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Hey! I LOVE this theme, I’m trying to use different sidebars for different pages – do you have any suggestions? (I tried a plugin with simple sidebars but it’s only allowing the main sidebar)

Hi! Thank you for your purchase! Have you tried to use this plugin ?

I actually JUST got it to work with simplesidebars, I so appreciate your response :) I was coming to delete my comment!


I would like to ask you how can I remove the top white white bar (the one where is the search icon) and the right white bar (the one where is the ‘move up’ icon on the bottom of the page). I want to have my theme in fullwidth and I don’t want the white space on the top. Which css file does this in your theme and how can I acces it? I can’t figure out how can I change your theme by myself.

Thank you


To remove white bar on the top, you should open header.php file and remove this lines

<?php if ( $newsticker ) { ?>

                <div class="row collapse">

                    <div class="large-7 columns">

                        <?php get_template_part( 'layout/loop', 'newsticker'); ?>


                    <div class="large-5 columns">

                        <?php get_template_part( 'inc/social'); ?>



            <?php } else { ?>

                <?php get_template_part( 'inc/social'); ?>

            <?php  } ?>

In order to remove white space on the right, you should add this lines at the end of style.css file.

@media only screen and (min-width: 64.063em) {
#wrapper.fluid {
  margin: 0 auto !important;

All styles are in /css folder, but it is not accessible via WordPress editor, because it is a folder inside the theme folder.

Also you may consider to use a child theme (you may find it in the theme package). Just copy modified php files in revival-child folder and activate a child theme like any other theme (you should set all theme settings once again, because a child theme will act like a new theme). For style editing in a child theme, please use custom.css file, add your custom css code in it. A child theme could be useful if you wish to update the main theme in future.

How can we get full text on a category page? WP support says to change the_excerpt to the_content but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this theme. Thanks

Hi! Please replace

<?php revivaltheme_excerpt(200); ?>

with the_content in content-magazine.php file. Let me know if you need my help with file editing.

If you use blog layout please open inc/blog-text.php file and replace

<?php echo revivaltheme_content(''); ?>

with the_content

Hi :) The documentation file doesn’t open can you advise for me? Thanks!

Hi! Thank you for your purchase! You should open /Help folder and click on index.html file, open it with any browser.

Thanks for a great theme! Few questions:

-I went to add a link but it didn’t give me a link option? Actually I can’t do any post options other than a reguar post.

-How do I remove the author box? (I’m having issues with the text being all white. Thank you :)

Thanks for your reply – ifigured out #1!

For #2 here you go :)

I had to highlight text here:

Thank you! The author box is generated with a plugin, please check the list of your installed plugins and deactivate the corresponding one. Also it is possible to fix the plugin style, if you provide the live url on your website, I could inspect CSS styles for this plugin and provide a simple fix.

My apologies, I thoguht it was a theme author box, I got it thank you!


Your theme is very interesting for what I need to do and I would like to ask you something before purchasing it.

Is it possible to have a slider in a post-thumbnail on the homepage ? Just like in your Kamala theme.

Thank you,

Hello again,

Thank you for your prompt answer.

I am very interested in this update. If you can guarantee it, I will definitely buy your theme.

Thank you again,

Sure, will start to work on the update in a few days.

Hi! Thank your for your purchase!

The updated theme with posts slider gallery for magazine layout is available for download here

You may check it on the demo website

The slider gallery is displayed only for featured posts (large tiles).

Please, regenerate thumbnails after the theme update with this plugin

Hi! I had reinstall WordPress on the server and than installed Version 7.1. Since than my site logo “before header” (widget) hides behind the Menu-Bar. It worked well with the older version of your theme. How can I solve this? Thanks!

Hi! Could you please provide you website url, so I could test this. You may send it by email ask[@]


This is a beautiful theme. I’ve rated it 5 stars. I have one question.

I am looking to edit the category page template. More specifically, I need to get rid of the meta information on all of the posts when they’re displayed on the category page.

Can you tell me which PHP file I should look at to edit the category page template? The file architecture is much different from most themes. I am pretty good at WP so this isn’t a customization request or anything – I just can’t find the category file to edit. Please advise.


Hi! Thank you so much!

Please, open content-magaizne.php file and add this conditional tag

<div class="date-meta">
<?php if (is_category()) { } else { ?>
meta info here
<?php } ?>

For full code please see the screenshot

Hi, editing content-magazine.php didn’t affect the pages I needed. I followed the instructions in the screenshot. Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

Sample category URL if it helps:


This is the blog category, in this case you should edit /inc/blog-text.php

please replace this lines

<?php if ( has_post_format( 'status' ) || has_post_format( 'quote' ) || ($hide_meta == 'hide_all') ) {
} else { ?>
    <?php get_template_part( 'inc/meta', 'short'); ?>
<?php } ?>


<?php if ( is_category() || has_post_format( 'status' ) || has_post_format( 'quote' ) || ($hide_meta == 'hide_all') ) {
} else { ?>
    <?php get_template_part( 'inc/meta', 'short'); ?>
<?php } ?>

Please, see the screenshot

Hi, I need your help with the Revival theme:

1. How can I turn off user comments permanently? 2. How can I display images in modal popup or some gallery instead of a new page/tab (after a click on a image)? 3. There is a category name displayed above article (post) subject – at the top of the page (single post) – how can I get rid of it?

Thanks, Radoslav

Sounds good, gonna wait for the update. Thanks!

The Lightbox option is added in the theme already. You may download the updated version here Please, regenerate thumbnails after update and check ‘Enable Lighbox for post images?’ option in Appearance > Customize > General section Please see the screenshot

It works, thanks.

Looks like Latin Extended subset type option does not work in IE. Czech chars are damaged. Everything is ok in Chrome. Fonts used are “Google Font Name for Headings, ex. Lato: Alegreya SC” and “Google Font Name for Body Copy, ex. PT Sans: Tinos” Thanks.

Hi! Yes, if you provide me with a temporary admin access it would be great, I’ll test this in your environment.

Hi! I’ve not received a message from you. I’ve tested this issue on the demo website, extended latin seems to be fine in IE, please check this page I’f you still experience the issue, please, let me know.


I’m trying to add a vimeo video but it doesn’t display the right video. I can’t paste the entire number in the URL into the post.

Is there any way to change that ?


Hi! Thank you for your report, I’ll fix this in the next theme update within a few days.

Hello! The fixed theme version is available for download. Please use the new ‘Embed link’ field to insert the full Vimeo URL. All your old videos, added with ID will work as well. If you wish to edit old fields for previous posts, please check ‘Enable Old Embed Fields’ option. Please see the screenshot

Hi there! I haven’t been able to figure out how to show the full posts on the home page. Is that an option somewhere?


You should check ‘Large Tile’ option when you edit a post. Please take a look at the screenshot

If you do not see this fields, you should install Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin, you may find it in the list of recommended plugins in Appearance > Install plugins section.

Sorry, I don’t think I explained that very well. I didn’t mean that I was trying to show the full image, I meant that I was trying to show each post in its entirety, and not just an excerpt of the post.

It is possible with blog layout only. You should open /inc/blog-text.php file and replace

<?php echo revivaltheme_content(''); ?>
<?php the_content(''); ?>

If you use a child theme, you may copy this modified file into a child theme, so you will be able to update the main theme in future.