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Anyone have any idea how to change the width of the sidebar? By default it’s set to 1/3 – but I’d like it to make it 1/4.

We just purchased your theme and we like it a lot. To activate Screet do we need anything other than the license from this theme? I put it in and it says invalid licence. thanks for any help you can give.


Template works only after activation or license is required for the upgrade?

Trying to import theme option settings (themeoptions.json) into cusomisations/global/backup?/import – and get the message “Seems like you’ve chosen the wrong file. Please try again?

Any ideas?

No support for this any more? Sent email to you and no reply!

Wow, an update!

But still no support :(

SimonT Purchased

Worked great until WP4.01 was installed now the theme has a few issues that need sorting. Can’t downgrade to WP4.0 because of the security issues that the upgrade fixes so I hope the author resolves this quickly.

This theme and its shortcodes have a few important issues with the current version of WordPress (4.1)

Hello, I am interested in this template.

There is a real working example of this template with live chat running that I may see?

Can you turn the responsiveness off on this theme?

I don’t know if anyone can answer that seeing as this page may not be getting answered.