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Update Incoming

There will be quite a few changes and improvements available soon, here’s a list of them:
- Fixed: Prevent horizontal scroll bar from appearing on narrow screen sizes
- Fixed: Layout breaking when there are less than five events showing on the homepage
- Fixed: Sub page header images are now handled via the Theme Options due to a conflict (URLs weren't saving)
- Improvement: Event dates now use the date format specified under Settings > General
- Improvement: Events are now ordered by event date instead of post date
- Improvement: IMG tags now allowed in the "About Us" fields
- Improvement: Mobile menu retracts after clicking menu links
- Improvement: Google Fonts updated
- Added: More options in the Theme Settings to change the text on certain labels
The update has been submitted. All current buyers should be notified by email.

Cheers :)


Update is now live :)