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I read in this comment section that you are about to release a new update. Was that already released? if not, when will that be released?

Within this week :)

Is there a glossary for all of the available shortcodes somewhere? I seem to be missing it.

Hi, All shortcodes you can use is already in Shortcode Generator :)

Hi there! We have troubles with the customization, could you help us? We can´t find the way. Do you have instructions about that?

Hi, Could you please describe more details about your customization and the problem?

Hi again! I have a trouble with this: I need a home like this http://envirra.com/themes/reventon/?scheme=solid-blue BUT I cant customize it, http://itemidiomas.com/inicio/

I have followed the instructions, but I cannot see where is the mistake.

On the page editor, You will see the box titled ‘Page Sections’ which allow you to add an additional content to the page. Here is a quick guide for you https://www.dropbox.com/s/wnj054pf1b3qg8t/reventon-page-sections.png


I really like the theme but have a few problems that I’m still unable to fix:

1. The main and most important problem that I’m experiencing which i need to get fixed asap is that the blog is not working: http://theskillcentre.com/our-blog/ I have added content to the blog page but it doesn’t show it and is just showing lots of images from another part of the site which I haven’t in anyway linked to the blog.

2. I cannot change the text on the sliding image on the homepage “The Smarter Way To Do Business Online”

3. On the 3 sub sections on the homepage, ‘Increase Brand Awareness’, ‘Training & Consultancy’ and ‘Online Retail’ it says ‘Learn More’ but I can see no way of linking this box to further content or removing it (when I removed the code it made the homepage go all distorted so I put it back).

Look forward to your response on this.



1. The content of blog page is not shown, Just only posts to be shown.

2. Please navigate to ‘Express Slider > All slides’ and click the ‘View Slides’ button, Then click ‘Edit’ button of slide. Now you are in the slide editor, Just click on the text and change it on ‘Layer Options’ box.

3. At the ‘Page Section Options’ box, You will see the button shortcode like this

[button url="#" size="small" style="primary"]Learn More[/button]

You can add the url of target page into url attribute like this

[button url="http://theskillcentre.com/our-blog/" size="small" style="primary"]Learn More[/button]

Hope this help :)

Hi, I have a quick question.

We’ve purchased your theme and it can be viewed here: http://effusiondesign.com/2014SFD.

If the browser is opened wider to the 1200 px size the content adapts — which is fine, however there doesn’t seem to be enough padding left and right of the content and footer or within the interior page image blurbs. It looks like maybe it’s a 20 px or so gap for the body content and about 35px gap for the image blurbs. I’d like to have control over the left and right page container, image container and footer container padding to add more space left and right, how can I do this via the custom CSS within the theme appearance panel?

FYI under the theme appearance Large Screen Support is turned on, the Site layout is set to Boxed Layout.

Thanks for the assistance, Rob

Thank you for the help on this.

One follow-up question… The Envirra Contact widget email seems to be behaving oddly. If you visit the same link: http://effusiondesign.com/2014SFD the address includes an http:// infront of the mailto: and I did not include that. Is there a quick fix for this? I see another user asked about this about a month ago. Thanks again for your help on this.

Please save this file https://www.dropbox.com/s/tvobor89uigwwev/contact.php by replacing the file on ’/reventon/framework/widgets/contact.php’ :)

Thank you very much!

Hi there, I’m running 1.09 of the theme and am trying to change the font used on Express Slider slide captions and text layers. Only font size, font color and background color can be easily changed. Would it be possible to add an option to change the type of font if there’s a future update to Reventon?

In the meantime I’d be really grateful if you could advise what to type into the “Custom Style” box so that a sans-serif font is used for captions and text. Currently, a monospace (possibly courier) font is used.

I tried… body { font-family: sans-serif; } ... without success.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi there,

The font type is depend on theme options. In case of you need to change the font of caption text on ExpressSlider, Use this css

.es-caption { font-family: sans-serif; }

Hope this help :)

Many thanks. Adding font-family: sans-serif to the Custom Style box worked.

Hi, I have a question about the client list shortcode. I have it functioning the way I want, only I can’t seem to get the link to open in a new window. I’ve tried adding a “target=” command but it doesn’t seem to recognize it. Is there a way to open these in a new window? Thanks for your time.

Hi there :) The target attribute is not supported in client shortcode.

Thanks, I figured that was the case. Is there not any way to get the link to open in a new window? Thanks again.

Yes, It’s impossible.

Where is the background color for the ‘blank page’ template set? I tried changing all the colors in theme options, and nothing seemed to change it.


Hi there :) There is no background color option for a blank page.


I try to include a language switcher into the “Top-Bar Left Content”. I therefore made me a custom sidebar, configured the switch into it and put the sidebar-shortcode into the theme-options-section “Top-Bar Left Content”. When I load the page the shortcode shows up, in the top-bar, bt obviously hasn’t been evaluated. Both, the shortcode and the custom-sidebar are working in other page-sections.

Any Idea?



Other shortcode-stuff works, by the way. Tried it with a button …

Hi :)

Could you please send mail to me by using the contact form on my profile page. I will send the fix to you.

sure. it’s on the way.

Using the Envirra Contact widgets with an e-mail address it automatically adds http:// to it. So the link now isn’t mailto:mail@address.com but http://mail@adress.com. Please help me with a fix instead of saying it will be in a next update. I’m waiting for two months now to have this fixed.

Hi there,

Don’t worry, Please send email to me by using contact form on my profile page. I will send a quick fix to you :)


I need to update the theme on my client’s site. Is it compatible with WP 3.8.1?



Yes, No problem on WP 3.8.1. I also use this version on my machine :)


is there a way to have a four- or more column pricing tale out oaf the box?



... and while where at it: How is the currency detected? I found a function call to LookupCurrencyUnits but I don’t know on which basis it works? A setting somewhere?

nevermind, I found it in the demo content.

col=”4” and currency=”“



Hey – a couple questions:

- In my client’s site http://www.alaskandreamcruises.com/ my links in the footer aren’t working. Instead of redirecting, they just add what I specified in the HTML to the end of the domain, but in quotation marks. Therefore, I can’t use relative paths either. How do I work around this?

- Is there a way to make the header text on all pages smaller? (example, on http://www.alaskandreamcruises.com/ships-deck-plans/admiralty-dream/ the big text that says “Admiralty Dream” under the navigation)

- Will you be adding Instagram under social links anytime in the future?

Hi :)

1. Please check your code at the tag. There are invalid quote on href property. The correct code should be like this http://goo.gl/BldMyH

2. This can be done by using the custom CSS. Please copy a custom css from this page http://goo.gl/Gvs2pm Then navigate to ‘Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS/JS’ and paste into ‘Custom CSS’ option.

3. I’ve no plan. BTW I’ve create some fix for you. Please add this custom css http://goo.gl/7q3wCZ and enter your instagram url into ‘Theme Options > Social Media > Github URL’ option.

Fix demo pls

Hi :)

Could you please tell me what’s wrong with demo site?

Otherwise, Please access the demo site directly at http://envirra.com/themes/reventon/


I have uploaded the theme but all of the menu items are linking to a ‘sample page’ http://www.strathamrichmond.com/

Could you please help?



Hi :)

Could you please send me an administrator account? (by using the contact form on my profile page). Thanks.


I’m having a few other problems:

1. I cannot add the scrolling images onto the homepage

2. The homepage is saying ‘Contact’



Hi again :), I will also check these issues.

Thank you!




Hi again :)

1. Just using the [animated] shortcode and insert the image in that shortcode. I’ve added the sample on the home page https://www.strathamrichmond.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=24&action=edit

2. It’s invalid settings, At page ‘Settings > Reading’, Don’t set the ‘Front Page’ and ‘Posts Page’ to be the same page.

3. For menu item that linked to the sample page, Just delete the existing menu item and add new proper menu item.


Thank you for your reply.

I have managed to fix the problem of the menu categories going to the right page. Thank you for your help.

My homepage looks absolutely nothing like the example homepage of the theme though:


What do I need to do to get it looking like this?



You can find the documentation in a theme folder at ’/reventon/document/


I’ve had a look at these documents and they do not help at all.

I’m really not impressed with this theme – I have used many different types before and this is the most confusing one I have ever come across. I cannot even set the homepage up.

Hi :)

I created a quick guide to help you creating the home page https://www.dropbox.com/s/wnj054pf1b3qg8t/reventon-page-sections.png


I don’t think you understand.

On the example template:


There is a scrolling image with pop ups.

Underneath that there is a whole range of text and images which I cannot seem to get on my homepage.

Can you please advise as I need this site live asap.


Hi :)

Please check the steps at topic ‘01. Getting Started’ on http://envirra.com/themes/presso/document/

EVERY time I try to upload the theme I keep getting the same error message!

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I have been trying for a week now and nothing has worked.

I am coming very close to just having to buy another theme, I’m really not happy with this.

Hi :)

I think you’re uploading an invalid file. Please navigate to the themeforest download page http://themeforest.net/downloads and click ‘Download > Installable Wordpress file only’ ( http://envirra.com/themes/presso/document/img/download-from-theme-forest.png ). The zip file will be downloaded into your computer. Next, install the theme by upload such file.

Is there any support forums for this theme??


Hi, You can post your question here :)

Hi there, On a iPad view when a user selects the drop-down menu it appears but then if you try and click the menu item again or anywhere else on the page the menu does not disappear. User has to either click on a link or refresh the page.

HI there :)

Thanks for your report. I will find the solution for this problem.