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I want to copy the layout of betalist.com

1 + A search box available on the nav bar

2 + starting from the top, can your theme allow me to put a horizontal text bar like beta and says some kind of tagline like in their example, “Discover tomorrow’s startups…”

3 + I want to also insert a post section of any category (featured, sponsored, etc. ) that has “4 columns” and “2 rows” of posts just like betalist.com

4 + The front page to display 1 column blog, with images to the left, and excerpts to the right, just like betalist.com, after the “featured” section of posts 4a + front page post images can have sliders + same slider for single posts, like this http://themes.kadencethemes.com/pinnacle/our-blog/

5 + infinite scroll / “load more” OR pagination on the home page? which do you recommend ?

6 + pagination button designed like betalist.com’s, “next” button at the bottom of home page

7 + a “read more” button under each excerpt on the home page, like betalist.com’s

8 + have social post shares under the excerpts for posts on the home page, like this = http://i.imgur.com/0uqjzrH.png

9 + After clicking on Read More, on any post of home page, have social share buttons underneath each single image or above the image , as well as at the end of the text to share the post like this

10 + After clicking on Read More, on any post of home page, scroll to the bottom, can I have 3 or more custom buttons like this : http://betalist.com/startups/dinneract

11 + a “subscribe to newsletter ” bar on the very top of every page, like “hello bar” as well as on the sides, footer, and anywhere in between the content. Betalist.com’s front page has is sandwhiched between posts as a horizontal bar

12 + newsletter opt in = “subscribe to newsletter” collect emails inside of admin area, without requiring third parties like “mailchimp, etc.” and allows me to export to CSV?

13 + can I put the “Share / Follow ” icons TOP and BELOW the home page at same time?

14 + Need hearts/ likes feature for each post?

15 + put “popular posts” “based on” heart likes either on the side bar or at bottom of each post or in both places.

16 + related posts like layout like this with a slider show for each post page (like this http://theme-fusion.com/avada/praesent-et-urna-turpis-sadips/ , ,

17 + I need a responsive menu like this:

http://www.awesem.co.uk/, but also add search bar before the “home”, and Social Icons on the Bottom

for these features, refer to this site:


18 + member sign in

19 + save button , when clicked asks for “member log in, or register new account”

20 + if price decreases, automatically alerts the member via email, notifies me that this has been done.

21 + has a price range slider on the nav bar

22 + has “my wish list” on the nav bar

23 + “buy now” for each product, button linked to specific external site, for each individual product

24 + remove “add to cart” button and functionality

25 + list all products in a 1, 2 , 3, or 4 columns on the front page, with pagination or “load more” buttons

26 + 2 , 3, or 4 column grid posts, with each product, has text underneath image, just like http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com

27 + SEO friendly, title tags, meta description for each post/page/post type,

28 + must pass google speed load tests, and responsive layout tests

29 + ads anywhere on the right side bar or in between content or at the top, with an ads management system


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