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You guys have done an ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING job with this theme. It looks amazing (drool) and it has everything you would need in a theme. Perfectly done!

Hi cyberlance,

Thanks for purchasing and glad you love it ;)

Cheers ;)

how come there is notihing about the page builder on your demosite, now we can’t see hoe it works.



Hi dejatobin,

I’m don’t have screen cast of my page builder yet, but you can see the screenshot here http://themeforest.net/theme_previews/4176764-robust-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme?index=5

Thanks for your interest ;)


rifki – awesome job on the template. Very slick design with ease of function. A quick question, if I want to change the default colors for hyperlinks on the main content areas – where would I find it in the CSS file without disturbing the header, and other menus. Essentially, I only want to change hyperlinks and hovers for page or post content.

Hi csarras,

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Simply put .entry-content a{color: #XXX} .entry-content a:hover{color: #XXX} on your theme options Custom CSS field.


Thanks. To expand on it, I am using the Column option in page builder and while I have included the code above in the custom css, it is still showing the default colour scheme. Would it be different for page builder?

Hi czarras,

You can try with this : .hentry a{color:#xxx} but I’m afraid that will affected to whole links on your page.

Or you can try to wrap your column content with <div class="mycustomcontent"></div> then put .mycustomcontent a{color:#xxx} to Custom CSS field.


dear rifki, thanx for the great template, everything works great!!! I have just one problem with iphone/mobile compatibility. When i look on your robust template under themeforest page, i see your hole page on iphone and the width (980px) fills the iphone width( you cant scrool horizontal, thats what i need). On my Page i see just a part of my hole Website, for example i must scroll horizontal to reach the navigation. I don’t want an responsive page, so my responsive button in settings is off. What i did wrong? thanx for answers

Hi yasamiro,

Thanks for purchasing and for your kind words ;)

I’ll take a look on it and will inform you later, it’s works fine on my iPhone 3 & 4.


hey, everything is fine rifki, i found a solution!!! just deleted the line from Head.php <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1” /> and then a big and fat ohh yeaaazzzzzz!!!!:)) Iphone..Welcome!!! puhhh…

hey, something weird going on with my portfolio:


all show up on the “all filter” but not for any of the categories. And they are definitely set when I click on edit page… What’s going on?

Hi shiftsuite,

Please open yout template-portfolio-2.php, template-portfolio-3.php and template-portfolio-4.php and replace line 43 with :

<div class="portfolio-item grid one-fourth <?php if($terms) : foreach ($terms as $term) { echo  $term->slug . ' '; } endif; ?>">



i have a problem here where my color settings in your theme won’t be updated on the site. Are there some access rights that have to be set in the theme folder on the server?

I’m using wordpress 3.5.1 and changing colors on the supplied themes did work.

<-pls ignore my last comment. Problem solved!

Hi studio-fizbin

Glad you got it works ;)


This theme requires the following plugin: Revolution Slider.

I can’t install this plugin . Could you please help me to fix this problem ?

Hi Supingjing,

It’s seems that you have the plugin installed but not activated yet, please activate the plugin in the plugins page.

Or you can install it manually, go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload and locate revslider.zip in robust/functions/plugins/ directory.


my sidebar only shows up on the main blog page not on the individual posts … any way I can make the sidebar show up on the individual blog posts as well? same problem as previous MacLovr comment. please help! :)

Hi r5forlife,

Yes it’s a small bug and I’ll fix it on next update. Before the new update released, you can fix it by replace all code in sidebar.php with:

if( is_single() ) {
    $post_sidebar = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'ft_post_sidebar', true) ? get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'ft_post_sidebar', true) : 'sidebar';
elseif( is_page() ) {
    $page_sidebar = get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'ft_page_sidebar', true) ? get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'ft_page_sidebar', true) : 'sidebar';
else {
    dynamic_sidebar( 'sidebar' );

Good luck ;)

How do you make that slick menu to the left of this page that shows all the sub pages? Can’t find how to do this anywhere.



Hi jonnysods,

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Create a page with “Side Navigation” page template, then create another pages also with “Side Navigation” page template but make them as child of your first page.


Hi there, thanks so much for this nice theme…

I was trying to set my Blog page, similar to what you have here: http://www.freshthemes.net/demo/robust/blog/

I tried it but not working exactly, could you please show how to do it?


Oops…i was just doing that but i thought there must be some setting inside the theme panel which i need to set…

Anyways, thanks for your quick reply.

Couple of more things…

1) Pointing to the issue raised by “r5forlife” the sidebar is not showing us on individual blog post, i even put the sidebar code you gave but not working, please take a look, it’s very important element of blog

2) How do i set different Icon List Type in the Parent & Child (nested) ul & li?


Update, the new sidebar code is working ok, thanks…

Great! Glad you got it works ;)

Hi there,

I tried to integrate WooCommerce but it’s not working properly….

1) Do you have any plan to make it work in future updates?

2) If not, in that case can you help us with it?

I am sure many other buyers may want to see the same…

Thanks in advance…

Hi malikmerchant,

Copy this code to your woocommerce.php: http://pastebin.com/ftxN1aR3


WOW, thanks so much rifki, thanks for your quick response.

The code works nicel, except a small issue…

Just under the logo, it shows Title “Blog” ( in the same block where you have Search Field) & right under that it shows another title “All Products”

How to have a custom title like Shop or Shopping Cart or anything like that instead of “Blog”??

Thanks a million, keep the great work up…

Hi, waiting for reply…thanks

Great theme! Can you tell me how to get rid of the Author, Category and Comment part below the Blog post title?

Hi j_arendall,

Remove line 28 – 42 from all files with “content-” prefix except content-portfolio.php in includes folder.


I want to keep the date. What part do i leave?

<?php if ( 'post' == get_post_type() ) : ?>
            __('Posted on %1$s by %2$s ', THEME_FX) , 
            get_the_time('F j, Y'),
        _e('in ', THEME_FX) . the_category(', ');
        _e(' with ', THEME_FX) . comments_popup_link( 'No comments', '1 comment', '% comments', 'comments-link', 'Comments Disabled' );
<?php endif; ?>

Hi j_arendall,

Here is the code if you want to keep the date:

<?php if ( 'post' == get_post_type() ) : ?>
        <?php _e('Posted on ', THEME_FX) . get_the_time('F j, Y'); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Another Question: How can i disable the Search Box in the header of a Page? I want to have the header – but without the search box. I hope you understand what i mean ;)

Hi studio-fzbin,

Please open page-title.php and remove line 82-84 then change “two-third” to full at line 75.


Using sidebar custom menu, I have the Main menu item, then several sub-pages, then sub-sub pages. When I place in the sidebar, i would like the sub-sub menu items to be indented. They are not. any help is appreciated.

Hello, icons of social networks and blog do not appear on my site: http://www.eilean.es/

Is there a correct pixel width or ratio for the featured image under Portfolio entries?

Hi j_arendall,

See the actual image size in content-portfolio.php line 3, default is ‘500×360’.


Hi, do you have a sql of your dummy demo? so we can “fill the blanks” :)

EDITED: nevermind i just found: Import Dummy Data in the docs! haha —RTFM of course.

Thanks LucT

Hallo Rifki,

is there an easy way to change inside of portfolio,in the Single-Project view, the appearance of uploaded Images. In Template you can see just one project-pic , first by klicking right or left you can see the rest of the project. Is it possible in simple way to show directly all uploaded Images in the same time, simply among each other, without the slider option. Thanx for your support….


Everything work great!!!!!!



How can i disable the search in the headerbar ?

Hi siteplan,

Please open page-title.php and remove line 82-84 then change “two-third” to full at line 75.