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After I upgraded to the latest theme the Calendar View won’t display any events.List view works fine.Any ideas? Perhaps I missed copying a few over when I FTP’d the newer theme files?

Please use the email address nu*pia9 [at] to access the ticket. I am sure it will work.

Gotcha, so that was the problem. Too many email addresses ;-)

:) No problem, I understand the tech problems we face now a days. Cheers

The ticket number is: 324857 I get the following when trying to use it.

Authentication error – try again! Check Ticket Status

To view the status of a ticket, provide us with the login details below. Invalid login

The other thread have been replied. Please refer to that.

my wordpress updated automatically and now my sliders and gallery photos show icons not the images? seems to be the only issue? is there a fix for this yet?

Please get the latest files of theme from Themeforest account Downloads section and update your theme. Issue would be resolved.

Hey there,

Since Wordpress 4.0 my slider no longer works. However, I have quite a few changes made to the theme.

Would you be able to tell me which files need to be updated to get the slider working, so I don’t have to completely update the entire theme?


This was a major update that required changes in many files, I am afraid there is no exact list of files that I can provide. The update was related to security of wrodpress that needed work in almost every file.

I updated WP and now the slider doesn’t work as well as several other functions. I have backed up all my files in order to install the updated theme. How can I update the theme without losing all the custom work we did with the theme?

There is no ticket against this ID 705288. Could you please contact via my profile page of themeforest and provide credentials of your site, I will get back to your there.

Sent you an email via your profile on ThemeForest.

Your ticket ID is 857 and you used same email that you used to send profile message.

hi my slider is not working I updated wp ..and it wont send me update

To update your version, please go to themeforset download dashboard, select “Downlaod all Files”, get the updated files and replace your existing theme zip files with latest one via ftp. Theme would be updated. Also, please make a complete back up of your site and data base before updating your theme.

how do I get to download dashboard?

Go to themeforest website, Click on Signin and provide your user name and password. After signing in, click on your user name and there you will see a drop down, find Downloads section there.

Hi Chimpstudio. I have a problem: I configure the “Slider” but than I don’t see it on my web-site ( ). What do I wrong? Sorry for my english…

Do you have latest version of theme? If yes, then contact support team via item support page. Otherwise, update your theme to the latest version.

Hi, How can i move “Home page album” to below the slider?

Hi@tapantor :Thank you for your interest in one of our theme,“Home page album” can be set below the slider by using page builder ->Album page element on homepage.Thank you

Hi, Thanks for replay I am working on a site of my client who purchase your theme but in the home page editor I am not seeing page builder . How can I solve this problem?

please create a ticket to our support system with Wp-admin site and FTp credentials,Your issue will be seen and resolve there.Thank you

Good Day guys I have the Rock it theme now for over 3 yrears – been very happy with it e.t.c. now i seem to have an issue with my contact forum page – when people try to contact me – the message does NOT reach my e-mail account. what could be the issue? (am updated to the latest version of the wordpress theme) please let me know – THANK YOU in advance

Hi@iNamibia :Welcome back.I appreciate your kind words.Please create a ticket to our support system,with wp-admin and ftp credentials.Also,send screenshot and link of the issue.Support will provide you help to resolve it.Thank you


repgfx Purchased

hi…all of a sudden slider is not working…when i upload any image and update it stay corrupted….help please

Hi@repgfx:Please create a ticket to our support system.Also,Write your WP-admin and Ftp credentials,You issue will be seen and resolved.Thank you

Love this them but can it go wider

Hi@scotty68 :Thank you for your nice words and interest in one of our theme,Layout wider option is not available for this theme,Although you can achieve this through custom css.Thank you

i can’t edit any widget and Layout Sections.. it’s not movable. please advise.

please follow your ticket ,Your query will be replied there.Thank you

Thank you. Have a great day.

You too.. :)

Why the heck am I getting this message Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM in /home2/amcrae/public_html/ on line 193

Hi@tremaineam: It will need to look in to your website to trace your issue.Please create a ticket to our support system ,write WP-admin site credentials and screenshot of your issue.Support will diagnosed and resolved your issue.Thank you


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Hey Guys, I got an e-mail that says there is a new update of this Rock It theme and i can download it in the e-mail link, but the QUESTION is why – is there no version change or update on the page which new version this update is??? please clarify thankx in advance

HI@eesyees: Please ignore update notification.As update is just done for prettyPhoto fix.Thank you


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Having the same issue with the calendar view and also not able to access the ticket I created in support

Hi@will2430: please write me your ticket number. I will check it for you. Thank you


will2430 Purchased

692463 is says I already have a ticket, click here to update it and then it says invalid login? Just need this issue fixed with the events calendar ASAP

Please email at from my profile page of Themeforest, explain your issue in detail, attach screenshots if possible, will be acted upon accordingly after discussion with the development team. Thank you

Hi. Following the latest update to Wordpress, the slider no longer works on The rockit theme was purchased by the original web developer years ago for this site and he is no longer with the company. Can you help me get the patch that fixes this bug?

HI@dayshabass, Thank you for your interest in one of our theme,Since you’re not in touch with the person that purchased the theme originally, it’s impossible to get updates for that license. I cannot help without purchase code, also, its been over three years for the product. FREE support has been stopped now.Thank you