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Hi Rifkin :) We have been unable to figure out how to integrate a video in amongst 2 other slides on the front page at http://5starmax.com we would like a layer in front of (before) the video & one more after the video, in the edit slide area we have tried to add the video as a layer & again in the video ID area but the video only shows up when it’s added to the video ID area, if we take it off the video ID area & place it in the video layer area it does not show up, we have also tried to add image layers & they show up over the top of the video, we have also tried to put a background image in the edit slider area under appearance which isn’t working for us either – we are obviously missing something we need to do to accomplish the above – your assistance would be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you so very much for your kind & speedy reply . . . Linda Lou

The Twitter shotcode/widget of this theme doesn´t work!!

Hi Ciokas,

Yes Twitter API v.1 has been deprecated but you can use this great plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/recent-tweets-widget/


Hello, the excerpt is not working in the blog? It’s displaying the whole post?

Hi designerlab_dk,

Thanks for purchasing my theme, you can insert “read more” link by clicking on more tag button on your post toolbar (http://shot.rifki.net/0018.png) or by pressing ALT + Shift + T from your keyboard.


Brilliant thank you!

Twitter widget/shortcode has died…

API issues?

Hi showcasesoftware,

Yes Twitter API v.1 has been deprecated but you can use this great plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/recent-tweets-widget/


This is the second time I have purchased this theme, and on both sites, the navigation menu does not look like the navigation displayed on the theme’s demo page.

On the demo, the top of the dropdown menus begin in the white header. In the 2 themes that I have purchased, the dropdown menus are moved down underneath the white header. How to I get the theme’s navigation to look like how it does in the demo on themeforest?


Hi spyderbytemedia,

Thank you so much for purchasing my theme, in the newest version I reduce the distance space between parents and submenus as requested by some buyers.

So if you want to make your both site’s navigation looks like the demo you have to download the newest version of the theme.


Having issues with the navigation, wont display the subheading under the page title on the menu. Any Ideas? Thanks.

Hi Jacob,

See this image: http://shot.rifki.net/0003.png


rifki, Why you are ignoring all my messages & email letters ??

Hello, great theme, thank you!

Is there a feature to add the social media icons in the header (somewhere above the menu, top right) instead of just in the footer?

A lot of themes have this ability, so I was thinking I might have missed something.

This theme is an absolute joy to work with. Well done!... 5 stars.

Hi Luke,

Many thanks for your feedback really appreciated!


I need to know how to stop the blog page from showing the full content of each post? http://www.lukerickardsosteopath.net/blog/ I just want a teaser and read more link, as on the demo.

Hi –

Putting the final touches on a Robust WordPress website, and I have one question. I would like to use a typeface outside of the list provided in the theme. I included code in the Custom CSS area in administration:

@font-face {
    font-family: 'TheanoDidotRegular';
    src: url('http://XXXX.com/fonts/TheanoDidot-Regular-webfont.eot');
    src: url('http://XXXX.com/fonts/TheanoDidot-Regular-webfont.eot?#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
         url('http://XXXX.com/fonts/TheanoDidot-Regular-webfont.woff') format('woff'),
         url('http://XXXX.com/fonts/TheanoDidot-Regular-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'),
         url('http://XXXX.com/fonts/TheanoDidot-Regular-webfont.svg#TheanoDidotRegular') format('svg');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;

    font-family: "TheanoDidotRegular", Times, serif;
      letter-spacing: 0;

I know the code is running through the header tags (I made it show in red…), but the typeface isn’t changed. I even tried adding the @font-face directly into the theme’s CSS.

Any ideas on how I can include a custom typeface?

Thank you.

Hi truefocus,

You have to add you custom font to the font selection list, you can go by editing robust/framework/includes/fonts.php ad this code to the line 52:

,'"TheanoDidotRegular", Times, serif' => 'Theano Didot'

Then select that font as Heading Fonts on the Typography tab of Fresh Panel


It’s still not working – do you have documentation (start to finish) on how to add a custom typeface. It would appear I’ve missed something else.


How to make scrolling in client box ? . I need ad more client name in client box .

Hi Ajit,

You can try to use this jQuery plugin to create a scrolling client box: http://sorgalla.com/projects/jcarousel/



Can you make shortcodes like qtranslate plugin and twitget shortcode to work in de module ? IS this difficult ?

Thanks Wim

Hi wimothy,

I’ve replied to your e-mail.


rifiki, I’ve been trying to reach you via email and alredy posted here, but no reply. please respond to my question:

i’m trying to put an external link (target _blank) on a Callout box button. Can’t figure out how to get it open in a new window. can you help?

thanks a lot!

and another question: how about adding the new fontawesome fonts?

I have been unable to save changes on the Fresh Panel – an error that others appear to have encountered. I contacted rifki who responded within a couple of days and requested WordPress access to investigate. I set this up immediately and replied with the details. This was over a week ago and, like others, I have not heard anything despite repeated requests. I have now requested a refund.

A good looking theme but not not much use if you can’t get it to work!

Buyers beware!

Absolutely agree with loanhouse2 above. I bought this theme and have the same problems with Fresh Panel not saving any changes. I have tried this theme on three different dedicated servers. THIS THEME DOES NOT WORK.

I sent a note to themeforest for a refund and was ignored. Seriously this theme is worthless. What the heck happened to this place.


Hi, We have received feedback that our site isn’t loading properly, they have IE8 installed. The top bar’s content is squashed together and the linkedin / twitter icons don’t appear as they should. A similar problem occurs with the 4 image boxes between below the slider panels, one box sits to the bottom left of the other three. This has been seen on a few laptops, with smaller screens. Please can you investigate why this maybe happening? Thanks for your help.

Can you please add a social icon/link for YouTube?

Hi Linda,

Create a temporary admin user for me then I’ll add a youtube icon on your social icons.


Hi rifki, thanks for your template. I installed it on my site, but at the top of any administration page appears 2 area with the request of “connection informations”... why it happens?

how can i remove it?

Thanks in advanced, best regards.

Yes, i can install other plugins or themes from wordpress panel. I tried to disable your theme and reactivate the standard theme and the problem disappear… i can’t understand where the problem is :(

Hi 045WEB,

Can you provide me a temporarry access as admin to your site dashboard?


Email sent.. thanks!

Hi there, I have recently upgraded to the latest wordpress version (before configuring slider) and now my slider does not work. The preview does not show any images, neither does the homepage.

Yo Yo, this theme rocks!

I know you can have different categories for the portfolios, but is there a way to only display specific portfolio categories on specific pages?

So for example I would want one portfolio page displaying 3 categories and then on a different page I would need 3 completely different categories displaying.

Thanks heaps!!