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can you provide the theme in HTML formats ??

Hi quickinnovations,

No plans to release HTML version but I would consider if a lot of requests, so far you are the second person who ask for HTML version.


Does this theme have different color options?

full size is what i selected. original logo is 367px x 192px, but it keeps showing up as 225px x 118px.

any other ideas?

Hi petenam,

Since the logo holder width is 225px so the image will be streched, you can change the grid size by replace <div id="logo" class="grid one-fourth"> with <div id="logo" class="grid two-fifth"> on the line 47 in header.php. Also change the menu holder grid size on the line 58 with <div class="grid three-fifth">.

Good Luck!

changing to two-sixth and four-sixth fixed it perfectly. thanks!


How do I import the slider settings?

Hi rifiki, thanks for the swift reply.

How do I disable the prompt for asking me to install plugins as I don’t intend to use the screets chat plugin.

I have enabled user registration to public and the public is able to see the prompt which I don’t think is very nice to the public.

Kindly advice on this. Thank you!

Hi Zanois,

Simply click “dismiss this notice” or add a comment to the line 48 in function.php, actually only user with administrator role who can see that notice.



My user is at “Subscriber” role level. But as a subscriber, I am still able to see the install plugin message. Maybe you would like to fix that issue?

Anyway, I have comment line 48 in functions.php.

Thanks for the help.


How can I set the slider to display. There’s no theme.html. I only want to see it on the home page.


Hi nightsite,

Thank you for purchasing ;)

When you create/edit page, check “Enable Slider” option in Custom Page Settings metabox.

Go to reading settings and set front page displays to a static pages then select the page that has slider enabled for “Front Page”.


Thank you… You made my day!

Glad I can help, don’t forget to rate mate!

Cheers! ;)

Great practical clean theme. Also wanted to say thanks responding to our inquiry so quickly. I rated it and gave it 5 stars:)

Hi superfly1,

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! ;)


Great Theme. I am having trouble with the slider. I would like the slider to full width from edge to edge of the screen, but no matter what I use for the settings, I cannot achieve this look, like in the demo. I even matched my settings to other WP sites I created with the rev slider and still no luck. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick response! So changing the padding did not help me. Here is exactly what I am experiencing:

If I have my slider settings like this:

responsive w: 2000 h: 378

End result(shifts everything to the right)

Screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/LMS5anenJx

If I have my settings like this

full width W: 2000 H:378

End result(scrunches everything to be smaller)

Screenshot http://screencast.com/t/aaBbJtVc


OK I think I have it working now. The problem was I was using the slider as a shortcode in the page. I am now enabling the slider within the page and I am getting the look that I need, thanks.

Hi spyderbytemedia,

Cool! Glad yo got it works.. ;)



Just bought this theme for a friend. But how can i remove support and store from the admin panel?

I want this theme to look like a custom theme made for my friend’s site.

Hi AkiraKonami,

Remove line 240-243 in /framework/admin.php


Do you include Layered PSD?

Hi Oliblaton,

Unfortunately no PSD included.

Thank you for your interest! ;)


Rifki, I’ve been playing with this theme. I bought 7 themes from here but this one is the best so far. Great options.

- How can i change the green color to something else: In the header when you hoover and in the widgets and in the blog’s title when you hoover.

- Does this theme have notification of update? How can i disable that?

- Do you see “Fresh Panel” I was wondering if I am allowed to replace it? and if so how can i do it?

Overall, nice theme. Very clean and elegant!

It worked great :D But for fresh Panel. I mean how can i replace “Fresh panel” and change the text to something else :)?

Hi AkiraKonami,

Do you means the text on the dashboard & admin bar menu? if so you can change the text by replacing line 132, 133 & 161 in admin.php.


Yes OK thanks a lot :D Is there something else I should replace? I don’t want my friend to know I bought this theme from here otherwise he’d kill me haha :P

Hi, For some reason the sidebar widgets only show up on the main blog page, not the individual post pages. Am I missing something? I don’t have to create a custom sidebar & chose it each time I post a new article do I?


Hi MacLovr,

Thanks for purchasing my theme ;)

I feel it strange with what happens to you. By default the theme will display the predefined sidebar. Can you give me a link? please send it through my profile page.


Rifky, I did a mistake I think.

In the slider, there’s captions. I couldn’t editt the captions.css so I clicked on restore default, but now I have the original css file from the slider and not you css file. How can i get captions.css file that you made for this theme?


Don’t worry – I got it from your demo haha ;)

Hi AkiraKonami,

Actually you can get it from the revslider.zip in robust/functions/plugins folder. Just extract the file and find the captions.css in rs-plugin/css folder.


Very happy with the template, just wanted to let you know :)

Hi fxground,

Glad you happy with this theme, Cheers! ;)

I love this theme! Very easy to use and it looks great!

Anyway to make the prettyPhoto lightbox work on header links, page-title links, or links placed in the page content area? For some reason it won’t even load the lightbox or anything. I’m kind of stumped. Any help?


Hi r5forlife,

Glad you love the theme ;)

You only have to add .prettyPhoto class, it should be automatically load the lightbox if the link pointed to an image url.


Ah thanks you so much, you’re really helps.. ;)

I am interested in this template. Got a demo where I can try the “page builder” before buying it?

Hi linksbreaker,

Apparently I can’t provide page builder demo, but you can see the screenshots here.


Great job! Did you included any PSD files? Also what font did you use for the logo?


Hi catdi,

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Unfortunately PSD not included, I’m using Source Sans Pro for the logo.


Diddo, I am interested in this theme as well and have a few questions.

1. Can you show a demo of the page builder?

2. is this theme, or will this theme work with Woocommerce?

Cheers - Mike

Hi Zenji,

Thanks for your interest! ;)

1. You can see the screenshot here, no video demo so far.

2. No WooCommerce support, maybe next release.


excellent, thanks for the reply. :) cheers

For some reason my Title Attributes are not showing up? Do I have to toggle them on? http://www.cceesandiego.org/new

By the way, it is a great theme! Love how well it is working.

Hi danmcdowell,

Glad you love it ;)

What Title Attributes are you talking about? Please be more specific.


The short descriptions under each link in the main menu at the top.

Hey Rifki,

Quick questions

1) On the portfolio pages there is the option to have everything “centered” so you can put text below the images. Can the size of the images be changed to be smaller? They seem to be quite large and not sure if this would effect any upgrades down the road and if that would mean redoing these changes to the size.

2) The portfolio pages with the columns, can the text automatically fill in under the image/video?

Hi Chris,

Continuing our discussion on the chat how about this https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/tpVL5H4LI9GwQDXYTTMFDcR9UZ4d2yqaIOXtsF_OJb8


If you and others agree with that concept, I will do on upcoming releases. ;)