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Any hope of future WooCommerce integration? Or is there some other store you recommend with this theme? Thanks.


:) Hopes should stay alive, but honestly there is no plan to do so in future. And suggestions box from my side is empty as I have not tested it with any. So recommending anyone to you may cause some styling issues later.

how add new icon services ?


Get the icon from http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/ and add the desired icon from back end.


Thanks so much ! =) ... One more cuestion … How change size text of the Header and Menu ?


Please go Theme Options > Header settings and change the text there.

is there any more documentation on all the parameters that can be used i the short codes? the documentation is awful and missing a hell of a lot of the parameters for the short codes.

ie. how to I size columns in a table element? .

Also why are the default image sizes not shown for any of the items? are we suppose to guess them?

even all the colours, icon names etc are not even shown..

Can you post a link to the full documentation for the theme instead of the basic overview one that comes with the theme?


I understand your concern and also feel the need to update the documentation. Right now you can ask all your question in a support ticket at http://www.chimpstudio.co.uk/support as I can fetch a link for documentation to you.

I need help, I dont understand how to add one of your icons into the service. What do i put in the text box that says “service icon” specifically the music icon?


I am a little confused. I thought your theme came with specific icons?


Disregard, I was able to figure it out


Glade things are fine for you.

Hello again, can you check out my site, cvoicemusic.com/ I can not seem to get one of the parralax layout sections to work properly. It only shows up gray and I cant change the background on it nor change the color. I am not sure as to what the problem is. I choose blue, but when I then look at the page it is still a grey background for the block.

it is the one with the header Relax remix by CVoice – ‘A pleasant calling to 90’s RnB greatest’.


The issue can be diagnosed by looking into the backend of your site. Please create a ticket at http://www.chimpstudio.co.uk/support and provide your url and login details. Support team will look into to the issue and will set things right for you.

Hey, great theme. I’ve a few pre-purchase questions:

1. Includes your package a dummy content for the theme and for the revolution slider?

2. Is it possible to change the “buy now” button to “download now”? [Albums]

3. Is it possible to remove the pop-up function of the player?

Thanks for your time! Cheers


Thank you for the nice words. The answers to questions are; 1. Yes, 2. Yes, 3. Yes

Hi, Is Your Theme Compatible with WordPress 3.8?


Yes, it is fully compatible with WP 3.8.

Does the home page slider support videos?


Yes, it does support video.

Great theme! I have a few questions before pruchasing this theme. Please help me with basic answers.

I beleive that this theme has no download/purchase plugin installed. Correct?

Can I install a purchase/digital download plugin for this theme? Which one?

thanks, V.


Thank you for nice words and your like. No, you don’t need to purchase any plugin which is used in demo. We are using Revolution Slider which is available within theme package. Yes you can install any purchased plugin and use that with this theme.

How do I set up the events page so the most recent events are at the top? It’s putting the dates that are the furthest away at the top. Thanks.


Please select upcoming events option in page builder while creating event page. It will change hierarchy.

I’ve asked this question about 4 times now. SERIOUSLY…how do I get rid of the infinity symbols out of the headers????


There is change needed in style.css Just find this class .subtitle h1:before and remove this code

.subtitle h1:before { content: “8”; display: inline-block; font-size: 30px; font-weight: 300; left: 0; letter-spacing: -4px; line-height: 1.2; margin-right: 10px; margin-top: 2px; position: absolute; text-transform: uppercase; top: 15px; transform: rotate(-90deg); vertical-align: top; }

If you find it difficult to do, please create a ticket at http://www.chimpgroup.com/support and ask them to do it for you.

when creative event I can add the buy now link

I get an error message when updating.

I also get this message when viewing the event page wp-content/themes/rocky-theme/single-events.php on line 171

i am using the lastest version of wp


Please roll back to WP 3.8, we have not yet given compatibility with WP 3.9. Roll back to previous version and wait for the update which will be released soon. Take backup of everything before rolling back.

Is this theme, child-theme compatible and do you offer a child theme as part of the purchase?


This theme is child compatible, however, it does not come with child theme.

I did purchase this theme, but something is wlong.

I can’t see every image when I install and import this dummy data. All image (included all video thumbnails) is shown as BlankedImage you defined. (Tiled text ‘chimp’)

Give me solution.


May be you missed download attachment option. Please create a ticket at http://www.chimpgroup.com/support Our support team will check this issue for you.

Please check out this link www.mavinrecords.com/M why is the music player not playing again? And why is the mobile view destroyed? Please i would really appreciate if you give me a quick response. Thank you


Please create a ticket at Chimp Support and provide your url and login details. Issue will be seen and sorted there.

Revolution Slider Updated

Attention All users! Keeping in view the recent problem with Revolution slider plugin, we have given the update of this theme and made it free of any threat. This file is clean and does not contain any threats.

Hi there, I have a question before I buy your theme. 1. How the check out process works when the user click on buy ticket? 2. Can Ignite Woo plugin work with this theme? 3. How can I integrate paypal check out with this theme?



1-When user clicks on the buy ticket button, it will take him to the next page where you have to pay for this ticket. External link for the tickets will work, no payment method has been integrated in this theme. 2- Yes! it will work with our theme. 3- Paypal has not been integrated in this theme.

Hello, Is there a plugin that you have for sale that can do this album play button: http://chimpgroup.com/wp-demo/rocky/albums-grid-view/?filter_category=hip-hop

I would like to use it in another theme

Thank you Sergio


No, we do not have any plugin for this reason. however, you can search in the market for any such plugin.


thank you any idea of what this plugin might be categorized under? I am not sure what this type of function would be classified as. Thank you

Guys your theme seems pretty good but there are problems on live preview. Please fix it


The errors is showing up due to automatic update of wordpress to the latest version 4.0.1. It will sorted in a while. For the first time, wordpress has given update without any notice and applied it to all. It got updated at our demo as well which created issue.