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Would making this template work under WordPress be easy, medium or hard for a WordPress neophyte?

I’m pretty new to WordPress, but an old hat at web programming using javascript, php, mysql, html, and css. How hard would it be to convert this for use as my WP landing page and include the subscribe and other active elements?

Thanks, skip

Hi Skip

I think really depends on your wordpress skills. You can just create a custom page template specially for landing page and adapt this layout & styling or convert this template into wordpress based overall

Thank you MatArt :)

Sooo, you need a minimum of three votes to get a rating. Well, here ya go… It’s great!!! Purchasing Now… : O)

yes please rate after purchase if you like my template :) Thank you

Hi! Please I need your help, Do you know how work the form contact?

When I clic the send button nothing happens. You can see my Revolver landing template here: http://estrategias-web.es/consultor-seo/

Thank you very much, Lucy

Hi Lucy

The featured form (top form) is not working form. Like another theme in TF, it’s just a form space where people can integrate their own form variables and form action. The working form in Revolver template is pop up contact form on the footer by ‘contact us’ link.


Thanks for you replay. I have just add the contact form on the footer and it does not work too. When I clic on the button nothing happens.

Do you know if I have to configure anyting?

Thank you very much Regards, Lucy

Hi Lucy

The working form is not the bottom form you added on the page. I think you’ve removed it. If you still have the original file, just open it and see ‘contact us’ link on the very bottom (footer) beside ‘Terms’ , ‘Privacy’ .. that is the working form. For the configuration you can read the documentation


I cant find the layerd psd file for the website. I need to mock up changes in phtoshop. the description here says that there is a layered psd file included..

Hi floriauck

As mentioned in ‘item description’ there are some PSD of elements. stored in ‘PSD-elements’ folder

hi there,

yes, i saw the elements. however I need the psd for the overall site design, so that ican mockup. else i need to do a screenshot and work on a static file. very cumbersome.

the description above under ‘ThemeForest Files Included’ says’ layered psd files.


I’m having an issue with the page layout on IE7 ,8 and 9. It looks all out of place. On all other browsers it looks fine.

Please help.



pls let me know your issue exactly because I’ve checked it on IE and don’t see any issue as you said, or you may contact me through my profile contact form

I purchased this template and it seems awesome so far but I would really like to use it in Wordpress. Is there a conversion program or tutorial that you know of that I can use to achieve this?

Thanks! Joe

by the way I’m working on the wordpress version of this template, but maybe will not upload it on themeforest since there’s no category for wordpress landing page


I downloaded the theme with the intention of using it in Wordpress. I haven’t been able to use it at all. Can I get a Wordpress version of this? Without trying to sound rude I’d like to get a refund if that’s not possible.



As you can see in my item description there’s no words saying about wordpress also this item located in Marketing—> Landing page category.. not it Wordpress, It’s a HTML landing page template.


You stated that you’re currently developing a Wordpress version. Would you be able to make that available for me? And when do you intend on completing it?



thank you for a great theme. I’ve managed to convert it to WP theme and my specific purposes, made a lot easier by the fact you commented the code clearly, thanks again.

One thing I’d like to expand on is the choice of icons from which set do they come from? I semi-recognise them from my browsing elsewhere I’m sure?

Much appreciated if you could let me know or let me know if you want me to private message you.

cheers rob

HI Rob

You can see in ‘documentation’. I’ve described all credits for icons..etc

Thankyou, should have RTFM !

Many thanks for great theme

cheers rob

Can the slider be set to slide automatically, so that the user doesn’t have to click the arrow to make it move? Thanks!

Hi illuminea

Sure and the slider already slide automatically.. please see the demo

I have purchased this template and love it, thanks for the great work. I however have one serious issue with it, can you make this work on smartphones like you other themes, I NEED this to be accessible (adaptive design) when access trough an iphone/ipad/android…. Can you help me make it work on those devices? Thanks for the great theme

Ok, I understand what you mean,

Do you have any guidance or suggestions where I could start with this? is there any chance to have you guys do this custom change for me as custom freelance gig?

Please email us through our profile form http://themeforest.net/user/iWebStudio

Ok, done.

I got a warning message when i tried to go to live demo page.My AV is saying the site had potential to cause malicious threat …

Hey iwebstudio, I have sent 3 emails regarding some help, and not 1 response…not cool, no support :x

yes a 2 sentence reply that did not remotely address the issue I am having…waiting to see if I am going to receive any support for this template before I decide to post my entire experience thus far.

Will wait to see how you respond to my email before I post my experience.

The ball is in your court.

I’ve said, you’ve modified some js code and add new unused javascript then make conflict on the template functionality. The template itself is works properly without error

Fortunately envato offers BETTER support than this seller and credited me for this template due to not receiving ANY support from the seller.

This seller failed to understand my emails with regard to a SIMPLE issue of an AJAX contact us footer link not working, and did not offer ANY support whatsoever.

If you end up needing support on this item, be advised you may not get it.


I have a problem with the accents: The Qlassik texts (H1, H2…) don´t show the accented characters.

“Frónt” is presented “Frnt”.

I´ve tried to change the charset, from UTF -8 to ISO , and to write HTML characters: (& a a c u t e ;) with no results.

So for Spanish websites is useless. Is there any way to correct This?



This is an another AWESOME Landing page template, I’ll use it for my new project, btw. :) I will save a lot of time and effort later in the design by using this template, Revolver. Cool… Very cool, gan! :)

I can’t wait for the WP version OR responsive version… really hope you update soon.

Thank you MasBro!

Can your convert this to wordpress?