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Hello, after the upgrade to 3.8 are all the features working? I also have a question to ask, or a de-customization request before or after purchase. in the album details, I was wondering if there was a way I could disable the section where someone could put a link in for the buy now button. Reason im asking is because I already have a shopping cart which I will use and will link the buy now button to that. I am building a multisite network and so this should be disabled for everybody on the network, so they are forced to use the shopping cart buy now rather than putting any random link in that section of the theme. like itunes or any other link of that sort. If this could be done, i would quite happily go ahead and purchase the theme straight away as this looks exactly like the theme I would need for what I have in mind.

Ah, I see. Well, it’s a minor modification for a coder, but you do need WordPress coding knowledge to do it. We don’t do any custom work at all sorry so we can’t supply you with a child theme ready to go,


Ok if this support is not something you can offer, can you at least give some instructions on how this can be achieved, and I will go ahead and purchase the theme, and I will get somebody to follow your instructions in achieving this?

Hi there,

I would not feel comfortable doing this as if it doesn’t work exactly then you would be rightly angry with us. In addition, it requires coding knowledge so even with instructions it would be difficult for someone who doesn’t know about PHP. On the other hand a programmer can do this easily for you, they would not need instructions.

If you don’t have experience modifying themes I suggest looking at other themes which perhaps fulfil your needs better.

Sorry for the negative answer but I would rather someone not buy our theme than not be content with it when they do :)


Hi there, Just wanted to check before purchasing if there is a contact form for this theme? Also, would it be possible in the “Album Art” tab to have the images open up bigger (like in a lightbox) when clicked on? Or if not, how easy would it be to add a gallery page?

Thanks in advance Georgia

Hi Daniel, I have sent you an message through your contact form this morning but I also wanted to check and see if it is possible to use the more tag in the album details? Thanks, Georgia

Sorry Daniel, one more question!

Is it possible to get the album display on other pages by itself? I’d love to have a row of albums on my home page :)
I tried just setting the template to album list and putting my home page text in there but it wouldn’t display the text.
Also could I change the album list from three in a row to four?


Hi Georgia,

The past 48 hours have been very chaotic on my end, could I please ask you to send me an email with all your questions to make sure I don’t miss anything? I can’t always connect email senders with commenters because we have quite a few :) If you just paste all that into an email I’ll answer everything in one :)


I just purchased the theme, and non of the sliders are provided with the theme????? Why display something and state that you can use multiple sliders, but not supply not even one slider with the theme? im very disappointed with that and feel its misleading

Hi there,

If you take a look in the Layer Slider menu you should see an “import sample sliders” button. This will import 8 distinctly different ones which you can use to test out the various types. You can then modify these to create your own.


I can not find an option there to import any sliders. Can you please state where exactly this can be done?

If you download the theme package (not the installable file) and extract it to your computer you should find the Layer Slider plugin file inside a bundled plugins folder. First you’ll need to install this plugin and then you should get a menu entry in the wordpress admin, near the bottom named “LayerSlider WP”. When you go into this menu you should get a screen which has an “import sample sliders” button along the top:


DO NOT BUY THIS THEME!!! IT IS NOT RESPONSIVE AND IF YOU ASK FOR SUPPORT YOU ARE BRUSHED ASIDE. Although my request for support was answered quickly, I was told that since he was sick he wouldn’t be able to do anything for me and that the problem is because i must have left a tag open somewhere and so I should go back through everything and make sure I closed all my tags… Well I had owned this theme for about 6 hours at the time and the ONLY thing I had done with it was install it onto a fresh, empty wordpress site so obviously if there were tags left open it was the fault of the developer. I say again, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS THEME!!! THE DEVELOPER DOES NOT CARE TO HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING!!

Hi There,

I am sorry you feel this way :( I am indeed still sick and actually the issue you are experiencing has been reported about 10 times throughout our various themes and it has always been an unclosed tag. As far as I am aware the issue is closed, I do have 30 unanswered emails which I will get to tomorrow morning, if yours is in there I will definitely answer you.

If you take a look at our track record we do care a great deal about helping people out with there issues. If your issue is in our queue I will of course help you out but if you feel you really dislike us please feel free to ask for a refund from envato support.


I have been trying to style this theme for ages, I have sent messages and have not had any response. I will like to get my money back as this theme is not working out for me

Hi Darren,

That’s odd, I remember answering two of your emails actually. I don’t know if I got an answer but I’ve definitely written to you before. To make sure I get the email can you just send one directly to hello[at]bonsaished[dot]com?

To be honest I have given up. Both I and my web designer have tried contacting you via your support forum and have had no luck. I would much prefer to have a refund and I would be happy to purchase something that will work out of the box. Both I and my designer sent the below messages to you and have not had a response and that was on the 11th Feb. Not only that, but when we log in to admin, you have the various browsers which displays what the theme and changes look like via an iphone, tablet or computer. Well we have an internet radio station and everytime we are making changes we have to completely mute our speakers so to not have the player playing on three simultaneous players at the same time, That happens as soon as we log into admin, even if we are not making any template changes… We have had endless errors, that has not happened with any other theme. I just believe the theme is not for me, and probably need to shop around more carefully for a theme that works. Below is the email we sent to you on the 11th

mmmm something is missed up , every time i add event Widget it gives me that there is a messing function in the theme. anyway contact the theme support and tell him : Every time i add Event Widget this error appears : Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home4/deecos/public_html/so”””””””””.com/wp-includes/query.php on line 27

Hi Darren,

I’m sorry about your issues, our other buyers don’t seem to experience them, I’m not sure what could be going on. Judging by your error, it could be that you haven’t installed and activated the Rock Band plugin. This is in the theme package and must be installed for many functions to work.

I completely support you if you decide to shop around, if you end up not using the theme you can ask for a refund from Envato Support.


Hi, Can upgrade your documentaion for 1.2 Thank

Hi There, The documentation is mostly the same, we’ll add in a few bits and pieces as soon as we can. Until then, ask away via email :)


Hi Daniel,

what about WooCommerce 2.1? Is there something to fix in Rock Band?



Hi Ralf,

Can you let me know exactly what’s wrong? We haven’t received any bug requests about this yet, but it could just mean that people are slow to upgrade.

Let me know ,


HI, WP 3.8.1 Rockband 1.2 WooCommerce 2.1 No more products after upgrade to Rockband 1.2!!!! How to fix it?

Hi There. I’m a bit confused about the upgrade. You noted you used Rockband 1.2 and upgraded to 1.2.

If you mean you upgraded WooCommerce you may need to downgrade it. WooCommerce changed a LOT of things when they went to 2.1. Drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll help you out!


Hello Daniel! Hey I’ve recently received an upgrade to the theme but I don’t see it anywhere on this site where to download it. Can you help?

Thank you, Albert

Hi Albert,

If you just re-download the theme it should be the newest one :)


Hi Danial,

Just a pre-sale question. I need to find a theme for a 3 day festival website, which would hold a number of simultaneous events spread over a small area (2 mile square). I was hoping to use the theme primarily as an event website without the shop or album page.

I’m not sure how your current events are scheduled but would I be able to set a number of events that run at the same time over a 3 day period? Also, I don’t see a search area on your demo, is it possible to search events as it would be vital to have a comprehensive search function.

Many Thanks, Robin

Hi Robin,

While multi-day events are possible, the theme wasn’t really built with festivals in mind. We have had a few buyers use it for festivals but I can’t say for sure if the theme will be right for you.

We do have the default search function but I don’t think we have a dedicated section you would like to have.

Based on your needs I would recommend looking around for a theme which is better for your out-of-the-box. :(



Unable to install Rock Band plugin. Error message -  Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.


Hi Bugtuss,

This hasnt been reported before so it may be an issue on your end, right now we are on vacation so we cant troubleshoot, we can however solve it :)

If you download the the e to your computer and extract it you should find the plugin zip file in the plugins folder. You can install this like a normal wordpress plugin, this should solve the issue :)

I just purchased this theme and upon trying to activate the included plugins i am getting this error with the rock band plugin ” Downloading install package from /www/wp-content/themes/rockband/plugins/…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.”

I have removed the theme and re uploaded it twice with the same problem.

please advise.

I am on a very tight deadline

I also am not able to upload the demo content offered on your help site.

I read the solution you provided about and the “rock band”plugin is not in the plugins folder included in the content

Sorry about this issue, we are on vacation for quite a while so it will be a little more difficult to help you out. Could you please send an email to My colleague will send tou you the plugin.


Hello, I have just purchased this. I am already having an issue whereby I do not have the ‘Rock Band Plugin’, and also the supporting documentation is of no help as the linked images are not working at all.

Could you please rectify these issues immediately otherwise the template is of no use and I will quickly seek a refund.

Thank you.

Hi There,

I’m sorry for these issues, the plugin should be in the theme package you downloaded. Could you try visiting our home page at and downloading the docs from there?

Sorry for the long response time, we’re currently on vacation, but we’ll be back soon!



ozed20 Purchased

please Help getting this error

The plugin does not have a valid header.

Downloading install package from /home/content/p3nexnas06_data03/60/2174060/html/wp-content/themes/rockband/plugins/…

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

That’s odd indeed! Can you try installing the plugin from the theme package, not from the theme? Let me know how it goes!

hello is compatible with wordpress 4.0?

Yep, we took care of that well before the release of 4.0 :)


I have a problem. I install the theme very well and started working with all the pluggins, when I install WooCommerce, WP-Admin disappears, but the site is running on the front.

Something about this?

Hi wikotcol, Could you perhaps edit your wp-config.php file which is in the WordPress root directory? There should be a line that says:

define(‘WP_DEBUG’, false );

If you change false to true you will get some meaningful error messages :) Let me know what they are and we’ll figure it out :)



yerlix Purchased


I’ve recently purchased your theme and I’ve noticed that in the rockband plugin (under Header > Fonts & Colors) the additional Google fonts don’t always load. I’ve seen them appear a few times and I’ve been able to select them but since a couple of days (and selecting a non-Google font) they’re nowhere to be found. Can you please advice how I can resolve this issue?



We have bought and are using this theme, but I don’t seem to be able to nest a second level of menu. Each subsequent level level will only appear as one drop down.

Can you advise please.


Since i use rockband my website was hacked ! My web hosting shut down my website because they detect spaming … The pluggins inside Rockband are not secure !!


sjserton Purchased


I get this error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method WooCommerce::nonce_field() in …/wp-content/themes/rockband/woocommerce/single-product-reviews.php on line 107

What can I do?