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How do I set the horizontal scrolling ? I want 3 menu points which swipe left&right when clicking like here:

Okay. I just read the documentation, I know created a main page with “Home” as template. After that 2 other pages (about & services), for which I set “Home” as the parent page. I also set “Home” as the main page in wordpress settings. When I open the page now It shows the “Get startet” button, which should lead to #about. But nothing happens, when I click it. The URL in Browser now shows #about, but no page opened. What is wrong with my setup ? How do I set the labels of subpages correctly ?

Well I just deleted all pages and set it up new – works now, whatever reason it had.

Glad to hear it sorted now.

Is there any shop-plugin which works nicely with the Reversal theme ?

Hi, There is no e-commerce support in Reversal.

Hello, I changed the background-color of the main container. Now on mobile devices it only shows me the last of my 3 pages? Pls check that!

Hi, If you go to your Advanced tab in the theme options page and set CSS compression to “Enabled” or “On” whichever is applicable. See if this fixes the issue.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work neither :/ Maybe I changed some internal CSS, I can’t remember exactly which. Can you or the authors tell me which CSS are responsible for the responsiveness ?

Hi, there is a responsive.css file in the styles folder in the theme root which controls the responsiveness (once css compression is disabled). When CSS compression is enabled, the whole theme uses one minified css file found in “root>theme>compressed>theme.min.css”.

Once you have removed any custom CSS from the Custom CSS field in the theme options panel and you have set the CSS compression to enabled, then unless you have manually edited the minified css file or you have deleted some files, things should work as they did once you installed the theme. If you have made manual changes which you can't recover, you could unzip the original theme again and manual copy over all the css files to your live theme.