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Hi I love your theme,

Is it possible when i setup my site as in demo 2 to skip the introduction video and start my website with the about section with the menu on top?

Yes, you can remove, add new or edit pages.
These demos are just examples of what you can do.


I have a small problem. I have created the page Blog (model blog). I have created the articcles, but the page Blog don’t work, and the articles is hide…why this? the site is visyon.it

Best regards, Ronny

Confirms if you have this page chosen on the reading page.
eg: http://awesomescreenshot.com/06a3vghube

thanks thanks thanks!!! fantastic!!!

In the future please use our forum.
It’s easier to talk.

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Pre-purchase Question: I am an architect, and would like each image to be a project with more project specific images once the main image is clicked. Or each visible image in the scroll is a category (kitchens, bathrooms, additions) with multiple images once the category parent image is clicked. Do you have this option?

I do not know if I understand well your question.
But you can insert as many images as you wish in the description of each item.

Hello Team,

I have uploaded V2 but the data on the website OR I must say the pages on the website are upside down, for instance the contact us page is at the top and the blue video screen is at the bottom.

Kindly assist.

Regards, Salman


You install the recommended plugin “intuitive post order”?
With it you can order the pages again.
Just click and drag.

Hi, i’m thinking about buying this theme, but i have a question…

The vertical menu is not good for that I need, is it possible to use a Horiontal menu? similar with what you have in “Alma” theme?

Thanks a lot!

No demo 2 tens um menu vertical.
Não é igual ao alma, mas é muito parecido.

Is there a shortcode that can be used for the portfolio? i want to include content below the thumbnails on the following page:


I answered you in our forum.

Hi there,

I have some presales questions.

1. Is it possible to have a recent (blog) posts section on the homepage?

2. Is it possible to add margin to the portfolio items, so there will be a little bit of space between them? And is it possible to show a portfolio title below the portfolio item picture?

3. When I look at the red demo on my phone (or when I adjust the browser width to the smallest width), I see only the left part of the picture. Does it not scale from center? Is it possible to scale from center, so the center part of picture will always show?

Hope to hear from you soon! I would like to purchase this theme for a project.

Best, Marlies

Thanks for your interest.

1. No.
2. No.
3. I think it’s something I can improve.

Hello, if I exclude pages from home page, will they be indexed by google?

I mean, we built the website in one page, but now the customer wants to change the style and do in several pages. The solution is easy, we just need to uptick the option in page settings, but will google index them?

Thank you!

If there is a link within your site the google will index it.
The best way is you put the page as draft instead of published.

Hello, I wanna buy the theme but it is not updated. Will you update it to latest wordpress version?Thanks

Will you answer my question?

Sorry for the delay.
The theme works with the latest version of the wodpress.

I love this theme but it is from 2013, so my question is, for how long time this theme will be working for the updates and support? Because i acquired one theme from another place (3 years ago) and it stopped with the updates soon that i bought it.

Sorry for the delay.
This is a complicated question to answer.

But at the moment I have no intention of removing the theme, on the contrary, I have plans to upgrade to the latest framework, It will give him more options.

We want to keep all our themes with the same framework so that any update is reflected on all themes.

When will be the update? I am waiting the update to buy the theme.

Does the theme work with latest version of vc or not? I will buy the licence myself.

Hi, will you answer my question?

Hi, sorry but no.

Will you plan to update it in near future?

Hi, Yes, we are working on a new framework that will serve to update all of our themes.

Ok I am going to buy. My last question is do I get all the demo content especially revolution slider demos? Thanks

Hi, Yes.

I had a problem in importing demo content Cannot use object of type WP_Error as array in /wp-content/plugins/wp-retina-2x/wr2x_vt_resize.php on line 38 . How can I solve this problem?

Hi, When wiil the update come? I am waiting for the update to use the theme. Thanks

Hi, Sorry, but which update you are waiting for?

You said “we are working on a new framework that will serve to update all of our themes.” when I asked before buying theme the quiestion is ” Will you plan to update it in near future?”