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Pre Sales Question – does the theme come with demo content to set it up as per the live demo?

Thanks – went ahead and bought it anyway. Check your support tickets as I’m having a problem with one menu item! It won’t link to the slug ID and I’ve deleted the whole menu, done another one, added different pages but still no joy!

Managed to sort it – third attempt at a new section sorted it for some reason.

I was wondering if there was any way to add an icon above each menu item?

i tried to create a child theme to do this, but the menus just disappear. I have created the css file and copied accross fonts, images and js as previously mentioned on this forum. what have i done wrong and how do edit functions.php in the child theme? thank you

Please open a ticket on our support forum with the account you used for purchasing the theme

Can we add sub pages on the navigation? Does the nav include a drop menu style for sub pages?

Also, I don’t see a navigation on mobile. Will this be fixed in a future release?


1) No dropdown menus, sorry 2) Menu is hidden on mobile by design

Regards, P.

I followed the instructions to link the header menu items to the corresponding sections by slug, but only the About Me link is connecting. The other three are dead links.

Please make sure that menu IDs correspond to section slugs (refer to the documentation, chapter The Menu). If that does not fix the issue, delete the menu and create a new one.

For any other question please use our ticket system


xnoi Purchased

Per passare alla versione 4, quali sono i passaggi? Grazie

Ciao, Rettro 4 รจ praticamente un tema nuovo, costruito d zero, quindi andrebe riconfigurato. E’ tutto nella documenazione allegata al tema.

Saluti, P.

Hi, im just wondering if its possible to make this theme work for a shop- will it only work as a 1 page template? also is there an option to add drop down menus? i m used to using wp but i want to know ho far the customisations will go


No, I am sorry, it is not compatible with plugins like woocommerce. Also, dropdown menu feature is not provided.

Regards, P.

Thinking about getting this theme, but is it possible to easily show a vimeo video (demo reel) instead of the images slider?

Hi, I have a problem with the responsive layout. When I open my website with this theme, it is cut in half and the other part is white with nothing on it. I tried to use “media queries”, in vain because I am not a developper. I don’t know how to make it responsive on smartphone and tablet. I am a bit confuse and I don’t really know where to look now.


Please consider that versions lower than 4.x are not responsive; in that case I recommend to move to Retro 4.

Cheers, Pasquale


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se puede editar en dreamwever?

Pre-Sale question… I am curious, how in-depth is your support and are there any tutorials. I am brand new to wordpress and have only used sites like Wix to build in the past. I will need to customize images fonts and colors, and add a couple pages. Is it fairly easy to change? I love the design but would be making it a little more simple. Thanks for your time!


We do not provide support on customisations, but offer complete, free support for issues related to the theme’s functioning.

You can change colours and fonts from a built in admin panel (you have two fonts for headings and the full Google Fonts library for the website content). Also, the themes comes with a documentation explaining how to configure the theme.

Hope that helps, P.