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Hello -

I have one more question. I’m trying to make everything dark background by making the background color on all the sections dark gray, and I did a custom display:none for the main section content that was showing white. However on the homepage around the slider, there are two little white bars. I’ve been using Firebug to try to find out what’s causing them, but I don’t see any margins or sections that would be contributing to those. Do you know how to get rid of them so the slider is flush with the menu and the section below it?


Hi :)

There is a P tag in the first child and last child of slider. You may use this css to move that tags

#Slider .page-section-content p:first-child, #Slider .page-section-content p:last-child { display: none; }
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The content area width of our site has expanded to around 1160px – I believe the standard is closer to 940px. Where can I change this setting?

Thanks in advance!