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Hello, I really need some help!

We need to change (translate) the month on the event single page. I looked for it in every place i could think, with no success.

here is our site:

Could you help?


You should be able to change this in your WordPress settings page. Go to Settings -> General. Try setting the Site Language to the one you need too.

Let me know if this helps.


Hey, thanks for aswer.

I took a look on this setting and it is already on the Portuguese option, which is the language i wish the months would be but they´re not.

Any other thing i could try here? Thanks a lot.


The theme gets the date format from your theme options, so it should be displaying in your language too. What language is the Date Picker in your event options?

If you would like to email me some login info, I’d be happy to take a look. Please contact me through my profile page.


Hi there! First of all, I love the theme.

Just one problem: for the homepage, I can only choose between a static page or my last blog posts. I can’t use the sections that are used in the live demo, even though that’s obviously how the theme was meant to be used. Can’t find anything in the options menu…

Help would be appreciated!


Glad you’re enjoying the theme!

When you create a new page, use the page template “One Page” in the Page Attributes field. Then set this page as your front page.

Let me know if that makes sense.


Hi, I have the following question about Events.

I have made several events, but I only want to show 1 event on the main page and then with the button, “show all events” > go to another page where you can find all other events. Now my main page, show all my events.

I cannot find where to edit or adjust this.

Hopefully you can help, thank you in advance.

Best regards, Lucienne

Hi Lucienne,

This will require a small adjustment to the section-events.php file. Follow these steps…

  1. Go to Appearance -> Editor
  2. Select the section-events.php file to edit
  3. Change the value for posts_per_page to 1. It should look like this
    'posts_per_page' => 1,
  4. Save the file

That should be all you need. Let me know how it goes.


Thanx for you’re speedy respons. It worked, thank you

Hi, I recently noticed when adding our URL to a facebook post it grabs a random image and text from the site. Is there a way to control that? I found this site with a description.



Well, according to that article, Facebook looks for the meta tag description. This can be added and configured in the header.php file if you need it. Same for the link to the image.


That worked. Thanks!!


How can I get all the events on the events page aligned?


For best results, make sure your thumbnails for the events are the same size. But if you can’t do this and you need to align the events in a grid, then try adding this CSS:

.event-archive .grid-33:nth-of-type(4) { 
  clear: left;

That should clear any floated elements after each row. Let me know if this helps.


yes! It worked. Thank you!


Glad I could help :)

My friend and I are probably purchasing your Roadrunner’s template for our website.

Is it possible to add a Mixcloud widget in the menu? This is more important than Soundcloud for us. So if possible, we would like to use Mixcloud in stead of Soundcloud on your template.

Also a newsletter option would be interesting but is that possible?

Do you offer premium support to help out with any problems? This is also very important to us.

Looking forward to your reply.

Friendly regards,


Hi Teenie,

WordPress supports the embedding of Mixcloud, so you should be able to use that instead of SoundCloud. If Mixcloud have their own widgets, you should be able to use them in the sidebar too.

There is no newsletter option for the one-page layout, but there are plugins available that will allow them in the sidebar.

I offer general free support (for now), but if you require any customizations, I charge on a per hour basis.

Thanks! - Dan.

Hi Dan,

Thank you very much for your speedy reply! We were choosing between 2 templates but will now go definitely for the Roadrunners. So you’ll hear from us very soon!

Thanks and have a nice day! – Teenie

Great :)


Hi, I have a problem with the background image of my site Here you can see better what I mean I want the image is not cut by the open triangle . I hope you understand Thanks


I replied to your email. Please check your inbox!


Hi, where I can set the default header text of the section events such as colors and sizes to “view all events” ? Thanks


In order to help you, please provide your purchase ID, or login with the account that you purchased the theme with. The purchase ID can be found in your “Downloads” tab.


I don’t understand where I find the data you request me. In wordpress ? In envatomarket my account ?


You can find the purchase ID by going to your “Downloads” tab in your Themeforest account.


Hi, in the section Events , going to ” see more events ” would distinguish the colors of the event date and detail From where I can change ? Thanks

or to separate one event from another to differentiate

It recommends having a size of 1920×1280 for Main Header Background Image. I have an image of 1925×540 How I can do?


You can resize your image using almost any image editing software, such as Photoshop.


Hello. I can’t get the main header image to appear. I don’t know what i am doing wrong. I tried to upload it in main header background image in the theme options panel but after saving it doesn’t appear. Tried to do it through appearance and header image but also, nothing.

The same goes with the logo.

Please help :)


Are the other options saving okay, or is it just these two items?

Are you using any caching plugin? Try clearing your browsers cache and reload the page.

If you still have problems, please send me WordPress access to your site so I can take a closer look.



Quinly Purchased

Guys, does somebody know how to change the dollar sign in the event section? I want to change this into a € sign for our events.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi Quinly,

Please download the latest version of the theme, this was added in a recent update.

Go to your Downloads tab in your Themeforest account to get the latest version.



angnaybr Purchased


I’ve purchased RoadRunners theme for our music management company operated in Turkey Istanbul.

I’ve installed theme and you can see the progress in

So far, I have questions and appreciate if you can help. As a note, I don’t have any knowledge about coding or html so if possible, please reply me as simple as you can :)

1 – As you can see from the website mainly I used white backgrounds. As for home page, my taglines are not visible bcs they re white. Is it possible to change the color of taglines?

2 – How is it possible to add additonal pages into one page template, bcs i need to add maybe one more gallery, testimonial page, artist page and 1 more custom to first page.

Thanks for the support.


Unfortunately, I still have no email from you (checked my spam folder too).

You can try and contact me directly at subatomicdan[at]gmail[dot]com



angnaybr Purchased

Hi Dan did you get my e-mail ?


Unfortunately no. If you go to my profile page, there’s a small form on the right you can use.

Maybe you have an anti-virus program blocking your emails? Check your firewall settings too.

Failing that, try a different email account, like Gmail or Hotmail.



I have made a website with your theme: It doesn’t show well on a mobile device.

Do we have to change the setting somewehre for telephone and Ipad? Thanx for advice.

greetings, Lucienne

Hi Lucienne,

Are you using any plugins that might be affecting layout? If so, try deactivating them and see if that helps. Also, can you be more specific with what isn’t working? The theme is designed to be responsive on all devices.


Hello I have a question I am very pleased with the theme only i am still fighting with the menu.

If i click view all events and view all the site keeps going back to the homepage. I want the view all events section to link to the event archive and the view all artists to link to the artist archive.

I think i am doing something wrong in the menu structure but I can’t seem to figure out where

I also would like to know how i can add our logo in the menu on the top left side.

Thank you in advance!


If you are referring to the buttons in those sections, you can edit the URL of these in the theme options panel under the relevant section. Simply copy and paste the URL of your archives pages in those fields.

Again, you can also upload logos for your subpages in the theme options panel.


Hi My friend! I am purchase your Roadrunner’s template for our website and i need to know how to Add new section for exemple: CUSTOM in home… I need more 1 custom.

Its possible?


It is only possible to have one custom section in this theme, as this is managed by the page’s post. All other sections are managed in the theme options.



punx1978 Purchased

How I can add additional taglines on the Homepage Settings, what are the pages i need to modify so i can add it.



There are two main files you will need to edit for this. First is the header.php. You will find instances of $roadrunners_tagline_XX where XX is the tagline number. Second is the functions.options.php file, which is found in the “admin > functions” folder. Again, you can search for the above variable and make duplicates where needed.


Hi. I have purchased this theme a few months back and love it. I just need help with a few little touches.

I know that my account won’t come up as I’ve purchased your product but a friend of mine put the site together for me and i paid the fee for the theme. I’m now the admin for the site.

1. Can i change the photo thats used above artists, events and posts? Currently we are using the preset one (the sepia effect microphone picture) we would like to change this to the same photo but the colour version (which we’ve purchased)

2. When you click on artists (within the blog section) all the thumbnails for the artists get grouped together in a really disorganised order. can i tidy these up?

3. When i view the site on my Macbook pro all the header text on the main page is all grouped together in a messy manner. In places the text even overlays. This doesn’t happen on a windows computer or mobile devices. Can this be fixed?

I’m a newbie to all this so be fragile with me on your response. I know that when my friend was putting the site together he gave you the logon details for the site and you re organised it so it fits and looks better on mobile devices. I would be happy to do that again if you think that would be easier?

Many thanks, Samuel Wall

Hi Samuel,

Please send me your purchase ID, I need this in order to help you further. If you log into the account you purchased with, you can get it from your “Downloads” tab in your Themeforest account.

Also, which version of the theme are you using? Many of the issues you mentioned were fixed in the latest version, which is currently 1.2.1


Thank you for your reply. I’m not sure which version I’m on. Can i get an email address to send the purchase i.d and logon details too please? Thanks again, Sam.

Hi Sam,

You can find out which version you are using by going to Appearance -> Themes and clicking on the theme details (it should display next to the name RoadRunners).

If you’d like to contact me directly, please use the form on my Profile Page.



seoupmu Purchased

Good morning,

First of all I thank you for your quality work.

I am writing to you because I am facing a particular issue.

I used your template for a music festival, and several artists are present on the same day.

In the events section of the template you can put the same day, but you have no way to play on the positioning of artists.

Both on the index page on the /? = Post_type rr_events, yet I tried to change the dates of publication.

Do you have an idea for me to take control of this positioning?

I thank you in advance for your answer.


If you need to have more control over the order of the events. Try following these steps:

  1. Go to Appearance -> Editor
  2. Edit the file named section-events.php
  3. Change line 68 from this:
    'orderby' => 'meta_value_num',
    To this:
    'orderby' => 'menu_order',
  4. Click on Update File

Now you will need to edit each event and change the “Order” value found under the Page Attributes meta box.

Let me know if you have any problems.



seoupmu Purchased


Your advice works perfectly


Great :)