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Very creative, Good luck with sales Cheers

This is cool as hell! would it be possible to make the push out menu and especially the about copy more flat and less angled? It is so cool just a little unclear and harder to read at that angle on our smaller macbooks?

Good luck


hi, I will implement that in my update i am preparing.

Thanks for comment


Great thanks – its a wonderful effect


Hi, I just implemented option to change the angle on menu and sidebar.

Very nice theme. Good luck dude!

Breathless <3

odd menu that reacts poorly to mouse over


Hi, I just implemented option to change the angle on menu and sidebar so you can set it up to your liking.


Well done my friend. Out of the box. Wish you the best sales! Paulo Deucher

Im sold…Is there only one type of gallery display menu….?


and Thanks for comment

Thanks for comments. I really appreciate it.

btw new smaller update is out.


Hi there,

I am trying to access your support page but it says that my purchase code (267aed42-72d4-4fd4-83e4-99e5716cba11) is invalid; which should not be true.

Anyway, I was wondering how I could go about getting more than one portfolio? That is, create two or more seperate portfolios for the website.




Your help would be much appreciated!

Very interesting setup but it seems way too narrow when viewed on an iPhone. looks fine on an ipad but I have to allow for the smaller screen size of the iPhone… Any suggestions?



Im aware of the issue and Im currently preparing an update to change the mobile version of the theme. I will let you know as soon as update comes out.


Hi, wanted to buy the theme cause it’s awesome!

One question though: how’s the video support for the theme? Can I run YouTube in landing page background or any background for that matter?

Thanks and many sales!

Hi! I will say that I was impressed with the demo which is why I purchased it. Is there a way to upload an exact copy of the demo because there is no option to do so nor are the files in the zip file. Also I simply upload photos and it shows up on the screen scrabbled later on. Please help. producepurely.com/home


I like your theme but there are many problems with the responsive side. The slider dot not fit automatically when we change the size of the browser. Idem for the menus. And please, let us have a custom css in the option theme. I’m working on it now. Could you please tell me when we can have an update ?

Thank you :-)

Great template! Is there any way I can change the color of the individual page boxes from light grey to something closer to black or dark grey? And control the speed at which the homepage slider rotates images?


Hello, this template is compatible with WPML?

Love the theme. It looks beautiful in Safari, but I opened it in IE 8 and it looks terrible. Is there some kind of code that would fix it for IE even if it isn’t as slick? I normally wouldn’t care, but my largest client uses IE and I live in Seattle, the land of MSFT.

I’ve purchased this, and my purchase code doesn’t work in your support form! any way.. can you tell me: How can you remove the right hand side bar, the one with the posts and meta etc?

also how to remove the controls on the home page for the slider?

is it also possible to change the background colour of the pages from white, and the transparency levels?