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Nice :D Welcome to ThemeForest – GLWS

Thank you ;)

Welcome to TF

Thank you ;)

Good job, GLWS! :)

Thank you very much.

Nice job, glws o7

Thanks a lot! ;)

Welcome to Themeforest, The company i was train there ;)

Great to know ;)

Great work :) GLWS

Thank you!

Hi, Would it be possible to provide a demo site to see the backend?

kind regards, Jose

Hello Jose,

Thank you for your contact. You can check admin back end at: http://arrowtheme.com/riley2/user

Account: admin/admin123

To see the changes after you changed option in admin back end. You should open link: http://arrowtheme.com/riley2

Thanks a lot!


Dear all,

we changed the password because some one changed password of admin,if anyone needs to check on the backend,please send an message to us then we’ll give you a new password

Thanks! ArrowTheme.com

Anyway to add a mobile hamburger icon and drop down menu for mobile?

Hi, are you talking about the hamburger icon?you can config the top navigation on mobile is the hamburger icon or dropdown on backend,if you need any help,please send your website url to our email arrowtheme@arrowhitech.com,our teachnical team will check it for you

Thank you I have sent them an email. Thank You for the Hamburger option. Purchased them as soon as I saw it :)

Dear Quan, We had sent an email for you about Hamburger option with sourcde. If you still can’t use it, you can provide infomation of your website, we will help you fix it. Regards, Arrowtheme.

Hy, can you explain how did you disabled title and breadcrumbs in the contact forms We purchased your themplate and created multilingual site, now we need to disable title and breadcrumbs on our language page contact form.

I find it, it’s in the page.tpl.php :78 , just add the “&& !strpos(request_uri(), ‘your_page_name’)”

Hi Mate, thank you for bought our theme. Yes, you exactly. To disable title and breadcrumbs in the contact forms you can edit code where you founded. Enjoy with Riley theme and let us know if you like it. If you have any question, or need any helping about theme don’t hesitate ask us. We very happy to support you. Regard, Arrowhitech.


Can I use tb mega menu instead of ur main menu? After I used the maga menu that can be fixed menu?

Yes, if you want to menu at the top of pages, we can do it for you. Do you want to do this? Let’s us know so we can sort time to build for you. Regards.

Yes .. I want to use mega menu and that will be fixed at the top of pages. If u will help me, I am really happy and will purchase this theme right now ..

Yes, we are happy to use megae menu on theme for you. Then you buy theme we need 2 days to build mega menu for theme, then we will pass theme with mega menu to you. If you accept, pls buy theme, then will make for you and pass sourcode when we done. Regards.


I have bought and downloaded by mistake these theme – but what I really need is the HTML files and CSS. We don’t have a drupal expert on the team

Could you please send me that?


Thank you very much for your order. We are happy to send html/css files to you. Can you give your email to us?




Thanks for reply. My email is andrey@brasilspec.com.br. thanks a lot


I have installed the theme and it seems it has a problem. Please take a look and see what is the issue, I have uploaded the file riley.zip from the downloaded file, what to do next?

this is the link for the website: abdelhadilegal.com


First, We would like to thank you very much for your purchased. We are very happy to support you on this theme. Now, I asked to our technical team to check the problem.

Also, Could you please provide your email or skype Id? We will support to you directly. It will be better.

Thank you very much.



Thanks for your reply,

My email is amjadowais@hotmail.com

Looking forward for your solution.

Hi, I’ve set up some sliders which are displaying ok as Flexsliders. However I would like to change the transitions – is there a place where I can do this?

Hi Indytech,

You can try download our last version again, because the last version we add new a slider is revolution slider. I think it is work for your website.

Pls download it and check, and let’s us know if revolution slider ok for you.

For user guide for revolution slider you can see on our user guide at:


If you need any helping, pls ping me on skype: phongnt_aht or drop an email to: arrowtheme@arrowhitech.com

We are happy to support you.



Peter, Thank you – I’ve tried Revolution Slider and that gives me much more control. It also is less narrow, which fits my pictures better. Thanks for your quick replies. Mike

Hello Mike,

Thank you very much. We are very happy to support you. It’s great for us now, if you can give a rate 5 stars to us.

Best regards,


Merci pour ce template Drupal, très bon boulot.

Thank you for this template Drupal, very good job.


I can not find where you vote?

It’s good ;)

You should login to your account at Themeforest then go to http://themeforest.net/downloads. You will see list of items you bought and you can rate for items you like ;)


Hi This is a nice theme. I just tested it on several mobile devices. Question: Currently on mobile devices the menu opens with all submenus. Is it possible to configure it, that only main menu items are shown and with an additional click the submenu items? Or, alterantively, is it esay possible to integrate a menu like here: (http://stability.nikadevs.com/), thanks

Hi, Thank you for interest to our item.

Current theme is impossible to configure for menu. So if you want ” Is it possible to configure it, that only main menu items are shown and with an additional click the submenu items” you can buy our item then give me infomation your host to our email: arrowtheme@arrowhitech.com. We will help you build this function in 1 day.

We look foward to see reply from you soon,

Kind regards,



Great looking theme!

But one BIG advice:

Please don’t overwrite Drupal functionality in the template files. I mean, please.. don’t…..

- Images aren’t resizes by the images styles. - De default images are set in the template instead of the field. - Summery’s are hard-coded instead of rendered from the body (so no trimming etc). - Social media links are hard-coded in the template files.

This is by no means a template which can be used out of the box.

Hello Mate,

Thank you for your comments. We will see that and improve our item in next update.

Thank you very much!

Best regards,


Nice job on the last update. Great improvement on the Drupal code front!


We are trying to deploy a new Arrowtheme web site.

We are facing a problem that occurs after we deploy the website. The issue happen when we try to login, please check: http://2msmarketing.com.br/user

We did not change the user/password.

If you inspect the code within the browser it shows: customize-twitter-1.1.js?nhcmhx:54 DOMException: Blocked a frame with origin “http://2msmarketing.com.br” from accessing a cross-origin frame. VM217 extensions::uncaught_exception_handler:8 Error in event handler for (unknown): TypeError: Cannot read property ‘install_id’ of undefined at chrome-extension://lgbeldbnadmemecalekdfnffgobkpafc/content.js:1:182 VM217 extensions::uncaught_exception_handler:8 Error in event handler for (unknown): TypeError: Cannot read property ‘install_id’ of undefined at chrome-extension://lgbeldbnadmemecalekdfnffgobkpafc/ads.js:1:193

caught an error

Can you help us?



The first, thank you for purchase our item.

Yes of course, we will help you.

Can you provide infomation of your website and hosting info and skype id to us: arrowtheme@arrowhitech.com

We look forward to help you soon.

Best regards,


The theme is fantastic. We are saving a lot of time in design task of a web plattform.

Also, the support is excelent and we are very happy of have trusted in ArrowHiTech.

Thanks a lot!!

Hello I m ready to buy but I don’t like this menu if can help make menu+mega menu like www.10corp.com http://s7.postimg.org/owlhtil3f/Screenshot_from_2015_10_12_10_08_39.png I m ready to buy

Hello Mate,

We recevied your email, we will contact you on that soon.

Best regards,



jaydul Purchased

Hi Peter, Please update RILEY Theme drupal 7.41.Because SA-CORE-2015-004 Security update.We use drupal because It secure CMS.We move plone soon.

Thanks Mate,

Yes, we will see this on next time.

Best regards,