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What’s the easiest way to have the portfolio “Read More” to be directed to a “landing page” rather than a “revoke-portfolio” page?

There is no option to configure that currently. Bu we think we will give this option in the next update.

Easiest fix I found is doing a basic redirect. But I will definitely be looking for that update! Great theme, really like many of the features you have included!

Thanks, pal!

Hi, few things.

Portfolio section is not showing at all in IE8

How do I get the slider descriptions to stay visible at all times in all browsers?

Also, where is this code being generated in the header?

<script type='text/javascript'>
/* <![CDATA[ */
var tesla_ajax = {"url":"http:\/\/stillfirestudios.com\/wp-admin\/admin-ajax.php","nonce":"aab8744f5a"};
tesla_ajax.actions = {revoke_main:{},
/* ]]> */

I need to remove the last comma.

Hi, please use our Support Forum for support inquiries – http://teslathemes.com/forums/

I created 4 sections (page) and I would like to have one for each different sliders in the header. How can I do?

Hi, please use our Support Forum for support inquiries – http://teslathemes.com/forums/

Hi, I have a problem with [tesla_portfolio] I use [tesla_portfolio number = “12”], and here I have a problem to me not only displays 12 works and I want to at all shown a only 12 works in terms of all the work category.

Is there a possibility?

Warning: key() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/platne/wwarchitekci/public_html/wwa/wp-content/themes/Revoke7/tesla_framework/core/tesla_slider.php on line 895 Warning: key() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/platne/wwarchitekci/public_html/wwa/wp-content/themes/Revoke7/tesla_framework/core/tesla_slider.php on line 895 Warning: key() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/platne/wwarchitekci/public_html/wwa/wp-content/themes/Revoke7/tesla_framework/core/tesla_slider.php on line 895 Warning: key() expects parameter 1 to be array, null given in /home/platne/wwarchitekci/public_html/wwa/wp-content/themes/Revoke7/tesla_framework/core/tesla_slider.php on line 895

Please help what is happening to me that it displays

Auto update the theme, if the problem persists please let us know.

Use [tesla_portfolio nr = “12”] (nr instead of number).

Really dumb question- I can’t figure out how to change the logo text/image in this theme?

Go to Dashbaord > Revoke > General Options. On this page are located the options related to the logo. These options are named “Logo as image” and “Logo as text”. To set the image logo click “Upload image” button to select one of your already uploaded images or you can directly paste the full url to the image that you want to be your logo. To set the textual logo just set the desired string in the corresponding input. You can also change the color, font and font size (in pixels). Note that if you set the textual logo it will exclude the image logo. To remove the textual logo simply delete the text that oyu have inputed and click “Save changes”.

Hello, can i manually change the email adres for the contact form without using the Revoke menu?


Hi there, Please provide a proof of your purchase at hi@teslathemes.com. Thanks!

hi is this theme compatible with woo commerce

Hi seyie,

No the theme has no support for woocommerce.

I can’t enable the theme, and browser display: ” Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getConnectionWithAccessToken() (previously declared in /home/storage/6/9e/7a/caandesign/public_html/wp-content/plugins/astro_framework/inc/theme_widgets/pirenko-twitter/widget.php:23) in /home/storage/6/9e/7a/caandesign/public_html/wp-content/themes/Revoke/tesla_framework/helpers/twitter.php on line 33”

What do i have to do, to make it work properly?

Judging by the error it is related to some “astro_framework” plugin and not our theme.

Hi Guys

How do i turn the comments off from each new page created please. Its quite urgent. thanks

All logos are exactly the same size

I want my homepage to be set out the same as yours, with the gallery underneath my main copy, then the client slider, and then recent posts in the footer. Cay you just explain how you set this up please. My clients title is not displaying properly either

Hi, They are actually in a straight line. I think it is just a visual illusion. To prove this better, just add this code to the Custom CSS box in the framework options: .clients ul li img { box-shadow: 0 0 0 1px red; } This will basically outline the logos in the clients slider. Then you can remove this code from Custom CSS box. Regards.

My clients slider is not displaying correctly at all guys. Can you help with this please.

I also want to know how you got your testimonial slider to display the yours is please

Hi, First you need to import the demo content. This can be done in Dashboard > Revoke > Import Demo. After the import process has finished you need to set the menu in Dashboard > Appearance > Menus. Here you just need to assign the imported menu to the header location. This can be done on the “Manage locations” tab. After that you need to set the home and the blog pages in Dashboard > Settings > Reading. Just select Home page in front page option dropdown and Blog page in posts page dropdown and then save. That will create an exact website like in our demo. Regards.

These theme looks really nice. I have a couple of questions before I buy.

1- Does this integrate with WooCommerce? Client will want to display artword, blog and also sell artwork through the site.

2- On your Social Media buttons is Instagram an option. I see Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr but no IG?

Hi, 1. No, It doesn’t have support for WooComerce. 2. Instagram social button is not integrated, but our support team can setup that for you if you’re interested. Thank you for the interest in our theme!

Any plans to update this theme to support WP 4.4?

Revoke supports WordPress 4.4