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kb6104 Purchased

I am very interested in buying this template and was checking through comments concerning the content slider. Please clarify, can content slider use PAGES as well as posts?


currently content slider only allows to pull content from posts.

Best, Cohhe


i have installed your theme i have problem with the main menu on mobile / tablet

how can i solve the problem?

nice day


please register at our support forum We try to keep our support in one place. Thank you!

Best, Cohhe


We have moved all support questions to our support forum where we can better serve our users. We can answer pre-sales questions and a minor theme questions here in the ThemeForest comments but anything else will need to be handled in the support forum.

Why do we use our own support forum?

1. Our forum is searchable, plus anyone else can respond.

2. Many questions are asked repeatedly so performing a search allows you to find answers quickly.

3. This allows us to answer quickly & efficiently since we only have to respond in one avenue

To access our forum, you need to create a free account with your ThemeForest Purchase Code.

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Does the theme support payment gateway integration for DONATION beside paypal….like USAePay or ?


Rive theme support both PayPal and payment gateways.

Best, Cohhe

Hi! I have a prepurchase question.

I love that your theme has a sponsors section, but is there a way to display all the sponsors, rather than have a slider? An organization that I run the website for has many many sponsors, which is great, but we need to be able to display all the sponsors at once. Is there a way to make the sponsor section a set of stacked logos, instead of a carousel or manual slider?


unfortunately, we don’t have dedicated sponsors module which is not a slider, but basically it is a block of images with links attached to them, so you can easily create such a page yourself using elements available for Rive theme.

Best, Cohhe

Hello, I need to know some details before buying this theme

1 – Is it valid for nonprofit campaigns? Is there no commission to the creators of projects?

2 – When the payment of the causes is done in the account of the creators? When it reaches 100% of the target the cause? That’s what I need

3 – The amount shown in the bar donations increases automatically? Is it only the amount of donors pledged?

4 – the identity of donors to the visits of the web are hidden?

5 – Supports Currency €?



Re 1: sure, Rive was built keeping in non-profit organizations. There are no commissions added for payments.

Re 2: You have full control over causes. You can close them when they reach 100% or you can close them faster. It’s up to you.

Re 3: Yes, it changes automatically, but you also have the ability to change it manually in case if you receive offline donation.

Re 4: Yes.

Re 5: Yes.

Best, Cohhe

(I don’t have a purchase code because I’m developing a client website that already has the theme installed, so I couldn’t register for support on your site.) The blog posts that post in the header are showing multiple titles (of different posts) vs. just showing the title for that particular post. Is there a way to correct this?

Please see:


unfortunately we can’t provide support without purchase code. Please ask your client this code so you can register an account in support forum.

Best, Cohhe

The theme was purchased by a previous designer that the client no longer has a relationship with. You can’t look at the site, see the error and help me fix the glitch?

Unfortunately we can’t provide support for unverified customers.

Best, Cohhe

after searching many, many non-profit themes, I just couldn’t resist buying yours thanks to the incredible tiled content feature. kudos! A few observations and one question for you:

1) Can you send me some CSS to restructure the tiled images? Ideally, I’d like to have only 6 images displayed, instead of 8.

2) In the future, compatibility with Gravity Forms would be clutch. Our entire donation system relies on it, and I know a growing number of developers who’re using it.

3) Also consider including some social sharing options on the project posts. This is such a nice theme, it’s worth showing off!

Thanks for the great work!


Re 1: please register at our support forum at so we can take a closer look. Thank you!

Re 2: Thank you for suggestion, we ar going to take a look at it.

Re 3: Thank you for suggestion!

Best, Cohhe

I am just starting to look around…..I want to create a fundraising portal. There will be six people each raising $3000. And/or the group can raise $18,000. My question….on your donate now buttons, is there a way so that those links on the buttons can be customized per person and the group or is it PayPal only. The event the group is participating already has it’s own required portals for donations but the group wants to channel the donations through their own personalized website. Probably no way for the “meter” to track the donations automatically if they go to an outside link but can the “meter” be manually adjusted to reflect the current donations?

Hey there,

meter by default changes automatically but you can also change it manually. Just in case if you receive offline donations.

Unfortunately donation button itself can’t be linked to external website, but with little customization in code you could do that.

Best, Cohhe


cirith Purchased

I would greatly appreciate your reply to my short pre-sales questions.

1. Can I remove donation-related elements from causes? And replace them with a custom button (e.g. “volunteer” or “join”).

2. Can I use the titled slider to point to pages (instead of causes or posts)?

3. Can I install any widget (e.g. custom menu) and add it to the side bar?

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi there, sure, below are my answers:

Re 1: you can translate the button without any problems but you can’t remove them without customizing theme itself.

Re 2: Yes. In tiled slider you can use Staff, Posts, Pages or Causes.

Re 3: Yes you can add any widget in sidebars, we haven’t added any limitations to widgets.

Best, Cohhe