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Hello, does it work with Visual Composer’s plugin? Thanks

No, I am sorry, but it is really easy to configure ;)

When I try to add a slider, I just get static images. One image at the top and the others below it. I’ve looked through the documentation and these comments and can’t find an answer…

Fixed! I did a bulk replace of my wp theme folder – essentially a fresh install of the theme – and now it works properly :)

Great ;)

Is it possible to have one of the sections (under ‘homepage’) be one giant image, with no xxx text on top, and no border? Just a big image taking up the entire section?

I’ve tried some ‘full screen image background’ and ‘full screen slider’ plugins, but none of them will show up on any section. Is there some party of the template which overrides these?

I am sorry, that feature doesn’t come with the theme and we are unable to provide support on theme’s customisations. For any other question regarding the theme’s functions please use our support forum


djaloza Purchased

Hi There. I am using Retro 4, and on Wordpress 4.2.2. I don’t have any non-default plug-ins. I am also having trouble getting the page to scroll on the homepage, rather it just jumps to the link. Reading through comments i found the following fix suggested: navigate to Appearance – Retro Portfolio – Extras and tick the option “Load jQuery Locally”.

However, when i do this, there is no jQuery enable, just two dialogue boxes and an option for the theme to check for updates. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Please open a ticket on and remember to attach your URL.

Hi, I don’t receive any mails from contact form. I have WP-Mail-SMTP plugin and test message works fine, I’ve tried wpMandrill plugin and test message also worked fine but when I try to send sth by contact form I don’t get any messages, there’s nothing in spam folder also. I’m using Retro 3.7 and WP 4.2.2. Any ideas ? :)

Please open a ticket on our support forum

Hi there. I am trying to add a standard post to my portfolio section. I set the format as ‘Standard’, add a featured image, and some sample text. However when i click on the image in the portfolio section it takes me to a 404 page, even though the page url under portfolio matches fine. Am I missing something simple?

Nevermind, found information in the FAQ. :)

Hi again – my embedded soundcloud playlist scales perfectly and resizes on tablet, mobile as expected.

My vimeo and youtube embeds remain at a fixed size though, and do not scale smaller when I resize the window or view the site on mobile.

Is there a reason for this?

Please open a ticket on our support forum, and include the URL of your blog

When installing wordpress theme, are wrong , because missing stylesheet style.css. What is the solution?

Please unpack the package you have downloaded from themeforest, then upload only the theme zipped folder into WordPress.

Is there a way for the portfolio image not to be so large when making it a standard page? I have found a smaller image that works perfect, but it blows up pretty big when i visit the standard page from the portfolio gallery link. Thanks!

Hello there,

Unfortunately we are unable to provide support on this kind of customisations, I am sorry. For any other question regarding the theme’s functions don’t hesitate to ask.



Hi I’d like to ask a pre purchase question if you don’t mind. I’ve got a client who wants to move there site to a cms based solution. They want to keep the retro theme and wanted to know if you think this theme will suit to bring the current site over to it. The site is

Thanks in advance Matt

The theme is as you can see it in the demo. I guess you need to make some code changes in order to make it look like your current website.

Cheers, -P

Sorry for the late reply. They don’t mind the look chafing was just wondering if you believe it would suit?


I purchsed this theme some time ago, im only working on it now. Im having trouble getting the top bar to appear when im editing the site. Usually the dashboard bar can be visible on the page when viewing it??

However, its not showing and is proving very difficult to edit when i cant edit the page directly, meaning I have to go back constantly.

Can you please take a look at this? Thank you.

Kind Regards, Shelly


The admin bar doesn’t show up on any of our themes by default. The code that hides the admin bar is located into the file functions.php (lines 249-251), you can just remove those lines.

Ok so how am I supposed to edit the page…?

Can you please paste the exact lines I am meant to take out, in case I make an error. I have tampered with php before and have damaged the site…

Thanks! :)

Just remove the lines of code I told you, it will work. Just in case, make a backup of the file before going on.


hi, is this theme compatible with the e-commerce plugin? woo-commerce

so i spent money on this theme and now i have to buy it again?

Why you say that? You can download it anytime you want from Themeforest.


woodso Purchased

Hi how do I change the size of – h2.section-title from the 90px setting. I’ve tried changing in the child css but it seems to be set within the html.

Hi, titles size is handled by a javascript function. The file to be edited is retro.js (line 159).

Hi I’ve made the change to the retro.js file in the retro child files but the change isn’t being picked up- any ideas? thanks