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Good Day Guys, my Rockit Now theme has a problem with the Contact Forum page – these e-mails dont reach me when clients try to contact me via that forum. i tried opening a Ticket on Chimp studio – but as i have opend a ticket for the site some time back – its doenst allow me to open another ticket – and i cannot remember the password for that last ticket i did – and it doesnt send me a new password – please help me – what should i do. thank you

Hi@eesyees: Thank you for your interest in one of our theme,Its been over three years for the product. FREE support has been stopped now.
Please email me at from my profile page of Themeforest, explain your issue in detail, attach screenshots if possible,provide your url and login details. Your issue will be diagnosed and resolved there..
Thank you

please tell me how to find the gallery ID?? I need to be able to show gallery in widgets or album pages..

Hi@duncanhowlett: Thank you for your interest in one of our theme, Feature you are asking about comes under custom work,You can find Gallery Id in page_gallery.php file. This gallery ID will be used for single_album.php and page_album.php file to get Galleries on your Album’s page.Thank you

but i have seen this response before.. Following is the example for the gallery shortcode;

[cs_minigallery width=”WIDTH” post_id=”Gallery_Page_ID”]

provide width like 100 and ’Gallery page id’ you can find this gallery id from manage gallery section, each gallery have a different id

Bearing this in mind is there no way of finding the gallery ID to add into this shortcode?

Please enlist a developer’s help for your custom work.Thank you

Hi, I was wondering, what happened to your Directory theme? It was awesome, and I was planing to buy it for one of my projects in near future? Now it says Item not available… thanks

Hi,thank you for your interest in our theme,actually our Directory theme site is down for some upgrading and maintenance. Updated theme version is already submitted on themeforest. It will be live shortly.thank you for following up

Great news, I’ve been following that theme from start, and I am a great fan of your work, keep it up.

Thank you for your appreciation. :)

Hi there, I got an issue and I’m not able to solve it. All images of the slider are not visible on the home page (a default.jpg is shown), when I try to add images from the admin and I save the slider all media turn to grey Could you please help me? It’s a little bit urgent, thanks.

Hi@riccardos; Thank you for your interest in one of our theme, You must be facing this issue after update to latest WP version.Please create a ticket to our support system,Also provide your WP-admin site and Ftp credentials. Your issue will be diagnose and resolved. Thank you

Done, please answer as soon as possible. Thanks. r

Please visit your website,You issue has been resolved.follow ticket reply from support. Thank you

Hey Guys, I’m missing the light box at the gallery. I’ve already created a ticket! Please, need fast response!

Thank you!

Hi@for4ctive: Thank you for your interest in one of our theme, Please visit your website,Gallery issue has been resolved.Follow ticket reply.Thank You

Problem solved! Tnak you so much for this fast response!!!

Your opinion matters to us! We hope you’ll take the time to let us know by writing a short review how you feel about our product and support, please follow below given link on your theme forest account for review;
Rating would be much appreciated, you can find it in your Themeforest account download section and rate us with stars .
Thank you

Help! I’m doing work for a client who uses this theme; I personally didn’t purchase this theme, so I can’t open a support ticket!

Have a weird bug where all of my images in sliders and galleries do not show up on site (actually they all revert to default.png). In the backend editor, after saving an existing or a new slider, the images seem to be lost. An empty placeholder with meta information is there, but the images themselves are gone after every save. What could be causing this? Using latest version of WP (4.3), on PHP 5.4. Thanks!

Site url is

HI@drwillard ; Thank you for writing me,Please get in touch with Theme original buyer ,who can create a ticket for you to our support system.As issues you have mentioned above are just noticed at your end,It would need to look into theme backend files.Your WP-admin and Ftp credentials will be required to diagnose and resolve them for you. Thank you

@chimpstudio – I’ve been trying to get info from original buyer, but have been unsuccessful. Is there any other way to submit a ticket? Thanks for the response

Since you’re not in touch with the person that purchased the theme originally, it’s impossible to get support ,since the purchase code is required to register in the support forum.Thank you

hi guys, the featured image on album pages is linking to image url when you click on it.. not to image in lightbox like on your demo site.. ?? how can i fix this?

Hi@duncanhowlett: Thank you or your interest in one of our theme, Please create a ticket to our support system,With your WP-admin site and Ftp credentials.your issue will be diagnose and resolved.Thank you

Sorry guys, Could you please update the theme to be compatible with the last wordpress version? There are many bugs to be solved. THANKS!

Hi@riccardos: Thank you for your interest in one of our theme, Could you please write me which bugs you are having on theme update.Please create a ticket to our support and write your all issues.Support will help you.
Our developers are working to make theme compatible with latest WordPress will be notify when theme updated version will be available .till then please use recommended WordPress version with our theme.
Thank You


The other thread is being replied. Please stick to one thread for better communication. Thank you

I hope you reply VERYYY SOOON, because you make me wasting time for a while!

The other thread is being replied. Please refer to that thread.


I downgraded to wordpress version 4.1 but there are still those bugs:

“amazon” and “grooveshark” displayed without links thumbnail displayed over the text inside the news page

PLEASE SUPPORT I have to go live tomorrow!!!

see screenshots attached to the ticket!

Hi@riccardos: Thank you for your interest in one of our theme,Our support team is off on weekends. support department works from Monday to Friday. Your ticket will be instantly replied on next working day.Thank you

You told me a ton of things to do to solve the issue and nothing happens! I need to fix those bugs by tomorrow!!! Reply asap

Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

YOU SUCK AT CUSTOMER CARE, you do not allow even to check the solution to common issues. Crap.

Yes, but they are answering without solving the issue.

They said: “Please do not hesitate to ask any question that may arise regarding this theme. We will be glad to help you.”

Any question??? All issues are still open. Please advise

I have reassigned it to the manager and now you will get reply with all solutions, and every single point will be answered.

Hopefully by today close of business…

How can I remove the author’s name from all post?

Hi@bmichelle2001 : Thank you for your purchase& interest in one of our theme,Please create a ticket to our support system along screenshot of your requirements and link if possible.Support team will guide you to achieve your query.Thank you

The latest version of WordPress has broken this theme. AGAIN. Lightboxes no longer work, unable to upload media via media manager, gallery or any pages. I am unwilling to downgrade WordPress for obvious security reasons and because I simply do not have the time to keep doing this. I wanted to purchase this theme for another client but there is no way I am doing this when it breaks so regularly and the only solution given is to downgrade WordPress. Please get the theme updated to work with the latest (safest) version of WordPress asap.

Hi@giraffical : I understand your concern, But clients are advised to use recommended WordPress version with the theme,Until you get notify through email for theme updated version availability with the latest WordPress version.Theme will be definitely updated to support latest WordPress Version,As soon our developer’s will get free with upcoming projects. We appreciate your patience. Thank You

WordPress updated to the latest version automatically. There is still no update available. I understand your developers must be busy with upcoming projects – however should it not be a priority that your existing themes work??? Please resolve this asap.

we will definitely update our theme ,As soon our developers will be available for theme update. Our every theme is similar precious to us. Thank you for your feed back. :)


I love the Rockit Now template.

I want use Rockit Now HTML version on Wordpress.

Is this possible?

Because HTML version available filterable/isotype/masonry plugins.

How can I center my logo? It is currently floating left.

It can be handled via code customization in css. However, it may cause issues with your menu.