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Very nice theme!! Good luck with sale :)


Is the template compatible with Wordpress 3.6 ?


Hi! It looks like a posted here before and the theme author is still MIA – I really need to ask a few things about -

-the revolution slide (it is not working properly and looks like the plugin was not all there in the theme - the titles on the home page (they don’t resize for my phone (why?)

I have read the documents now many times and I can’t find answers to these important qs – please help!

I have to say for £30 I really was expecting something better than this. After installing the theme and the example content my site looked nothing like the example. I spent hours trying to make it look like the example and it still doesn’t. And I’m a full time web developer! Honestly, I could have created a website like the theme sample shows more quickly from scratch than I could using this theme.

The author of this theme doesn’t even know how to spell manager (Menager).

1/10 – would NOT BUY!

Bitterly disappointed – complete waste of money.

az-fotos Purchased

purchased 2 days before.

same as dahousecatz>

i installed it, filled it with the demo-content and it looks nothing like the demo-preview !

and the documentation lacks of lots of important informations !

i spend a whole lot of my precious time reading through these comments here, to get my theme to work probably and it seems the author “nicola susa” did not answer any questions for month now !

contacted envado/themeforest and their only recommendation was to read the documentation – what a poor support :-(

to me personally in this moment this only feels like a rip-off !

i want my money back !

I agree az-fotos and dahousecatz – I don’t know where this author is, but he is not here to help. Will someone at envato help us get the author online???

This theme works perfectly for us. Not too difficult to figure out, either. We managed to create the intended look and feel within minutes (ok, make that an hour or two, but then we were pretty much was done).

There are only a few minor flaws, which would be in need of an update (twitter feeds, etc), but nothing serious.

-RevSlider: Images are not upscaled; I used the same image aspects as in the live preview on themeforest, and that solved that issue.

dewolfimages – do can you let me know what those specs are? I have tried them before.

levleymarketing, what exactly do you mean? what specs are you referring to? Send me a PM if you can. Hope to be able to reply within a week. ;)

Site’s finished. Happy with my purchase, as well as with the results.

dewolfimages I wish I could PM you, but it seems like I can’t. My e-mail is ana@levleymarketing.com. I meant the specs on the original images, I can’t find them anywhere. Also, I have been trying to configure the single page menu and I can’t figure it out. Any advice you have is absolutely welcome!!!! Thank you!!!

Hi there,

after about 2 hours i finnaly get the silder to appear on the start-page.

Unfortunatly it doesn’t use the entire width and height.

Please thell me how to fix..

best regards Ben http://www.kinder-klavierunterricht.de

has anyone been able to contact the developer? the recent update on wordpress has disabled a large majority of this themes functions.

c-kes Purchased

Hi! Great theme but how can i make other fonts work with IE?

Silly enough the solutions on the web only work for old IE browsers xD:

src: url(‘fonts/OpenSans.eot’); src: url(‘fonts/OpenSans.eot?#iefix’);

Thanks in advance,


Does your theme allow for multiple pages that use the scrolling single page layout?

I’m looking to have my index.html direct users to one of two versions of the homepage. My current theme only allows me to have one scrolling main page. As such they have recommended that we install WP twice and run the theme twice, but that seems like overkill.

Would your theme allow us to have a homepage/landing-page that was very simple, that directed to two separate scrolling pages?

wdlax11 Purchased

How do I get mine to look exactly like yours does with the same content? I keep importing everything and doing it all and never works… My Menu looks like this..

http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/4550/e3xv.png please help!
oblaum Purchased

has anyone used this theme for a multisite (e.g. 2 languages)? it seems not to work proper as in other themes.

Hi, I’m curious what font you used for the logo RHINO? Thanks!

kjarriho Purchased

Hi, I have purchased the theme and I’m looking for a way to use Adobe typekit fonts with it :) Can anyone give me a hint? ;)


I am planning to buy this theme. I want to use it for one page website.

I would like to know if I can remove the menu bar buttons and if yes how can I do that?

Thanks you.


only on safari (mac) in resolution up to 2200 px, the slider (home page) does not display, can u fix it please ? See screenshot here