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How do I install this? I tried to install it using the theme option but every time I do it says that it is missing the style.css file. Please help, thanks


A template cannot be installed in word press. You can install a word press theme only.

I purchased this a while ago and it worked great, modified it heavily. There’s some things I needed to undo so I went to download it again and it appears you took out the _php file? Any particular reason why? I’m a coder so it’s not an issue, I’m just curious.


Oh ha stupid me, I was looking at the wrong template!

Hey. First of all I’d like to say thanks for creating this theme, I love it.

I would just wondering if you could help me with something. On the gallery-four-col.html pages, I was trying to change the text of the tab that is All, Images, Videos but I can’t find where the text is coming in.

Could you please get back to me and tell me where they are located in the files?

Thanks, Jason


Thank you for nice words. On main.js file, line no 32, replace the text there. It will sort the issue.Please follow the ticket support tickect too as you have been replied there

I would like to know if there is a way that I can link the Calender used in Rockit Theme to work with my Facebook Calender.

The Theme Calender should be the default and Facebook should get the relevant info from there and post it as the Facebook Calender.

Awesome Theme by the way!


There is no option to link these two calenders. Thank you for admiration.

Is this a PHP Script or wordpress or what? Really I want it , but what’s the language?


Its just HTML template. We have PHP version of it as well on themeforest at this link http://themeforest.net/item/rockit-now-music-band-wordpress-theme/3278167

Hi, I recently had help from your support ticket forum, however I have one last issue that needs to be resolved. I cannot get back into the support ticket. Can you please create me a new ticket so I can get this issue resolved? The problem is, once the “submit” button on the contact form is pressed, it just refreshes the page instead of showing that the form was sent. Please send me a support ticket for this issue.


Please provide the email address you used to create ticket, I will reopen that ticket for you.

how do i increase the Font size in the css? and also how do i extend the Twitter feeds like in the news page instead of the news feed i want the whole left column to be the twitter automatic feed


bud im not using word press…im using the html template that i bought this forum is on the HTML!


simple help i need…on html


Please create a ticket at http://www.chimpgroup.com/support and explain the function you are looking for. They will do it for you. And I do apologies for the wrong category answer.

Hi There, I really like this theme but is it integratable with Magento?


we have not given it a try for this reason, cannot assure such a thing.

mxntay Purchased

Love this theme! Is there a way to put the logo in the center overlapping the slide and have the tabs beside them, excluding the login components? I believe this is called a float in css. see example.


Yes, logo can be put in the center, you just need to modify header html and css for all pages.

I notice that 2 years ago someone reported that the slider images gets cut off on mobile devices and he was reply that they were going to update this theme. Have this theme been updated since 2 years ago? Im having the same issue. Thanks


You have commented on Template, not theme. This Template have not been updated since the time it was uploaded.

CJGacy Purchased

Purchased and love the layout. Great work! Cannot seem to replace the logo in the header. Have ensured that dimensions are identical to the RockIt logo you provided in the theme, however, whenever the logo.png is replaced, it doesn’t appear on the HTML pages. Any insight?

I need help with implementing Vevo videos to the image

All knows wordpress released New version 4.1, if anyone facing issue for page builder drag & drop Following

Changes Can Make it work.

File Name : include/cs_meta_box.php
Find following code
$(this) .removeClass(‘ui-draggable’);

Replace with
$(this) .removeClass(‘ui-draggable ui-draggable-


we are working on Updates and it will be Up on ThemeForest in next 24-48 hours.We will be glad to help you with any question that might arise regarding Page

Builder just create a ticket at Chimp Support provide your url and login details. Your issue will be seen and sorted there.

Wordpress has updated to 4.1 and now my slider on my website is not working on the front page. is there a fix for this? my website is www.birdiepromotions.com please help


Get wordpress files only. Yes, it will go in wp content > themes folder.


ok i’m back. i need to know how to open a ticket again because this thing has caused all types of problems now doing this. My favicon is only working on IE after i added a plugin for it. Some of the widgets the color has changed in the header on the front page. This happened before and I had to open a ticket for you to fix it and it’s happening again because of this update. I’m also unable now to manually sort my nex gen photo gallery it won’t keep the changes now. PLEASE HELP!!


If you have an existing ticket, simply update it on the support link given below. Or if you do not have any existing ticket, create new one at http://www.chimpgroup.com/support