix. Please contact me via direct message so I can assist you.
I will of course be updating this in the source code within a day or two.
I humbly apologize for the delay in responding.

Looks like “theunexpected” took a hike…


Apologies for the absence. I will be responding to your queries promptly.

chekhov Purchased

Am I missing something here? I uploaded the site to my server, and it’s black. No matter what I do, the entire page is black. Can’t click anything, can’t view anything…..black.

How do I fix it?


Please provide me your link here or via direct message from my profile page and I will check what went wrong.

hello, are you back from holidays yet?


Yes, really sorry to keep you waiting on this fix.
I have sent you an email, please check if it helps.


My email bounced back twice. Kindly update me with your working address. Thanks.

Hi thanks for the template, i need some help i will only use de index file but when i click a button it loads my pages but not like it should do it, what do i have to change to make it loads my links like its not doing it on the same page, sorry for my bad english


i found it i just have to add rel=”external” data-ajax=”false” in the a href, thanks


when i open it in iphone 5 or ipad mini, even sometimes in iphone 4 the first big image stretchs an looks bad can you help me upgrade it to the new devices?


Yes, sure. Please contact me via direct profile, I will send you the fix.
I will be updating this in the main codebase by tomorrow, though.

Hello, I tried to gather some pages into a new folder, but when I tested, these pages, which I gathered into new folder, can not invoke .css and .js files, how can I solve it? Thanks a lot!


Thank you for your interest
Ensure that the reference is adjusted correctly to the css/js files (Like ”../../css/filename.css”)
If the style doesn’t render, ensure that you include the ‘less’ JavaScript file right after including the css files.
Anymore issues, feel free to write to me or send me an online link on my profile page and I can investigate for you.

cungar Purchased

Great theme. How can I revert back to the default ajax-loader spinner with the rectangle and Loading text?


Firstly, you can replace the loader image from jquery mobile
to this location

If you want to show loading text or change theme, you can enable this option in your javascript (and test with the showPageLoadingMsg function) as below
$.mobile.loadingMessageTextVisible = true;
$.mobile.loadingMessageTheme = "a" 
Ref: http://bit.ly/1ezduLS
Let me know if you need any further assistance.

Hi, Does it support rtl languages such as Arabic and Hebrew?


It is not provisioned as of now but it shouldn’t be very difficult to accommodate rtl languages.

Your QR code cannot be scanned, I can’t view it on my mobile.


The qr code is working fine, I tried it. Please make sure you scan the code from the preview page.
However, to view it on your mobile you can navigate to this link: http://rahulv.com/templates/metro/metro-app

Hi. How do I update this theme? I could not find any current links. Can I install this application also stores Appstore and Google Play?


Hello. I don’t understand, what do you mean by update? You can download the latest version from themeforest.
This is an html template, you can use this in a phonegap / titanium application; and after that upload to App store and Google play store. Let me know if I cleared your doubt.

doo_18 Purchased

Hi, Do you have the css file for stype_purple with a normal package?

I pick this theme because of the purple style and I cannot use less in my project.


Sure, I will send it to you. Please contact me via my profile page so I can send you the file.
Thanks, hope you like the theme.

mjmunky Purchased

Hi. I have a problem with your template. The cover image is deformed horizontally when it is displayed on an iphone, but on android it all seems ok. Can you help me?

Take a look


Hi. The image is not loading.
Could you upload here and show me? http://photare.com/
Just a note: Please make sure you are working on the latest version of the theme.

mjmunky Purchased

maybe I solved. thanks


Oh okay, all the best with your project.
If you like the theme, please rate it. :)

Hello, I can change the background color? from black to white for example? thanks

Hi. Sorry for the late reply. I will be more aptly available hereon.
You can change the css file for this, just change the background color property for the selector #menuPage
background: #3f98c2;

hello, do you have a version for wordpress?


Hey. Sorry, I don’t have a version for Wordpress or any CMS for my themes as yet. :)
I have something in the works for my other template “Water” if you would be interested.
Thanks for your interest.

or other cms? thx


Replied below. Sorry for the delay.

Is it possible that this theme works as html? And on windows pc?


Hi vlajke,
You can check the html version here
I have 4 different versions of the project added in the source code, so please be assured your concern is taken care of. There is a full only-html version of the template in the code.
Hope I have been able to help you.



I have a question. Is it possible to make it, duplicate home page, so one is shown normally, and for 2nd one, you need to scroll right (touchable)? Also gallery is not okay?


Yes, it is possible (By ‘shown normally’ you mean normal mouse scrolling? Yes, both ways possible).
Gallery is working fine.

Is it possible to use this as Phone Gap cross platform app for IOS and Android and wondows 8 app

hi, i have bought this theme a while ago, and made a app with it using html5 and phone gap, only on iOS it works perfect, on android it does not. Is this template not suitable for android?


koomo Purchased

Hi, Great template, just what I needed. Only have a problem, my links from the index changes to ./#/whatever.php. See at http://myhoian.org/ then click a button. Please help. Thanx

will these theme work as standalone html with no web access?