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Theme is excellesnt buddy! GLWS! :)


Thanks, Luka. I appreciate it.

is there any facebook integration with blog post? also facebook integration for comment?


It can be integrated easily. I can send you the detailed process, of just give you the files to update. Thanks.

Hello. Lovely looking theme.

I noticed you have ‘other’ pages outside the one-page menu with the rest of the website. Two things:

1) Does this mean the template is multi-functional and can support the one-page system as well as creating other pages?

2) Also noticed that you can navigate to the ‘other’ pages in the menu, but cannot navigate back to the rest of the menu links.


Hi wiffyspot, Thank you. The second is an issue i’m working on, and the first one is no. You can create any number of pages and display them in homepage of singular.


By no i meant – yes it’s multi-functional. it supports both multi-page and single-page. Sorry i was sleepy. :)

Hi, very nice work! Can this theme also been used for multilingual projects? I would like to use a plugin for that, qTranslate or WPML, with a language switcher. Will it work without any issues?

Maybe you tested it already?

Thank you!


Hi lookat, it’s .po .mo ready. Thanks.

Beautiful theme really, congrats! :)


Thanks, Pebas!

The documentation doesn’t cover much. I am failing to figure out pretty much everything. Aside from my incompetence a great theme nonetheless.

Could I have some help with the following.

1) How do I get the slider working? Where do I input the media I want in the slider?

2) How can I create the website so that it’s all one page?

3) How do you get different color schemes on the different sections?

I’m very confused.


Hi, can you send me a screenshot in email?


Which email should I use?

I have solved the last 2 problems. For future viewers you must go to the Theme options > Home Settings and from there you link the slides to the pages using their post ID’s. That is how you make the whole site one page.

I still don’t know how to get the slider working.


Read reply to the previous comment.

Hey there – this is beautiful! A few pre-sale questions.

1. Are there any SEO sacrifices with a one page style? Correct me if I am wrong but a one page with all of the sections on it reduces possibility of having unique urls that may be keyword rich? Or am I wrong? ;o)

2. I notice the captions on the page e.g. ONLY IN OUR DREAMS ARE WE FREE. THE REST OF THE TIME WE NEED WAGES. this is over an image and kind of has a paralax effect – can you control these areas across the site and on a page by page basis?

3. At the moment the home page is a one page containing Gallery, Projects, Blog etc – can you create another page e.g. About Us and have that also be a one page but to contain for example About Us, Our Team, Why US – all part of a one page if that makes sense. So the site can have more than one – ONE PAGE – think I almost confused myself ha ha ha

4. When you visit the Shortcodes page – it is a unique single page – is there a possibility to have breadcrumbs to aid navigation? did you know when on this page you cannot get back to About Us or anything in the menu?

5. Does this have sidebar option?



1. In this theme – No, since you’re creating separate, stand alone, page for each section and calling them in homepage.

2. That is a shortcode for the quote. Yes everything is editable.

3.You can add unlimited sections to the homepage. At the moment there is only one page with that ability, but it wouldn’t be hard to add few more. I can add ‘home page alt’ in the future update.

4. You can inistall breadcrumbs plugin and apply is easily. Yes, it’s the issue i’m working on.

5. Yes. A lot. You can check it’s full power here http://themes.themepunch.com/?theme=revolution_wp


Hi there – AWESOME!

on the last point (5) – I meant sideBAR ;) are these supported


Oh i misread. :P There is no sidebar but there are 4 a widget areas in the footer.

Hi there, loved your theme, purchased, and now trying to upload to wordpress and it says can not upload theme as missing style.css stylesheet? can you help me with this?

Many thanks


Hi AmyHobrow, Unzip the file you’ve downloaded and upload only the rhino.zip file. After that don’t forget to upload files in the plugin folder.

Sorry being an idiot .. first time at this! sorted it thanks again!


Oh, ok. :)

Hi Nicola,

In your documents I couldn’t find how to activate the revolution slider for main page? any documents for the details?


Hi serkancey, Below the slider? Use options on the page you added the slider to.


That options on the page do not work & effect the page. I send you the wp-admin info via e mail. thnk you


Thanks, replied.

I am really excited about this theme. But I have a few questions.

1. In your live preview under services, you have a column function for information. How do I create that?

2. Also in your live preview, in your About section you have these neat orange dividers and the content organized in yet another different way. How do I do that?

3. I am having trouble with pages showing the custom background colors I set, on the homepage. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It works in the preview and on the page, but doesn’t show up on the homepage. And yes I have selected custom background as a function in theme options. Any ideas>


You can organize your content using shortcodes (this is a short explanation on how to start with shortcodes http://notaspoon.com/wp/doc/rhino/#!/shortcodes i will update it soon on how to use each one although it’s very simple).

1.In services i used ‘list’ shortcode and divided ‘em into four columns. Here is the full shortcode for it http://snippi.com/s/t3atji0

2. Those orange dividers are skillbar shortcode(note you can color them in any color).

3.That’s weird, contact me via email for this one..

FireFox 18.0 check the work categories because something wrong is going on


Hmm i don’t think i can locate the problem. It’s seems all fine on this side.

Nice job! btw


Thanks, mvaccari!

Hi mate, I like your theme and want to buy, but before I do, can you tell me if it is possible to put a fullscreen video in place of the slideshow/slider photos on the main page, I dont mean just like the small vimeo player but a video that takes up that whole space as in other fullscreen video background websites.


Not as it is, if you have any wordpress knowledge it could be easily implemented. Although with the given slider you’re able to achieve something similar http://notaspoon.com/wp/rhino/?page_id=474

Hi Nikola, Love the Theme.

One question. How do you get the background part in de site? You have a misty tree background in the example site.

Where can i set that?


Thanks, i’ve seen it.


Thanks for the support! Forgot to give it a title in the Homepagebuilder!


Any time. :)

What is the color code for the grey that is the default background under the “dark” page scheme?


it’s #2a2a2a or rgba(42,42,42)

Hello and thank you for creating such a nice theme

I just wanted to know, how many photos can be added to the work section in the demo, before the webpage takes long to load and laggy?

Also is there a sample website which has a separate page for the work? I would like to see how adding a separate portfolio page will affect the website in terms of navigation.

Many thanks.


Hi himesh01, I’m glad you like it.

The number of works depends on the resolution of images. You can load latest X items and add a link to the full portfolio page, if the number of works is high.

This is the stand-alone portfolio page http://notaspoon.com/wp/rhino/?page_id=22

I really like this theme and the style of it. However is it possible to use regular pages instead of everything being on the homepage?


Hi deecemobile and thanks. Yes, you’re able to make it multipaged.

Hey, very nice template but i have several bugs. I imported the demo preset content.

I cant add a slider with the plugin ! Can u share a preset to import in the plugin (the same in the demo) ?

Also, when i go back to a previous menu, the underline diseaper. Thank u for ur help !


Hi can you provide me with the item purchase code, since you don’t have a ‘Purchased’ tag. (send it via email)