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saltedm8 Purchased

don’t worry, I got it back myself, thank you

Bluz Author


Great theme! I love it… easy to work with. I successfully installed this theme and have been customizing it, but I have 3 problems.

I tried going to your site listed in the previous page of comments so that I could register in your forum to get support for this theme, but the server keeps timing out. Sorry to bug you on ThemeForest.

www.dnamarketingsolutions.com Using WP 3 .0.4.

1) When I change the number of items per page on my portfolio, nothing happens. It has no effect on my site.

2) I just created a page called “The Team” and put it in my main navigation. Sometimes the page’s main content loads… sometimes it doesn’t. I have tried with Firefox and Chrome. If it loads on one, it loads on both. I wait a few minutes and then it won’t load on either browser. Back and forth without changing anything on the page. This is the only page on which I use [noformat], [img-right] and [toggle]. None of those shortcodes are on any other pages. I am also using <br /> and <p></p> on the page… I believe those are all the HTML and shortcodes I’m plugging in the WP HTML editor for that page.

3) When I use [img-left] and [toggle], the toggle (+) icon hides underneath my image. Any workarounds?

Thanks in advance! daniel@dnaconceptions.com

Bluz Author

I see you figured out nubmer 3.

About nubmer 1, you are right there is a small typo that causes this issue and here is how you fix it: Open the “Template-Portfolio.php” file thats inside your Robust theme folder and locate this line: if ($port_item != '') { After you find it change it to this: if ($port_items != '') {

Thats it.

Update to questions… I found the answer to number 2… I took out the paragraph tags and it works. But I can’t seem to get a big enough white space between the toggle title and the paragraph above it.

Still need an answer about questions 1 & 3… thanks!

Bluz Author

I see you figured out nubmer 3.

About nubmer 1, you are right there is a small typo that causes this issue and here is how you fix it: Open the “Template-Portfolio.php” file thats inside your Robust theme folder and locate this line:

if ($port_item != '') {

After you find it change it to this:

if ($port_items != '') {

Thats it.

is this theme WP 3 .1 compatible?


Bluz Author

Havn’t tested it yet but I don’t expect any problems with it. You can buy it and if you have any kind of issues let me know.


Some of the plugins are not working. Once activated it spits out an error. Could this be because of WP 3 .1?

Prettyphoto isn’t working on the gallery. Any ideas?

Bluz Author

That’s a known problem caused by wp 3.1 so please send me an email from my profile page with your wordpress admin password


I signed up for the forum support but got no response to be verified.

Now however, when I install the theme I get a blank screen. Is it not WP 3 .1 compatible?

Thanks for the 1.7 update. If anyone else is having problems with video in the lightbox, I also had to replace /js/jquery.prettyPhoto.js with the latest version of it found here… NO-MARGIN-FOR-ERRORS.COM. The title was overlapping the lightbox so I commented out line 364 in /css/prettyPhoto.css to look like this /* position: absolute; */.

Bluz if you find this comment unnecessary, please feel free to delete it…

Thanks again for the great theme and support!

bfraser Purchased

Hey, Paz—

Robust 1.6 on a 3.0.4 WP install. I had the slider set to a max of 7, and I attempted to add an 8th image to an existing post and it made my entire slider go blank.

Apparently there is now nothing following the on my site, and I need a little assistance from you.

I posted to your support site, but I am hoping I can e-mail you a .png of the issues I’m taking about.


Give me a hand, please. Thanks so much.

bfraser ‘at’ thecmjs.org
Bluz Author

Responeded to you on my support forums.

This is an awesome theme that’s really easy to use. I am not able to solve one thing though. I cannot slow down the slider in between transition speed when using the fade effect. I looked into the jquery.cycle.all.js file to look at the global settings

I see the following line: timeout: 4000, // milliseconds between slide transitions (0 to disable auto advance)

But it is not working at all? I changed it to 0 to disable auto advance and it still doesn’t disable?

Here is my website: http://oxfordtkg.com/

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

Bluz Author


I’m glad you like the theme.

About your issue, the changed you’ve done doesn’t work because they are overwritten by the rules I’ve applied in the “header.php” file.

Look for this line in your header.php file

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {


        timeout:         6000,  // milliseconds between slide transitions

        easing: 'easeInOutCubic',

        pager:  '#slider-nav',

        fx: 'fade' // choose your transition type, ex: fade, scrollUp, shuffle, etc...



and change it to whatever yo want.

hi i try to install the theme but WP says it is corrupted. I tryed to use “conventional” way to bypass this issue zipping the “html” folder that is the actual theme but i still have the problem and cannot use this theme.

what can it be the problem?

Wp don’t say me that there isn’t a css file, it only says the theme is corrupted. Pls help me since the site has to be online in two days

Bluz Author

Email me with a link to your site.

Hi There,

I see you have the WP Testimonials plugin baked into your theme. The only way I see to display a testimonial is to have a random one in a sidebar widget. I’d like to have a page that displays ALL of the testimonials….is this possible out of the box? I have tried the shortcode but nothing displays.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Dennis

Hi Bluz,

i purchased a “Robust Robust – 5 in 1 Premium Html Template”. First i wanna thank you for your work. its great. Then i need to help me. It is about the menu.

If i have more than three levels in IE i have problems to click each item. Is there any solution to this problem.

Sorry for my bad english ;)

YRIX Purchased

NICE GREAT ITEM !! in my collection all 3 ROBUST ROBUST html ROBUST with shop ROBUST WP

ineed fourth ROBUST flash version :)

I just recently bought your template it looks great, but none of the service area widgets seem to work or the slider. I have tried every thing I can think of as well as watched your videos and read all the comments. Please help ASAP Thanks

ok so apparently you cant have your home page set on a static page or the slider and service area will not work. New problem though wont let me exclude post from my sidebar any thoughts? Thanks

Great great theme man. I’m loving it. I’m new to Wordpress and this is a great theme to learn on thanks to your diligence in explanation.

QUESTION Can I set the portfolio page to display as list view by default rather than grid?

Do you prefer questions emailed to you, or posted here?

This looks really awesome. It fits perfectly with my current project. I am bookmarking and will return to look at it a little more for purchase!

Bluz Author

Thanks mate.


LOVING it! Already bought it and so easy to use and even opening up your PHP and CSS I can see where everything is!!! So excited. Highly recommended. Will be rating next. I did a manual install of Wordpress and then your theme. It was a breeze. :) YAY ! Thanks so much for an awesome set.

colebern Purchased

For some reason, I can’t upload the theme into wordpress. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

colebern Purchased

Figured it out!!

Bluz Author


Hey Bluz,


line 54: <?php echo substr(get_the_content(), 0, 400); ?>

This will screw up the Read More button if there are images in the post.


I purchased this theme a few days ago and have no navigation bar or navigation page in the menu. I’ve tried to delete and re-load the theme and it still has the same problem. Please advise soon if you are able to help or have a suggestion.

The site is www.elitelva.ca

Thank you, Raj