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I just wanted to know, how could I change a taxonomy “portfolio” to another word?


Change to:


I’ve searched a word “portfolio” in the themes file and I could change the taxonomy. Many Thanks!

Hi, the gallery Lightbox doesn’t work, it shows the images flat in the web browser.

The icon for selecting shortcodes has disappeared with the new version of wordpress. Anyone know how to get it back. Or, does anyone have a list of the shortcodes so I can just enter them manually?


I’m setting up a wordpress site for a friend who bought your theme and I’m having trouble with the slider, I wonder if you could help me. It’s not working on ipads (and I noticed that in your demo it does work), and I can’t seem to turn off the random transitions. It’s already turned off but it still randomizes, then I’m not sure if I look at the correct/correspondent setting field. He wants only horizontal transition, the traditional one.

Would you know why is this happening?

Thank you. Priscila


Hi Priscila, I’ve responded to your email. Missed the comment, sorry.

Hi Nikola… how can I add a soundcloud player to the Portfolio? Thanks, Daniel


I am struggling to enable a fullscreen, layered revolution slider in the homepage template so that it becomes flush with the menu at the top of the site. Please can you let me know of any workarounds I may have missed.

I have installed both types of menus, they are working fine. The layout is working fine. the different types of pages are working fine. the slider I would like to use works fine in any shortcode or slider template anywhere else except the homepage template’s layerslider name. This renders the whole design useless to me as if I just use the shortcode in the text entry it leaves a gap for the title of the homepage (which I am not displaying)

I look forward to your assistance,