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I want to buy the theme and was reading documentation. Can portfolio images be linked to separate page? Also, are there shortcodes for columns?

dctalks Purchased

My blog post titles are covering eachother up? How to fix it?


I have bought your HTML version and it was great.

I have a question, is this setup with all the content loaded though an admin panel? Or can I add as may sections/pages and pagebreaks as I want? Or is it pretty much setup to fill in your info and use it as is?

Thanks, Matt

Could you tell me where I download the Rhino 1.5 update? Or do I need to re-download the license?

oblaum Purchased

Any plans and date for a 1.5.2 update?

Hoiw can I change the color of the navigation times? I replaced all the orange HEX in the style.css – but the orange is still there…damn

“navigation items”

ceiwut Purchased

Hi NikolaSusa!

I just want to get the demo data setup properly so that I can see how it was configured. That will help me plan my own deployment. Can you please help me setup the demo data?

I attempted to import the XML file via the ADMIN > TOOLS > IMPORT > WORDPRESS function but the data didnt populate correctly. I must be doing something wrong – please help!

shoot me an email and I will get you login details

teustis Purchased

I am having a problem: Within the editor the shortcodes icon shows up but when clicked the popup dialog has no content. I disabled all other plugins to no effect: Still no short codes.

Any ideas?

teustis Purchased

One other issue, the homepage scroll jumps (no perceived scrolling) when I click the navigation but when I use the button to go back to the top of the page it scrolls perfectly. You can see the issue here: http://www.kalabur.com

What is the secret to getting a response from this user? I have been asking for support for over 2 months! he contacted me back once and promised to give me a clean set up similar to the demo since. 60 days later nothing happened he still has all my login info and despite numerous E-mails I have still gotten no response. Am I missing something is there some secret way to get his attention. All I am asking is for him to do what he said he did….

bellie Purchased

Is there an easy way to disable the mobile views? I’d just like it to show up standard on phones/tablets and let the user scroll, pinch, etc. I’ve done a ton of customization and we aren’t doing separate mobile customization.

teustis Purchased

My shortcode problem (empty popups) persists. Any chance of getting a written cheat-sheet so that I can manually use the shortcodes instead? I bought the theme knowing that I would have some useful shortcodes and planned on using them… If I can’t fix the problem (see message 4 posts up) please create a cheat sheet so that I can take advantage of them.

Pretty please and thanks.

Can anyone help me with the translation of the contact form? If I change the words in the en_EN.po file nothing happens. :(

does this support drop down menus for the one page design?



I’ve just bought and installed this theme and tried importing the demo content to learn about it, but it doesn’t work.

I read the documentation and I’ve followed the setup instructions but the theme still displays a script error in the home page.

I’m stucked and need help.

There are no Zip files for the plugins. How do I install the plugins?

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I bought your template and noticed that it looks not very nice on ipad (your demo site):

ipad screen shot

where is the problem?

Hello Nikola,

I’ve emailed support@notaspoon.com a few weeks ago, but have received a reply yet. I am looking for support on these 3 questions:

1. The primary menu does not work on an ipad. Will this be fixed in an upcoming release?

2. Is there any way to have a menu item as 2 words? When I tried this, it would not scroll as intended.

3. How can I decrease the padding between sections on the home page?

Thank you!

hi can you add drop down menus to the home page that take you to inner pages not on the ‘one page’ homepage? Thanks Paul