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Before I purchase this item, I really would like to know if all thumbnails are cropped. I’m making a website for an artist (painter) and his first demand is that his portfolio doesn’t crop the images of his paintings. Here, he explicitly refers to the overview-pages as well – actually, to the entire website.

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Hi there,

the theme crops some of the images for optimization reasons, such as in Portfolio pages with grid layout.

I really like the massive option with this theme. I need to have a site similar to this URL: But I cannot get anything close to it.

To have menu on the left hand side, and no page scrolls on the home page, only a full screen slider. And to have Vertical slided sub-menu (similar to the site) or the normal horizontal dropdowun menu.

So is it possible to achieve my goals.

Please me know before I purchase it.

Hi there,

for something more similar to the site you’ve linked we can suggest our other theme “One” that is a multipurpose theme with a page builder, or “Voyager” that is pretty similar with also the side panel like Rockford.


I cannot understand, as they all look same except the One, which doesnt have a sidebar Nav. So can you tell be the advantage of Voyager over Rockford, or where rockford is limited.


Voyager, for instance, has a built in page builder, that Rockford hasn’t.

Hi this theme is one page or not?

Hi there,

it is a multi page theme.

New to Wordpress here:

1) Can I have a video background and be able to scroll down?

2) Can the eye be replaced for a play button? Can the button be resized?

3) Can the logo remain fixed, and not move to the side when the menu bar is engaged?

4) Can I click a nav item, will it automatically scroll to that section of the page?

5) Do you have lightbox features?

6) Does this use Visual Composer?

7) What is the average response time for support tickets?

Hi there,

1) yes

2) there isn’t an option for that.

3) Yes

4) nope

5) yes on theme elements but not on images inside the content

6) the theme doesn’t have Visual Composer built in but you can use it if you already have a copy of this plugin

7) 1 or 2 business days


Hi there, is it possible to get rid of the eye on the showcase, it is very infringing and pontless when header is disabled, also i want to have multiple portfolios, ie singular on each page your directed too, this would make it much cleaner ? thanks

Hi there,

unfortunately we haven’t an option to disable this element quickly, you can anyway choose to hide this icon by using CSS, something like: .thb-ui-control.thb-hide-overlay { display: none; }


Also how can i change the colour from black to white of the menu category on the top right of the opening page please ?

Not sure if you’re referring to it, but if you’re talking about the Menu trigger in the upper right corner of the page, you can do it with some custom CSS:

#main-nav-trigger-open { color: #fff; }

rodrimgl Purchased

Hi there, I really like the way latest posts are displayed by the footer widget in the demo theme page, how can I get something like that, with the date inside a squared box and a thumbmail for each post?

Hello there,

we’ve made this by using the “su_posts” ShortcodeUltimate shortcode: [su_posts template=”templates/teaser-loop.php” posts_per_page=”3”]