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Beautiful theme Im buying it

No thank you :)

ok great then… and If you would give rates for this item, we really appreciate :)

I sure will

Hi I just bought the theme but has errors when visualized on android phone. The sub-menu items do not appear and the texts are grouped on the slider. How can we fix this?

Ok I just sent the message now. I wait for the corrected file. Thank you.

Hello, I am awaiting your contact. Did you get my email?

sory for delay, please check your email, thank you :)

Hi, just about to purchase but noticed on IE10 that when you scroll on the contact page version 2 the fields for the name etc overlay the menu items, could that be resolved?

thanks for your interest, we found the problem and it was fixed, please check the demo

Great, thanks. Also is there a way to remove the search and menu slider?

yes, you can do it, you can hide the search and menu slider

I loved this template at the 1st sight however I’m having troubles with deleting the search button. Can you help me with that?

I replied back but I got no answer, I did what the Dev asked me to and the search button got deleted but the drop menus are not showing up. as for the icons from that nice tab/slide content with the lamp and plug. I would like to know if it is possible to use my own created icons.

Thanks :)

Have you read my reply? because its been quite some time by now and I got no answer back… :/

I’m so sorry, i forgot to reply your email, please check your email

WP version anytime soon? This item is clean and sweet!

yes, we are developing this template into a wordpress template, please be patient, thank you for your attention

PS – Support Team

Very good job , good luck with sales;

thanks GrafAS, and good luck to u too :-)


The contact form is not working. I tried many times and can’t figure out how to fix it. Please advise. Thanks


have you change the email address target in “sendmail.php”, if yes the contact form should work, also make sure your hosting is support for php5


how can i change the green color scheme in the hole web? its there a style-color.css? or should i have to find and replace all #59ba47?

hey my friend, there is a bug in the rotator, on index v2, the video disappear, can you recreate? when you are logged in VIMEO, try it just login to your vimeo account and then open a new tab and load this page go to slide 3 where vimeo video appear, you will see the bug video dissapear, hope you can fix it and let me know how you did it

seems that issue continue also when i logout… i can send you a video of the issue in action if you can recreate, regards

additional point: when i resize the page the video appear, weird (using chrome)

hello! could you tell me to write an email? I have a query to make.


hi, thank you for purchasing this item and Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean :( can you give an example with image? so i can understand what you mean

mail sent greetings

sory to delay, please check you’re mail thank you

Hello hope all is well, really enjoying the template! I sent an email a few days ago and have not heard back. Its in reference to the missing drop down when viewing on any mobile device.

please check email brother, sory to late respons

PS – Team

I never say the email, checked spam box. Might have missed it. Had another question, when you respond can you send instructions on removing the search as it does not work. Thanks!

Or maybe just stop the search from opening and closing after every click through on the navigation. I searched and could not find it.


GREAT theme!

I wish to remove the sub headings
.... from the header and make the header not as tall. However when I change the header #pagetitle-wrapper ID in CSS and Responsive from 325px to 285px the layout breaks and no longer works responsively or in Chrome.

This seems to be something to do with the negative margins you have in the CSS.

- Can you help?

if you mean this kind of problem is you must decrease height of #pagetitle-wrapper overlay, see this was

I give the same value between #pagetitle-wrapper with #pagetitle-wrapper:after, so we can set up a height #pagetitle-wrapper accordance with what you want

thank you for purcase this item :)

Thanks. I have worked it out. Your advice was useful, but I also had to change various heights in the responsive css file as well. – Cheers. Great theme.

yes right, you’re welcome

Great theme, I want to buy it just before I get it, need to know if I can use dreamweaver to edit the template or it is only directly from the code.

Appreciate your help, Regards!


Ofcourse you can, you can edit with anything code editor that you like but I not recommend in WYSWIG mode, for the real result after your edit the code please use the browser (chrome, ff, safari,etc)


Hello, I have a problem with my theme. The drop-down menu does not work can you help me?


The contact form is not working. I tried many times and can’t figure out how to fix it. Also I changed to mail adress in sendemail.php but ?t doesn’t work.