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Hi NikolaSusa, I am new to this, I have a pre-purchase question. When leaving the Home page, and going to another page, is it possible to put the company logo on the same top bar where the Home Logo is or anywhere in that same area. Thanks and btw this theme is really awesome! Good job!


You mean when scrolling? At this point no, but i have it in plan.

dctalks Purchased

Great theme, I have just a few questions:

1. What is the best size for the header logo? 2. How do I make the header logo stay on the top of the pages? 3. How can I replicate the demo homepage with just the video insert with text on the side? 4. How do you change the color of the underline indicator for the page tabs? 5. Is it possible to hid the “Home” tab on the main bar, so when at home page nothing is highlighted till scrolling down?


Thanks. 1.~35px height. 2. I’ll add that feature soon. 3. Do you mean the slider? 4. At this time only via ‘custom css’ under general settings. 5. Yes, just remove it from the menu.

bought the theme yesterday, been struggling with this theme all day. here are couple note I find

1) style.css still say 1.0 not 1.5.1 I can only assume it’s 1.5.1 because I downloaded yesterday.

2) CPanel error log shows 404 for: images/img-zoom.png from shortcodes page wp-content/themes/fonts from quote page

3) I tried on two host. At HostGator am unable to get Home menu to function. It just wont scroll down to right section

4) Gallery does not work. The only way I can make it work is by having it as the first item in Home. js conflict?

5) Unable to add/change Custom Background Image or Background Color for Default Template. after pressing insert into post I get a blank image. http://i.imgur.com/g85ohb0.png

6) Social Icon for tumblr not “Thumblr” is blank on contact

Note: WP 3.5.1 and theme from yesterday purchase. HostGator. Install in subdomain. Will PM you my email now.


Thanks for the feedback, i’ll fix the 1,2 and 6.


Great theme!

Hope you can help me. I’m having a slight problem. It’s probably my fault because I’m not familiar with WordPress and Sliders.

How do I make the Rev Slider on the Home page full width, like in your demo? I’ve got it working but not full browser width.

I’ve checked documentation and also Rev Slider site but I can’t crack it.

Many thanks.

andrele Purchased

Hi Nikola, This is an amazing theme. So far, it works as expected except on iPad. Please see screenshot here: http://i47.tinypic.com/2rnhaaa.png

1. There is a strange bar on the right side

2. Images in the portfolio boxes are stretched (see girl on Hammerfestival)

3. On Landscape iPad mode, the main navigation links no longer work

Also, is it possible to display a gallery (like the blog) when tapping on a portfolio image? Currently it only opens the featured image, and the user must click on the portfolio title to view the post, which has the gallery in it.


PS: I downloaded the theme on the 29th, so it should be v1.51. I have no way of checking for sure though.


Thanks for the feedback, i’ll look it up and fix it. The last update was on 26th so you’ve got the latest one.

Sorry for the late reply i got over-flooded and missed this comment..

OK I have solve the #5 above. Seem you can not have a space between word in Theme Option>Home Settings>Section Manager http://i.imgur.com/hpZTT2u.png I remove the space in SpecialOffer and it now works.

BTW proper spelling is Manager not Menager.

Still unable to make menu scroll

@ Cantaloupe

Here is my working fullscreen slider setting http://img801.imageshack.us/img801/5061/df62b53882c149929ae3444.png
OK I solved #3 and #4. The menu wasn’t scrolling and gallery didn’t work because I had them label as capitalize words. Once I change all to lowercase and replace space with hyphen all is working now. http://i.imgur.com/k5bMlx2.png

@ tubyducky

Hey, thanks for info.

I’ve double-checked my settings with those of yours in the screenshot. Mine are identical to yours so I’m still confused as to why mine won’t work.

Will let you know if I come up with a solution.

Once again, thanks.


Hi, Cantaloupe. As i said in the email, please send me the live preview and read slider settings in documentation.


Thanks Nikola!

Can some one tell me how to make more then one gallery page?


Hi tubyducky, At this point you can display only one gallery. I’m working on update so i’ll add this option.


thank you Nikola

Astonished at the poor quality of this theme, and very unhappy I can’t get my money back.

Quality of documentation is atrocious.

Theme installs bare-bones… no sample posts, and recreating the style seen in the live preview is not only non-obvious, it’s inscrutable.

Very disappointed. Now what?


I offer free support and all reported buys are fixed.

Hi i put second slider on homepage i can not load the custom backrond to this slider:( If i chceck it on page dispalying only this slider it s looks ok but on homepage it dosen t work.


Hi meaverick, can you send me the preview via email? Thanks.

@ joestradinger

I had a few issues getting this theme up and running. I’m not all that experienced with WordPress so the fault was partly down to me but I agree the theme installs ‘bare bones’ and, for a novice, may be a little difficult to kick start.

However, having said that, I don’t think you are right in saying it’s a “poor quality” theme. It’s actually an excellent theme! Before purchasing I checked out quite a few single page responsive WP themes (on Themeforest as well as other sites) but I felt, at least for my purposes, Rhino was the best. The fact that the documentation, for example, is not all that clear does not mean the theme itself is poor quality.

Further, any difficulties I had understanding the documentation or setting up the theme were more than compensated for by the excellent post-purchase customer support the author offers. In every instance, where I had a problem, Nikola personally assisted, hands-on, to solve the issue. Although I offered to pay for the support (I guess I figured this sort of hands-on configuring of the theme on my server was above and beyond what could be reasonably expected of an author), my offer was refused and all support was done for free. I don’t think that you can ask for more than that.

If you contact Nikola I’m confidant you will be offered all the support you require.


Thanks for the good feedback, Cantaloupe.

fodcj Purchased

Fantastic theme and great support from Nikola.

Many thanks.


Thanks you, fodcj.


Please tell how to add header slider and services in home page. i am nt able to do this and one more thing is this possible to add pagination in work section replay ASAP

thanks gags


can u please tell me ur mail id ??

support@notaspoon.com or tealendril@gmail.com or just use the contact form on my profile.

mail sent

srlee Purchased

Just purchased and I am seeming to have trouble adding videos to the portfolio can you look into this? I am pasting the iframe embed codes from YouTube and Vimeo into the video embed code section in the portfolio post page. Neither work. :(

srlee Purchased

How about vimeo?


Hi, at this point only youtube videos are supported for the portfolio items.

srlee Purchased

Alrighty please add Vimeo support soon! :)

Have you found a way to make the toggle and data table works ok? I wrote about this Problem in my email


Hi, i’ve replied to your email ~15minutes ago.

At the top of Page 5 someone mentioned the flex slider navigation appears on the slider. This is happening to me too. Has there been a fix for it? http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/295/aa4b7efea6c940ed898c242.png


Hi tubyducky, that’s weird. Can you send me the link to your site. I know you’ve contacted me before for the support but i can’t find your email.

I sent mail support@notaspoon.com. I forgot to mention that i duplicate the slide. maybe that info will help in debugging

How do I create a slider? Also, the header is cutting of the top half of my pages, how do I fix this? thanks!


Hi, please check http://notaspoon.com/wp/doc/rhino/#!/slider_setup Can you send me the screenshot or the link(if you’re working on a live site).