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Hi there.

I have already created many sidebars (and set them to specific pages) but, I dont know how to put widgets on them… can you please help me?

Oops, sorry. Open theme-functions.php replace line 38-42 with:

$freshthemes_sidebars = ( ft_get_option('sidebars') ) ? ft_get_option('sidebars') : array();

Good luck! ;)

Thanks but, it doesn’t work… on line 38-42 of this page I have this code:

if ( function_exists( 'add_theme_support' ) ) {
add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

No the code to declare support for post thumbnail is at line 19-21, open with code editor such as notepad++ to know the actual line.

Here is the code that should be replaced:

$freshthemes_sidebars = get_option('freshthemes_sidebars');
if (!$freshthemes_sidebars) {
    $freshthemes_sidebars = array( 'active' => array() );
$freshthemes_sidebars = $freshthemes_sidebars['active'];


Activated the theme and the css isnt loading, ive tried chmod on the folders but that did not work.

Any suggestions?

Hi lornefade,

Did you extract the file and read the decumentation? I’m guessing that you’ve upload the whole file.


Yes I extracted the entire filed, uploaded the theme via ftp which didnt work for the css. I deleted everything via ftp and re-installed wordpress then uploaded the theme via wordpress in .zip form and it still is not working.

Hi lornefade,

Sorry for delayed reply, just spending my weekend!

Send me your admin credentials and I’ll help you to install the theme.



I noticed that IE9 doesnt seem to show video embeds. Otherwise, nice theme. I will very likely buy it.


I’m thinking of buying the theme, but I have a question first.

Is it possible to create 2nd level / multi level dropdown menu’s? I’m not seeiing any in the demo, but I will need this future.

Hi TheBird,

Absolutely yes, you can create 2n, 3rd, 4th and so on.

Thanks for your interest.


When i am trying to upload logo and saving it, the image URL disappeared and shows no file attach. Please do help on this

The Theme Option is not at saving any changes i am trying upload logo and make changes, trying upload favicon, trying to make it boxed layout, none none of them are working…..i am fed up trying from last 2 Hour….. :depressed:

Hello, first of all congrats on the great work and thanks for this solid theme.

I would like to ask you, how do I setup my menu to have the subtitles, as seen in the Demo? e.g. ‘Start from here’ for Home.

Thanks in advance, Philip

Great work and thanks for this solid theme. I was trying to figure out how to add content to the custom sidebars i added. they do not show up in the appearance / widgets area. how can i fix that?

Sorry. I fixed. I added this code like you said.

$freshthemes_sidebars = ( ft_get_option(‘sidebars’) ) ? ft_get_option(‘sidebars’) : array();

Hi davidsterphone,

Glad you make it works ;)


Just Purchased…

When I upload a logo and save it, the image URL disappears and the file attachment line goes blank. Seems to be broken across the admin.

The Theme Options currently does not save any changes. Uploading logos, favicons, admin changes and switching to boxed do not work.

Please help.

Hi Oliblanton,

Thanks for purchasing ;)

Could you please send me your admin credentials? Send it thru my profile page.


Quick Pre-Sale Question: I really like the design of this theme. Is the “contact us” tab at the bottom right able to be disabled or can the “We’re not here right now.” message be easily customized or changed? Thank you!

Hi stran27,

Yes, that’s a live chat plugin and has it’s own settings page. It will displaying a contact from when the operators are offline.


Stiil my Question problem not got solved from last 24 Hour :reallyevil: “The Theme Option is not at saving any changes i am trying upload logo and make changes, trying upload favicon, trying to make it boxed layout, none none of them are working…..i am fed up trying from last 2 Hour….. ” This is the most option which should work, if it is not working no need of keeping the theme. I am gone ask for the refund..in few hours if i didn’t got any reply !

Hi ganeshbehera,

Please to be patient, send me an admin access to your dashboard so I can find what’s the problem. I’m not a magician that can solve the problem without seeing and knowing what’s going on.


I am absolutely agree with you that you are not a magician, but this question i asked since last 21 hours, but none of you guys replied. Now you just replied…how so fast? Anyway, give me your email id so that i can send you admin login details

I have just sent you an email, do check

I noticed that this theme has the screets chat plugin v1.1 The latest version is 1.2.4, is it possible to get an update for this plugin and will it be compatible with the theme? Thanks!

(themeforest should really make a search function for the comments section, or am I overlooking something?)

Hi Toine21,

Yes just press the update link.

(discussed several time on forum but not sure if it will happen in near future)


Thank you for the quick reply, but where can I find this update link? Thanks!

Hi Toine21,

Go to Dashboard -> Updates and check for updates, but the update features is only available in version 1.2 so please update to version 1.2 which has been included in Robust version 1.0.1 named screets-chat.zip (robust/functions/plugins).


I sent a direct message but didn’t hear back about this: Does the pagebuilder support plugging in addition content types? We would like to extend the pagebuilder to integrate with our own custom post types and display them in our own formats.

Replied via email! ;)

How did you build your contact page as seen on the demo?

Is that a custom sidebar on that page? Also, I’ve created a custom sidebar, but it’s not showing in the widgets admin. Any idea why?

Hi gridsix,

Sorry for delayed reply, just spending my weekend!

No that’s a columns shortcodes, just create another wp installation and import the dummy data the see what’s in the contact page content.

Regarding the custom widget not showing on your widgets page please read my answer here http://themeforest.net/item/robust-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/discussion/4176764?page=6#comment_3600778.


Got the custom sidebar to show; thank you.

Now there is a white space at the top of the custom bar, approximately 120 pixels tall. Any idea why?

Also, how do I enter the text under the menu items?


I tried to upload the theme, but WP wouldn’t install it.

Nevermind… Got it!

Hi grsgroup,

Unpack the file first! ;)


Glad you got it… ;)

Hi there,

I have noticed something very important related to On Page SEO in the theme.

On the Single Post page the Category Title (in hgroup div, page-title.php) is in H1 and the same time the Blog Post Title is also H1, which shouldn’t be.

There should be only 1 H1 Tag on any page, which is good SEO practice.

Please change the Category Title to H2, and Post Title to H1.

Note: It works ok on the Archive Sections & Static Pages, don’t change it.


Hi malikmerchat,

Wow good point! Thanks for your advice and explanation I really appreciate that ;) noted for next update.


You are welcome, you have done great job man…keep it up.

Hi Dan,

Follow these steps:

1. Create a new slider

2. Go to slider settings, at the bottom of the page click on “Show Import/Export” locate slider.txt and import.

3. Go to edit the page, in the “Page Settings” metabox there is an option to enable the slider, check to enable and select the slider that you want to use in the next meta field.


Hi Rifki,

For some reason this Import link is not showing for me. Any suggestions for what could be the problem?

Or is this not available anymore?

P.S. – I’m setting this up for a client and he has purchased the theme, that’s why my username doesn’t show a “Purchased” tag.

Nevermind, I figured it out. :)

Glad you got it work!

Does the theme support multi-language?

Hi alintiniuc,

Not yet tested with WPML, but you can give it a try.