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hi guys…can the artist section be removed from this template? Thanks


GREAT!! As my client is a small based “covers band” and we don’t require this section. Thanks – Ok I’m new to Wordpress & determined to get to grips with this, as I am gonna be using Wordpress & themes for all my clients going forward – Is this theme easy to get to grips with & offer good support if i need it? If yes then I’m ready to “Purchase” Thanks for your speedy reply ;) Gaz


If you’re new to WordPress, I would suggets lerning the basics. Here’s a good place to start:


The theme itself is easy to work with and I’m always available for support. Though customizations will cost extra :)



oh..ok thanks for the link I will take a look and definitely get back to you ASAP…thanks _ I can clearly see you are 100% top support ;)

Hi SubA! I love this theme and am looking to purchase. I have two quick questions (for now at least)... Can the animated “plus” be replaced with a custom PNG? I was digging through the code and it was not readily apparent to me.

Also, is this theme search engine optimized or do you recommend I get an additional plug in? Also hoping the HTML5 markup allows for the enhanced results display in Google.

Thank you!


Perfect! And yes – the hover effect is that to which I refer. Would the code change be exhaustive? Not a deal breaker but I have okay coding skillz (yes, with a ‘Z’) and don’t want to risk breaking functionality for something that is more pretty than anything.

Thank you for the reply!


Sure, I don’t think it would be difficult, I can certainly point you to the code and give assistance :)



That would be awesome! I will take you up on that in the support forum when I get to it! Thank you!

dreamteam Purchased

Currently I uploaded 15 pictures to the gallery two times now. Somehow they keep deleting randomly when I update other sections of the theme options.


Hi dreamteam,

Can you provide me with login details so I can investigate further? Please contact me via my profile page.


Hi, really great theme there! I have a problem to allow

, tags in my about me section to make it look better. Could you explain me how to modify the about-us.section.php to make it possible? (i have not so much informatic knowledge… thanks !


Hi jazzykrusty,

Glad you are enjoying the theme :)

Open “section-about.php” with a text editor and find the part of the code that starts with $allowed_html, and replace it with this:

$allowed_html = array(

    'a'     => array( 

        'href'         => array(),
        'title'        => array(),
        'target'     => array(),
        'class'        => array()


    'p'            => array( 'class' => array() ),
    'br'        => array(),
    'strong'     => array(),
    'em'         => array(),
    'mark'        => array(),
    'img'        => array(

        'src'        => array(),
        'alt'        => array(),
        'class'        => array()



Basically I’ve added the “p” and “br” tags to be allowed, but you can define anything you need in here. This is done for security reasons.



Thanks for your quickness and efficiency! All is working perfectly!

Hey ! Nice theme !

I just wondering if you could tell me what are the best plugin to manage translation with your theme.

Thx !



Hi Algorithmes,

Po-edit is the most common way of translating themes and plugins in WordPress. You can get it from here: