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I’ve read the documentation for your theme, but I cannot get any of my links in the main menu in the header to scroll to their respective sections. Also, the menu which appears at the top of the screen once you start scrolling (it isn’t made clear if this is Primary or Home) does not populate.

I did not find the documentation to be very clear, the screenshots contain irrelevant data, please could contact me with specifics or perhaps your can post the wp user and password for the demo site so I can see how yours was done and I can correct my mistake?

Please scarp my above comment, I know what the issues are:

First issue with linking – my error, I did not name my ID’s exactly as I had written them in the theme options.

Second Issue – if you are logged into wp-admin a bar appears at the top of the page which in turn covers that second menu.

¿I`m using wpml plugin and i need to know is this theme ready for use this plugin?


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How to integrate a video into the slider?


i’ve a question, how can I integrate a video (upload, vimeo, youtube) into the slider (as it is in the demo version).

thx for your help! Peter


Thx for ur beautifull theme, but i’ve a manyproblem with youtube embed in portfolio section.

i’ve add try to add the iframe code form youtube :

<iframe width=”1280” height=”720” src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/TKvc9nlFvh0” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

but i’ve a blank zone (no thumb) with ”> (and movie don’t load)

I try this urls :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKvc9nlFvh0 & http://www.youtube.com/v/TKvc9nlFvh0?fs=1

Movie load but i’ve always a blank zone (no thumb)

Can u help me ?


How did you get your slider plugin to work? When i click “create slider” nothing happens.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Slider creation work for me

@for my precedent post

I try to add image but no thumb too

ok i find, i need insert image featured

Hello, I’m looking forward to purchasing the theme, but I wondered if it’s possible to try the admin area, on a test site. One of the most important things that I require is the ability to insert Google Street Views iFrames easily keeping the responsiveness. Hope it’s possible to test it, thanks for your help in advance. Kind regards.

He everybody,

I’m affraid that the support on this theme is going to be down. I haven’t seen the author in weeks. He reacted pretty quickly before. I tried to message him through Twitter but no response. Also he hasn’t posted since april 19.

In an earlier message he was pointing out he had some problems with his health. I just hope he’s okay.

If anybody knows something about Nikola please post it here.

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bug: the comment fields are per default empty, so users do not know what to put in.

see http://notaspoon.com/wp/rhino/?p=108

how to fix this? thanks oli

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I just downloaded from here the theme today, can’t find the plugins

How I can import the demo content? I cant find a documentation how to import! Please help!

Sorry, for my second question: Now I’ve imported the demo content. I’ve created a slider, but the slider doesn’t shown on my home page. Why?

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I’ve been pretty fortunate that everything has worked pretty well since purchasing. The only thing I’ve noticed is that the Gallery Lightbox effect isn’t working on my Gallery page and yet I saw it on the demo site. Is this a setting somewhere I’m overlooking or does it require a separate plugin? If you have any ideas of some things to check I’d appreciate it.


I’m reading the documentation and am at the “Navigation Setup”. Why are we making this new THIRD menu, and at step 4, your example image shows that it says “Your theme supports 1 menu…”, I see it saying “Your theme supports 2 menues..” on my screen. Am I in the right place?

Which part customizes the “one page” feature? I used #name for my pages and it still doesn’t move around, only clicking home actually moves the page.


Please disregard the second paragraph of my last comment (if anyone is wondering why your webpage isn’t sliding up and down, you have to have all of the letters in your section manager lowercase).

But I’d still like to find out what the 3rd menu creation is for. Also, is there a file needed to keep the header logo showing as we move down the page?

Nikola, in the theme preview, you have a quote overlaying a fixed background of trees and mountains, is it a separator? And if so, how did you get the background in it? I’m trying to do it as a separator and setting an image as the “Custom Background Image” but the picture doesn’t show up.

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hey all, looks like Nicola is MIA… really quick couple of questions for the group here, hoping that others have worked through these issues.

1st, I’ve hit a bit of a wall when trying to have the menu tab ‘Home’ link back to the top of hte page properly. If I add a home section at the tope of the section manager, it creates a gap above my slider (which should be at the top). My question is how to set up this home link properly without having to create that big gap.

2nd… has anyone successfully had the header maintain the state of which it features the logo? Ie, keep the header static, as opposed to having it shift once scrolling…

appreciate any thoughts you may have here.

jfoss, hopefully I read your question correctly. To make sure you don’t have that big gap, it sounds like you created a section for it. Don’t make a section for it under “Section Manager” in “Home Settings” when you go to Theme Appearance. The second thing you’re asking about, I believe you may have to ask Nikola about that, or peruse the previous pages of comments for it.

Anyways, I came back here for ANOTHER QUESTION cause he’s not helping us currently. How can I take out the “we were” part in the twitter shortcode? Or change the text for it? I can’t find it in the plugin editor. Nikola please come back and help us for the love of god.