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rexmundi Purchased

It comes to my attention that I have made the same mistake as many other persons in this comment thread. I purchased this by proxy of a freelance client thinking I was getting a working wordpress theme but instead find that upon uploading to my wordpress theme list that it is merely html and css/javascript.

That is great and all. Sweet looking site layout and everything. Now I have to either code my own wordpress theme of this monster, which I can quite likely do the majority of, but don’t have time for; or pretty much consider the 18$ used to purchase this theme a throwaway and buy the wordpress theme when it gets released [in a week] several months later for another $xx.

Surely I am not the only one who feels that this needs to be marked more clearly that it is not a wordpress theme, but an html layout of a wordpress theme even though the footer of the site says Copyright Wordpress Music Band 2012.

A lot of your customers appear to be unsatisfied by the situation. Help us please.

When is the Wordpress version coming?

11 DAYS AGO ChimpStudio stated:-

I dont think there is such an option to upgrade it but we are almost done with development for its wordpress version so it ll be live in coming week sometime.

I have made very polite requests for WP version launch dates and have heard nothing back. I fully understand and appreciate that you are preparing a complex integration with Wordpress and this takes time.

I am working on your previously stated comments on this forum that have been indicating now for some 6 weeks that the WP version will be available imminently.

Once again, in the interest of providing a good service. Can I respectively ask if you have a more specific launch date.

I have to develop a site which is now very late for a client and I want to use your theme which looks excellent. However, I can not hang on indefinately as my client is putting me under pressure to complete the project.

Many thanks for your co-operation.


Hello, I am writing because I sent you an email to the email address on the support doc, though have not heard back from you. I figured that I better send you a message here.

1st of all, I love this template. The design and features are awesome!

Here are a few issues that I am having when trying to customize:

1) How to change the Maps page for my regions.

2) How to edit the map on the Contact-Us page. I signed up for an api and even did link with coordinates, my map is now gone.

3) I have other questions about how to edit the text that says Images, Videos on the gallery page. I cannot find this in the code. Can you please tell me what file control this?

4) On each page, the has a blank

and then the 2nd with the text. That is not good for SEO , but if I remove the 1st set of tags, the sub-caption is reduced in size no matter how much I edit the css. Can you please clarify how to correct this so that the font is as large as when there are 2 sets of


5) I tried to remove the 2 tabs from the tabbed news area box on the home page and the whole thing just disappeared. I just need one box instead of having to have the tabbed feature. If I remove one, then the whole page section loads slower than the rest.

6) Lastly, when I view the site in IE, I get an active X message. If I do not approve it, then the top images (on the homepage) do not show. Is there another way to handle this? I set my browser to defaults, but still happens. I am worried that consumers will have this issue, too.

I appreciate your help with what you can.


Hi there,

Sorry for late reply, our support team was off but we are back now.

1) please check your inbox for map customizations.

2) we used iframe from google maps, you can replace it with whatever required.

3) you will notice each gallery

  • have data-tags. this script automaticaly getting it from there. if you will change it there it will effect on top.

    4) “On each page, the has a blank” I didn’t got you on that

    5) I am not sure whatever you removed from there, but if you will remove

  • from top and then its section from bottom section, it should work perfectly fine.

    6) actually IE asks for this only if you test it at your local machine – but if you will test it by uploading it at server it will work fine. so its not an issue.


  • I purchased the theme and would just like to know how I can make it wordpress compatible. I uploaded the theme and it says it does not have a style setting. I hosted my site today in anticipation of using the theme.

    Can you e-mail me personally when the wordpress version is available and we would have to purchase another download for it? Or will it be offered to us?

    Can you e-mail me personally when the wordpress version is available and we would have to purchase another download for it? Or will it be offered to us?

    Can you help me make the contact box work?

    Please get that Wordpress version out…I will buy it immediately!

    Anybody noticed Chimpmail doesn’t respond anymore when he use to respond all the time ??!

    Yes agree alcovycreative – there has been no contact now for 15 days. I have made countless polite requests for updates concerning the WP version of this theme on both this notice board and via e-mail to Chimpstudio directly – all with no responce.

    Given up at this stage, have purchased another suitable theme as it is quite clear that Chimpstudio have little regard for clients and little respect for potential clients.

    As a regular themeforest purchaser I have to say this is the worst experience of poor service that I have come across :(

    @gedhau67 which sucks…cuz this one of the best themes I’ve come across. I wish the service was as good :’(

    Same for me. I was very interested in purchasing the WP theme from Chimpstudio but with no response for 2 weeks I changed my mind and am looking for another (responsive) music theme now.

    I rather use a theme which does not fit my imagination 100% but where I get answers to my questions and good support!

    Yes, this Themeforest Rockit template has a vague help file and horrible support. WHY ?

    @waystid – who seems to think that my comment sucks “cuz this one of the best themes I’ve come across”

    ... and then goes on to agree with me in relation to the service!!!!! :silly:

    Any commercial theme sold on Themeforest or similar are as good as the support that goes with the theme. Nobody expects the authors to be ‘on call’ day and night and ‘down time’ is always expected. However to ignore genuine queries in the way that Chimpstudio have over recent weeks is pretty poor. Perhaps he/she is sick, a simple message posted on this message page from the author would be suffice to quell our frustration.

    Its all just a pity as the theme does look excellent and would have suited my project. Onwards and upwards.

    Hi anybody !

    What CMS could be fit ?

    thanks for suggests Best Lois

    @gedhau67 I wasn’t saying that your comment sucks. The fact that you’re right about this being “the worst experience of poor service that I have come across” is what sucks.

    @waystid – my sincere apologies, I misunderstood your mail and have no hesitation in publicly apologising for doing so. Regards – GedHau67.

    Hey guys!

    It’s a damn shame that ChimpStudio has left us in the dark! I do hope that they will return…eventually!

    In the mean time, perhaps we can help each other out! I am willing to do so!

    Is there anyone of you that managed to get the CONTACT and/or NEWSLETTER widgets to work?

    Here is the website I am working on currently. If you guys have some questions ask! I will do my best to help.