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Hi – loving the theme but I want to fully remove the whole gallery function / page from the site. I’ve managed to delete the gallery posts/images but I don’t want to see that section of the page at all. Is there a way to completely remove that page section as we want to just showcase our work examples in the ‘work’ page. Thanks!


Yeah. Just go the theme options > homepage settings and remove the gallery section. Also make sure to remove it form the menu.

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Is there a way to link the gallery images to the portfolio page instead of it opening in lightbox? I know that the title it linked to the page, but I want the image to be linked to the page as well.


Hi, it needs to be done manually. If you have no experience with wp coding, send me an email and i’ll send you the edited files.

Hello There! Im having troubles putting the content, I cant put images on the slider and putting sections eg: #products or whatever, the link also doesnt go there

Thank you!

Also, when I put revslider in the text field slider in title settings tab it says: Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias revslider not found.

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good job on theme!

i’ve setup a slider and allocated it to a page. but when i setup a section under ‘Home Settings’ with the page id, the slider does not show up on the home page.

when i go to the page directly the slider shows up.

any help would be appreciated!

cheerio, S.

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Hi all,

if you are on the bottom of the page and you click to “home” – do you site scroll to the very top so that you can see the logo? My page only scrolls to “Home” (which is kind of right) but you still see the “other”-menu and not the “main”-main menu including the logo.

So it just jumps not to the very top of the page :-(

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It seems the gallery isn’t displaying correctly in Internet Explorer. The tiles aren’t arranging into place place, leaving huge gaps between images. Works fine in FF, Chrome, Safari. Anyone else having this issue?

Also the site doesn’t fit right on an iPad vertical view.

Any suggestions to these problems would be appreciated!

I cant get the menu to work..please help.

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I cannot get any image inserted into a page to center. I tried making it a background, I tried using a slider, I tried editing the properties of the image to center in the post and in the media gallery. Nothing.

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I’m also not able to get the pages to show up properly on the home page. The top links go to the direct pages, and those pages are not on the home page.


Can you send me the login info via email? Thanks.

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Have you gotten a chance to look at my login info? – Have you received any of the e-mails I’ve sent you?

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Man, I have tried to get the menu to work for a couple hours now. Any way I can send you my email and you can help me out? Also, I added a page set to gallery….now how do I add images to the gallery?

Appreciate it



Yeah, it would be be if you could send me the email with the link and login info(if you’re working on live site).

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Hi, Please help me. How to password protected the works page?

Works page not hidden in works if page password protected. And Submit button 404 Nothing found! wp-pass.php


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I cannot get background colors to show up, nor background images to center. How do I go about doing this?

Hi Nikola,

Did you receive my message?


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How do you make the thumbnail image in a portfolio different than the photo it opens to? When I set the featured image it takes the place of both…

Hi, I’ve a question about getting the Revolution Slider on the homepage. If I select the “Slider Template” all other pages disappear, and when I add the Slider name in the “Title settings” nothing happens. I want to achieve the same result as on the demo. Thanks for your reply!

Compliments on the templates. I really like the possibilities!

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I can not get the gallery feature to work. I need you help. I have renamed “gallery” lowercase and still not working and there is no straight forward instructions.

Hello Nikola

Im still waiting your response. Can you help me with please?

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Are you receiving any of my e-mails?

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Hi! I love the theme. It is great. I was wondering if there is a way to make the portfolio/work/gallery images smaller. I might just be missing the obvious, but I can’t figure it out. Thanks again.

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I need help with my theme, I am missing options in my menu that are in the documentation. You emailed me and said you would set my homepage up like the demo weeks ago, I responded with my credentials. I have heard nothing back since then. Please get in touch with me. I cannot set up my site without some of the features that were supposed to be included.