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I have the theme installed here http://www.goodiebagmarketing.com/test-home/ and am trying to make this home page like the sample but the slider won’t stretch the whole length and there is a gap between the gray top bar and the slider also the text is tiny and doesn’t drop in like the demo. Please help!!


Hi, To show the express slider in full width, You need to create the Top Page Section, paste the express slider shortcode as the page section content and choose the layout of page section as “Full Width”. If there is the gap on Express Slider, You can set the Padding of page section as 0.

Furthermore, Here is the guide for creating the landing page, may help you to figure out how use the page sections http://goo.gl/0bSuKt :)

I’d like to buy this today, but I see WP 3.7 just came out. Any issues with it?


Good morning :)

I just checked, The Reventon is compatible with WP 3.7

I love this theme! We are thrilled with our new look. We have minor editing left to do over the weekend, but I’m left with 2 questions:

1. SEO – I don’t see a specific area for this. Do you recommend any plug-ins that work well with this theme?

2. Portfolio – Projects… I have decided to use this as my “services” pages, so that I can utilize the slider/gallery at the bottom to show my other services. Where in editor can I go to remove:

(a) "THE BRIEF" 

Thanks again! GREAT theme!


Hi :)

1. You can use the popular plugin like Yoast http://wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-seo/

2. There is no option to hide it, but you can use the custom css. Paste the css from http://goo.gl/s1QJoU into “Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS” and that elements will be hidden.

I’m having issues with this theme in the latest WP version.

In the Page Section -> Page Sections -> +Section, the overlay pop up is not visible, not allowing me to customize any of these parts for the home page.

Do you know what the problem could be? I’m running a Mac.


Hi, I’m tested with WP3.7 and the popup is displayed properly.

Please try to disable all plugins except the plugins that required by the theme :)


Okay, I found a temporary solution for now. Also got a question about the homepage. Between the Top Section and Bottom Section, there is a comment box (leave a message)...I can’t figure out how to get rid of that. Can you give me a hand?


Hi, Follow this instruction to disable the comment box http://goo.gl/hZzqF


Short question: is it possible to have a footer with two or three collumns instead of four?


Hi, There is no option to change the number of column.

Hi, I like the theme very much but I need that it has two languages (English and Spanish). How can I do that? Thanks.


Hi, This theme support the wordpress tranlation. You can create the language file from .POT file that included with theme or using any translation plugins :)

I have another questions about this theme (already purchased it):

  • Is it possible to remove the search option from the top-menu, or make it compatible with WPML (Multi Language plugin), since it is now showing the word ‘Search’ in both languages?

Hi, Remove the search option may be easier.

Go to “Theme Options > Custom JS/CSS” and insert this code http://goo.gl/ZYYCmA into “Custom CSS” option. The search icon will be disappear.

Hi, I have bought your theme and it works well so far. But today, suddenly, the section part at my startingpage /homepage doesn’t work anymore. It is still there at the dashboard but if I cklick on ‘add section’ nothing happens. And the parallax picture I had at the top section before is gone. At every other page the section part is still there. Can you help here, please? Cheers, Roman


Any plugins was installed or updated before it’s does not work?

I have been adding projects to the Portfolio, it have 5 tags associated with the projects. When you open the page that shows “all” projects it only show 3 rows, with an option to link to a second page. The issue: it only shows the images on that particular page? Any idea on how to make all the images show on a single page? Thanks!


never mind…da user error!


I just purchased your theme not to long ago and just seem to be having a small issue I’d like to get resolved please.

I noticed when I try to add an “icon” via the themes shortcodes in the editor.. the box seems to come up with just empty lines (does not display the icons)

I am running WordPress 3.6.1. I have also disabled all plugins but same issue. I have the child theme enabled (but i have also tried with parent theme enabled).

I have included a screenshot. Thank you.


Hi, Please open this page http://goo.gl/3hvqVA and if you still can’t see the icon in the listing, You may need to upgrade your browser to the modern browser (IE9+, Chrome or Firefox)


On your demo site the icons show up fine for me. my browsers are up to date.


Please check the folder ‘wp-content\themes\reventon\framework\font-icons’ to make sure the font file is existing in the sub-folder ’.\font-icons\{icon_set_name}\font’.

It will be more help if you can provide me a wordpress login for your website (send me via email form on my profile page).

Thanks :)

Hi Guys, How can I add a captcha on the contact us page for this theme, I can’t seems to find a plugin that suits


Hi, We’re using Contact Form 7 plugin for this theme and the Contact Form 7 is compatible with this captcha http://goo.gl/jkwUkL After install this plugin, You can follows the instruction on http://contactform7.com/captcha/ for usage.

how can i add the googlemap to the contact page like how it is shown on your demo? I can’t seem to find any documentation regarding this or any shortcodes?

Thank you


Hi, sorry for undocumented. You can use the ‘map’ short code for like this http://goo.gl/tyR7qf and here is the parameters for map shortcode http://goo.gl/gmlmsw You can use either [map] or [flexiblemap], it’s the same.

Where is the archive page located that pulls the posts? I need to modify some of the logic and cannot seem to find the page. Thanks.


Please post the question from the account that purchased this theme.

The express slider is displaying the slide images intermittently when viewed in IE. Sometimes they load and sometimes, they do not. I’m not sure how to fix this.


Hi, I’m checked and can’t regenerate the problem. Please try to update Reventon to the latest version or disable plugins.

Sectrix Purchased


We just purchased and installed this theme and trying to edit it. On the home page slider image the text appearing as EXPRESS SLIDER, THE ULTIMATE 2D SLIDER WITH HARDWARE ACCELERATED and on 2nd slide A SMARTER WAY TO BUILD WEBSITE.

How and where we do have to change this text? Doesn’t find any location to change this text.

Please advise.

Thanks Vivek


Hi, You can navigate to ‘Express Slider > All Slides’ and click the ‘View Slides’ button of the existing slide.

Lancas Purchased

Hi very nice theme! How can i load it with your demo contents?



Hi, You can find the ‘demo.xml’ in your download.

Lancas Purchased

Ok i did! ;) Thanks, fast support!


I am trying to get the updated theme files but when downloading again from Themeforest it appears to be version 1.0.

Where can i get the latest update files?



Thanks i have just sent you an email.


I’ve found the root of problem, The plugin ‘NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster’ was modify the bottom section data. After disable this plugin, The bottom section is working. Now I’ve fix the bottom section and disable this plugin.



Thanks mate, you’re a legend. Sorry for putting you through that for a plugin that was causing the issue.

Great support, thanks.


Three short questions:

Using the Envirra Contact widgets with an e-mail address it automatically adds http:// to it. So the link now isn’t mailto:mail@address.com but http://mail@adress.com. How can I fix this?

When having a ‘select’ in a form using Contact Form 7, it is not clear that it is a dropdown. Using Firebug I found out it was ‘-webkit-appearance:none;’ that was causing this problem, but I can’t find the CSS file to delete this rule. How can I fix this?

Last question: Using WPML the standard menu-option from this plugin isn’t working. Is this a known issue or don’t you have any experience with WPML?


Hi :) The issues of (1) and (2) will be fixed on the next update.

For (3), I’ve tested with the other themes (including Twenty Thirteen theme), have the same problem. Please contact WPML for this issue.


When will the next update be available?


Within next week :)

Hello Envirra Thank you for the great support. I am viewing my website on my ipad and see that 7/8 of the page is taken by a white box around my logo and section headings. It does not seem to be responsive. Can you tell me how to have it automatically format so that it is readable on Ipads. Thank you www.Local-Producer.com


Hello Envirra – that you for trying, but still does not work correctly on my Ipad. I purchased another theme that I use for another site guiribusiness.com and this works without a problem and looks great on the ipad.


sorry for not helping, I will find the way to solve this problem. Please wait :)


Hello again,

Please save this file http://goo.gl/b9QY3b into ’/reventon/js/main.js’ and save this file http://goo.gl/gftmBd into ’/reventon/css/theme.css’ and test it.

Hello -

First, I want to say that I use A LOT of themes from Themeforest, and yours is by far the best I’ve ever bought (it’s stable, not buggy, flexible, great looking), and you’re very fast with support. So kuddos!

I wanted to ask if, on a portfolio listing, there was a way to change the “Related Projects” section to be named something else? If not, is it possible to hide the related projects so I can insert it as a shortcode at the bottom of the portfolio page.

For example, I’m building a site for an Alaskan Cruise Ship company, and I’m using the portfolios for the cruise itinerary listings. I’d like it to be titled ‘Featured Itineraries’, not related projects. (http://brundigital.com/adc/itineraries/2014-8-day-alaskas-glacier-bay-island-adventure/).



Thanks for your reply. The only similar file I could find in the theme files is ‘en_US.po’. I opened it with Poedit, but “Related Projects” isn’t in there. Am I in the right file?

Also, similarly – is there a way to change the pixel size on the page and portfolio headings. For example, on this page [http://brundigital.com/adc/itineraries/2014-8-day-alaskas-glacier-bay-island-adventure/] if I want to make the title “8 Day Alaska’s Glacier Bay and Island Adventure” smaller to fit on one line, how to I adjust the CSS?


Hi, 1) You have the right steps, Sorry for my mistake. Please download this file http://goo.gl/gByLy7 and replace with the existing file on Reventon Theme folder (the zip file contains only changed file, not all files of theme, beware on replacing) and I will keep this file for a week. After replacing you can find the word ‘Related Project’ in POEdit.

2) Here is a custom CSS to expand the portfolio title to be 100% http://goo.gl/5qg4iD . Please copy this css and go to ‘Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS/JS’ and paste into Custom CSS option, then save.