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Watching demo. Very nice! There is a notice when trying live search: “Notice: wpdb::escape is deprecated since version 3.6! Use wpdb::prepare() or esc_sql() instead. in /home/www/virtual/focusshot.com/envirra_com/htdocs/themes/reventon/wp-includes/functions.php on line 2871”

P.S. In any browser.

Just fixed. Thank you :D

Nice and clean theme.

Thanks :D

Really nice and slick! I just bought it.

1. I’m trying to set it up and it seems to have changed the settings > reading area. The setting for allocating home and blog pages is missing when this theme is activated. How would I set them?

2. I tried to change the height of the header in theme settings but this doesn’t seem to update. It is set very tight with no room around the logo.

3. Is it possible to insert different background images in the page title area on different pages?


Hi soulnecta,

1. Which version of your wordpress? I’m tried with the clean installation of wordpress (both 3.5 and 3.6) but these settings is not disappear.

2. I’m addressing this issue, it will be fixed on the next update.

3. On this version you can customize the background of each page by using Page Section (with hide the title bar). On the next update, the page background customization can be done with featured image.

Thanks :)

New update is available, the issue no. 2 and no. 3 has been solved. For issue no.1, I’m still watching but not found the problem. Please try the new version (with clean installation of wordpress if possible). If the problem is still, send me a capture screen of the reading settings page may help to analyse. :)

Looks nice, good luck!

Thanks :D

I just bough one. This is a GREAT THEME, awesome design and have a lot of options that fit my needs. Thank you for making my life easy!!! :smitten:

Thanks for you purchasing, I’m glad you like it. :)

Just tried to load them but got:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/content/55/5696655/html/*net/wp-content/themes/reventon/functions.php on line 28

Now if i go to www.**.net it just shows the above error?

We are using Godaddy – I looked into it and it is 5.3?

I’m not sure why it has a problem with 5.3, but i found the root of problem and fixed by improving the compatibility for old php. I’m pretty sure the problem was fixed :). You can try the new version when you get the update notification (I was submit an update 2 days ago and it is waiting for approval)

Up and running now – thank you great theme!

AWESOME! Super Clean and Tight and Smooth (Grt on mobile too #MuchRespect to your skills)

Thanks :)

hey! i just brought the theme, like it so much. :) but i found out the “express slider” not working. After i click” Add new slider”, it got nothing show up??

im using latest version WP 3.6.

hey! chk with you. 1) how can i change the font size of main menu? 2) if i would like to embed my own font type would it possible? and how?

1) Currently there is no option for change the font size of main menu, but you can use the “Custom CSS” option instead (This option is on Theme Options page). Example of css is here https://gist.github.com/mintbird/6451400

2) There is no option for using your font too, but you can still use the “Custom CSS” option to apply your font. Just upload you font to your hosting manually and enter some css to apply that font, This article may give you more information http://goo.gl/MQmjOI and here is my example https://gist.github.com/mintbird/6451588

Hope this help :)

it really help. problem solved thks!! :)


I added a custom sidebar and it not showing up as an choice when I add or edit a page. Only the default and the Blog Widgets and the Footer Widgets are options. It is showing up under Widgets though. Why is this?


Do you have an idea of when that will be?

How do I edit the default sidebar. I don’t see it in the Widgets area.

You can edit the Default Page Sidebar at Theme Options page (General > Default Sidebar For Pages). For the custom sidebar issue, it must be shown as a choice when you add or edit the page.

Hello, Great theme, easy to use. I am having a problem with the font icons though. When I add an icon box and add the icon code ie icon-entypo-check icon does not appear. Can you help? Thanks

For using icon in shortcode, There is no need to include the prefix “icon-”. Example [iconbox icon=’entypo-check’ title=”Title”]Content[/iconbox]. The document will be updated for more clearly :)

Perfect guys, thanks for such a fast response working now. :)

Hi how can I add a skype account and mail address to the team thing:

skype=”xxxxx” email=”xxxxx”

Hi, now email is working but not facebook, twitter, skype etc. :)

http://business.xperious.com/team/team.png http://business.xperious.com/team/team2.png

Do you mean the icons ( facebook, twitter, etc. ) of team.png are missing? From the code in team2.png, You’re not enter the options of facebook or twitter. Please try again.

I’m try with the same shortcode as team2.png, It’s fine. Here is the shortcode of my testing https://gist.github.com/mintbird/6464294 :)

Thanks, Skype logo is not working and I see that will in next Update

Hello, I am a bit new to wordpress. As menu tabs leaves in 3 columns?


:) Good morning, You can follow the instruction for setting up menu in the document at “F) Setting up Menu”. If you can’t find the textbox named “CSS Classes (optional)” on editing menu, You can enable it by click the “Screen Options” button at the top-right of screen and choose “CSS Classes”

Thank you very much for your reply!!


I’m very interested in buying your theme but have a couple questions before I do:

1) Is the color of the navigation bar changeable?

2) On the homepage, underneath the “Drag and Drop Page Section Editor” area (where it goes back to white and where the headshot images are), is that all widgitized as well, or are those fixed content areas?

3) Finally, on the single portfolio pages that have sliders, does the height of your image dictate the height of the slider, or is that fixed?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, alikbrundrett Thank you for interesting :)

1) Color of navigation bar can be changed (background, font color, accent color) 2) The page section is the fixed content areas but you can insert the sidebars into page section by using shortcode. 3) The image slider of single portfolio is auto height (except using Express Slider as a slider)

Hi, How can I add an icon instead of text in the main navigation, the demo has for example a house as home link.

Hi, you can see the steps in the document at topic ‘F) Setting up Menu’ and see the subtopic ‘Display Icon As Navigation Label’

If you want to find all available icons, Go to “Theme Options > Font Icons”. You will see the links for the icon listing :)

Hello, Could you tell me how to change the colour of the button and also have the icon change colour when the button is clicked on – as per the demo. We have tried many different options to no avail. Thanks

Hi, The button shortcode has ‘style’ option to specify the color or style of button (but there is no option for changing the button color on clicking). Here is example with all available styles :)https://gist.github.com/mintbird/6520200

Hi. Could I use some portfolio links in home screen? Like drop one portfolio line?

Hi, you can use [portfolio] shortcode to display the latest portfolio items :)

How do I create the same look with the slider as the example on themeforest. Specifically the full width background image in the slider.

Please help in creating a full width background slide.

Thanks and the theme works great, easy install. Purchased

Hi, You can create the slide with option “Display Mode = Full Width” and on your page, create the page section with option “Layout = Full Width” too. Here is the example :)https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/Th2rpRtnzXSHXfQSt65tzKPnS7dys_Ey5fFs-nJOUQ=w0

Thanks! Your team by far offers the fastest and best support of anyone I have purchased a theme from, thanks again. I look forward to purchasing again from your portfolio