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Hey Kevin, thanks for your thoughts… yah, that worked! Had a major brain lapse when putting this together by establishing the home page as its own section in the section manager… I just took the slider page below and added #home to that in the manager settings.

And yah, figured the 2nd part would require greater code expertise… have been searching the stylesheet for hours looking for a spot to make the header w logo static… no luck.

Haven’t gotten to the Twitter part yet, so unfortunately can’t return the favor Kevin… good luck!

Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening or how it happened:

I’m inserting a section for just a twitter tweet update between two pages. It used to say “we were”... before the tweet, now it just says “we” and then the tweet. Also, when I try to change the background image of the page by inserting a color code (I tried mint), it won’t change anymore. It used to, and then this morning when I logged in, the “we were” changed and the background color is the same as the section above. I did not do anything to the shortcodes beforehand. I literally went to bed and woke up and it’s all different. I’ve already tried disabling and enabling the plugin, I’ve also even deleted the folder and reinstalled the plugin, both on a mac and a pc.

Hi all,

Looking at all these comments, it looks like the theme developer is MIA.. I can see a few comments mention the same problem I am having – background images/colours set on pages not working on the homepage sections. Does anyone know how to fix this? Your help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Hi Nikola, very nice theme! I have a question, i didn’t get how to set menu scroll link, i’ve try with anchor in related page content but nothing. I’ve read all documentation and I follow you istruction but it didn’t work Can you help me?

Thanks Mattia

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Hi All, it seems reading from the comments that Nikola has not been around, I hope everything is ok. I personally found the theme a really good base for a project I have been working on. One major issue, and I would love to know of any of you guys can shed any light on it, I cannot get the fonts called from the admin “typography” panel to work in IE 9+. Heres my current adaptation of the theme – http://test15.ovalcube.co. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi! I was wondering how to resize the slider for my tablet – currently, rhinos theme works on IE on my Microsoft surface pro, but the slider is not resizing properly – any advice? I clicked responsive.

Does anyone knows why I can’t install the plugins?

I got this error: “The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature” :/

I found the solution in a forum, thanks anyway!

@jfoss: I had the same issue with the Home menu not reaching the top.

I found the way around like this:

on the SECTION MANAGER, I used a slider Page (I created a Page only for the slider)

On the MENUS settings:

1. For the MAIN menu: I created a menu item called HOME with a custom URL: ”#home” 2. For the OTHER menu: I created a menu item called HOME with a custom url “http://www.yourdomainname.com/#TOP” (navigation label “HOME”)

What I found is the template didn’t deal with the menu labels in the same way, so I used ALL CAPS for all the names (the teme doesn’t unify the criteria)

Overall I found SO MANY problems with this Theme and I regret guying it. I feel sorry for Nikola if he had health problems, but I’m still wasting time with a theme full of bugs.

If you are not a tech savvy user DO NOT buy this theme. It has many problems and no support at the moment.

Did anybody figure out how to integrate Google Fonts?

When I try (using the unclear examples on the TYPOGRAPHY menu), I get something like a CSS error message when reloading the site.

What is the right way to insert the codes? Is it exactly as specified by Google, or as Nikola says on the examples?

I read some comments talking about version 1.5… where is this available?

I found what part of the Google Fonts code to use:


@hellonico Do you know or someone knows why when I’m tryind to add a “Quote Page” I can see the background image on the preview but not when I navigate on the full website? No idea what i’m doing wrong.

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bug: tweets are not shown anymore (e.g. ob the thene example page http://notaspoon.com/wp/rhino/)

found reason on the plugin page https://github.com/seaofclouds/tweet it seems because of twitter this is not possible anymore. :(

Since the recent wordpress update a few weeks ago, our “OTHER” menu no longer appears or scrolls with the site. How do we fix this? Thanks in advance for your support. www.graphicconsultants.biz

In my site and in the live example site, the fields for leaving a comment on a post are blank. Anyone know how to fix that?

Take a look at what I’m talking about here: http://www.creativeintelligenceinc.com/introducing-our-new-website-creative-intelligence-inc/

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1 Month since I raised a support call and emailed the developer direct. BE WARNED, IF YOU PURCHASE THIS THEME DO NOT EXPECT SUPPORT OR ANY UPDATES.


For anyone not being able to load the correct colour or image background on the homepage sections, I found a fix (kind of).

On the Theme Options panel where you add pages to the homepage, keep the title of the page 4 letters of less and lowercase. This works for us!


Is it possible to deactivate, parallax effect.

I am looking to end up with a website very similar to latest google chromecast website http://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/devices/chromecast/#netflix

Do you think if i purchase your theme you can help to reach something like that?

Kind regards


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