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Hi, could you please solve this issue which occurs after enabling the WooCommerce…

Just under the logo, it shows Title “Blog” ( in the same block where you have Search Field) & right under that it shows another title “All Products”

How to have a custom title like Shop or Shopping Cart or anything like that instead of “Blog”??

Thanks a million, keep the great work up…

Hi malikmerchat,

I can not help you further on this case, because it is outside of the built-in features and it’s falls on customization. I suggest you to hire a freelancer or wait until this theme support for woocommerce.

Thanks ;) Rifki

Ok, i shall wait till you update it with WooCommerce support.

By the way, i got it by my self, thanks for your help so far.

Great job, keep it up.

Hi malikmerchant,

No you shouldn’t since I’m don’t make a decision yet about this.

Cool, you’re rock!

Cheers! ;)

Is there anyway you can have the Twitter feed widget to display like you have on this theme of yours: http://themeforest.net/item/backbone-responsive-business-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/3047840

That looks really sharp with the icon and the date. thans

Hi j_arendall,

Open widget.js and go to line 231, replace return "<li>"</li> with return "<li class="icon-twitter>"> and do some changes with the stylesheet. Rifki</li>

ada info kontaknya ga? :)

ada info kontak ga, soalnya saya mau beli via pembayaran lokal

Oh.. Maaf mas saya ga bisa jual di sembarang tempat karena status saya adalah exclusive author, jadi pembelian harus dilakukan hanya di ThemeForest.

Terima kasih sudah berminat ;)


:( gak ada balance daku di pp. baiklah..

Hi; I had decided on pink rio from yithemes until I saw that yours allows for so many other video options (url shortcodes) amazing! So now I am deciding on yours over pink rio however, one of the gallery/portfolio options that pink rio offers is portfolio/gallery just showing videos, is this theme, robust capable of the same feature? Please let me know as soon as possible.

Peace & Blessings Linda Lou

This link says “web page unavailable” . . .

actually I need the videos to open up in lightbox when clicked on from the portfolio/video page . . . say I would create a 3 column portfolio with nothing but videos in a specific category, then when clicked on each video would opin up & play in lightbox right there on the same page . . .

Hi Rifki, I have another new client I am showing this theme to & still need an answer about videos opening up in a light box when clicked on from within a portfolio page, we don’t want visitors to be led to the page where the video is we need the visitors to be able to click on the video from the portfolio page & the video opens up to play when clicked on . . . thank you again for your kind replies . . . Linda Lou

Hi there, just wondering if there is any particular reason the demo for the theme is unavailable/doesn’t load?

Hi estojchevska,

I’m sorry for that, my host just having a problem with their data center, http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2013/03/19/power-disruption-affecting-us-west-data-center-irvine-ca/ so the demo site will be unavailable until they fix their server.


No problem, thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate it!

Hi Could you tell me how to get the latest blog posts displaying on the home page as on your live preview? I can’t see a widget for latest blog posts.

How do I get testimonials to fit the page width rather than half a page

Hi Paul,

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Please watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi9BpyJOWGk


Thanks. Are you able let me know about the form width and which module was used to show the Partners and Technology section on the home page?

Hi Paul,

It was using full width “Client Box” module as seen in the video demo.


Could you tell me which column widths options you’ve used to put the form and contact details on this page? http://themeforest.net/item/robust-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/4176764

Also, what was used to make the Partners and Technologies section at the bottom of this page:http://themeforest.net/item/robust-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/4176764

Thank you

cara kontak private untuk support dimana yah?

saya ingin menggunakan gambar dalam box warna abu2

[content_box color=”default”] code css [/content_box]

bagaimana syntaxnya pada bagian content_box dan css nya.. maaf newbie :D


amm,, setelah saya coba, ternyata berubah halaman muka dan adminnya menjadi ”/* * Robust Theme Custom CSS * * This file and all CSS code is created and generated automatically, if you found this file please don’t edit or add code here. */ “

Mas bisa buatkan saya akun sementata di situs mas agar saya bisa melihat apa yang terjadi.


sudah saya kirim emailnya

Hey rifki,

Your theme is working great so far for what I need. I’ve run into an issue with the Portfolio items though. For some reason once created, the pages won’t load, or at least i’m just getting a Error 404 page.

Site is linked below, and Portfolio Items are in the Recent Work tab http://lqdled.com

What am I doing wrong?

Please help, Thank You!

Hi Steve,

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Try to re-save your permalink settings ;)


haha so simple. Thank you for the fast response!

You’re welcome ;)

Hello again,

thank you for your great support – i really appreciate that :)

I have just another little question – how do you add the buttons created by your theme to a slide in a revolution slider?


Hi studio-fizbin,

Simply put <a class="button" href="#">Label</a> in the layer text field ;)


Logo’s font? Thanks!

Hi mikealonso,

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Source Sans Pro


Hi Rifki, i bought your Robust theme but im not install completely..

For example :

I could not contact page. I can not find the icons on the right. ( phone, fax, mail ) I could not figure out the homepage widgets.

Please help me Rifki :(

Hi turandegerli,

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Did you import the dummy data? please read the theme documentation for more information how to install etc.


Hi Rifki I could not contact page. I can not find the icons on the right. ( phone, fax, mail.

Hi turandegerli,

Here is the code, and put to your post editor or page builder elements.

[list icon="map-marker"]Address[/list]
[list icon="phone"]Phone number[/list]
[list icon="print"]Fax[/list]


I’m having problems when I try to import Robus.xml, Why?

Failed to import Objeto “Morning Dew with Bokeh” Failed to import Objeto “Dark Angel 2” Failed to import Objeto “Dark Angle 1” ...

Hi mikelalonso,

Images shouldn’t to be imported, you’ve to purchase those images from Photodune.net if you wish to use them.


Hi was trying to update to version 1.1 and its seems to break. This is what I got: Fatal error: Call to undefined function freshthemes_typography_get_google_fonts() in /home/recq/public_html/wp-content/themes/robust/functions/theme-functions.php on line 184

What is the correct way to update?


Hi tusing,

Make sure you have this code at line 39 of functions.php:

require_once( 'framework/includes/fonts.php' );


When using the columns shortcode, the gutter is not working. Not matter what number I put there it is staying the same. Any thoughts?

Hi pro2pronetwork,

It’s should be 20 or 30 see the example: http://wp.rifki.net/themes/robust/contact/


Hi there,

I’ve been looking all around, where can we add the sub menu. The description right below the menu. E.g CONTACT and right below it ‘get in touch’


Hi tusing,

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Please read the documentation.


boss emailnya daku tlg dijawab :( Thanks

Hi spider_light,

Maaf belum sempat check email, akan segera dijawab!


Does anyone know how to customize the sidebar navigation template? If we create a new one it doesn’t show up in the widgets area. But it appears in custom metaboxes.

Glad you got it works! Don’t forget to spend your one sec to rate the theme ;)


will do :)

Thanks a trilion :D

nice day, as I can customize a sidebar that I have made??, I see no option in the widgets area

Thank you for the theme. I am unable to save any changes made to the content in the page builder modules. And, when I create a new page with new modules, they aren’t saving either. I’ve reinstalled the theme twice and still have the problem. Can you please let me know how to fix this?