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Very nice. Am I right that this was named after that Arcade Fire song? :-)

Good luck!

Thanks. It is nice song, but I named it in favor of Rococo art style, inspired of faded colors of rococo paintings :)

Beautiful work. It´s a target for a future work of mine; really sweet. By the way I like the color scheme. Good luck with sales DazeinCreative team !

Thanks for your words.

Is the layered PSD included?

No. I designed that template without PSD. The only one thing – separators between sliders in light version has PSD. I can provide it.

Lacking infos on how to setup images, samples images (even blank) would help a lot.

Losing a lot of time, for something that should be clear out of the box. You want to set 2 things : images and photos.

Thanks for purchase. Not a problem! I will update help in a few days. But, i can send you demo that contains all demo images – that will clear how images and photos work. Just send me email via form here. Upset for your low rating for my work. You should better ask for help before. There is no unanswered mails from customers.


When running this on IE10 on Windows 8 the slider doesn’t appear and then when compatibility mode is turned on it breaks the entire layout. Could you take a look and advise please – we LOVE this template but I cannot seem to get this issue resolved. Otherwise, outstanding work!

Dear ladybirdinternet, thanks for your purchase and your message. I checked template on ie10 under Windows7 and everything looks good, except things ie will never show correctly. To resolve the issue please send screenshots to dazeincreative@gmail.com.

I adore this design and am looking forward to setting up my new photography website with it! Thank you for this gorgeous offering :)

Please rate my work with 5 stars if you like it :)

Thanks, would love to see the third version too :) And I wanted to rate it the first time too but I can’t figure out where to do that! :S

Dear fishygirl, please drop me a line via email form with link to your site.

Can you send me a demo of the site with the demo images? My email is bryce@mooreforsale.com

I just purchased your theme and really love the style just do not like how the demo images are gone because I can understand it better when editing.

Lame. New Public Rating = 1 star.

Sorry, update will be available today or tomorrow.

can u also please send me a demo of the site including the demo images, echomatt@gmail.com I have purchased this thanks!

also how do i add items to the portfolio, the document for it doesn’t explain it, I will mainly be using it to post vimeo videos. I will rate you 5 stars with a reply! lol

Sorry, update will be available today or tomorrow.

Useless in IE8

How do you change the flower colors?

Thanks for purchase. Flowers are images, therefore there is no any way to change their colo, except edit em in Photoshop or another image redactor.

ya i thought it was done in the CSS i spent over an hour trying to find want was determining the flowers colors to realize it was just a simple image… But I have another question… How do I get rid of the circles in the header? I cant find it anywhere in the carousel part of the css…

shtupandbid, please write a message with a screenshot to dazeincreatve (dog) gmail.com and we will solve your problem. Don’t waste your time – ask me.

Dear DazeinCreative! Your theme is very good and I want to purchase it. One question, please. Is it possible to place video (from youtube) in slider on front page?

Thanks, it is possible, everything possible :) But slider is not intended to add media like youtube vidz. If you familiar with HTML it will be not a problem. Generally it is good task for me to release this feature in next releases of Rococo.

I really like the look of this template, however the live view on the Themeforest preview page isn’t resizing on my iPad and iPhone. I checked some other templates and they do resize. Can you let me know what’s happening before I buy this? Of course I’m in a hurry and need to decide very soon. Thanks.

Dear, thanks for your words. Try to remove Themeforest frame (button “Remove frame”) at top left and everything will be fine.

Hi, I ended up purchasing your template. I started working on it and noticed all the icons have disappeared. Is there an easy fix to this?

see this: http://www.alohaweddings.net/testing


:) Hi! Fhanks for purchasing. Nice photos BTW :)

Thanks, the site is now live. Such a nice looking theme.

Thanks. Don’t forget to rate my theme 5 stars :)

I just purchased this template and none of the images are included.

Neither there is a document which explains clearly how to change the image’s.

Also do not understand why we can`t change the image links locally.

New archive is uploaded. It will be available soon. Help file updated. Anyway you can ask everything concerning template here or via email (to get quicker answer)

Hey, could you please e-mail me the new archive & help file ?

My e-mail is harphajan.singh.khalsa@gmail.com


Dear, please re-download archive again. But no problems, just emailed you.

Hi i want to find out more before making my purchase.

1) Can the background color of individual pages be changed?

2) I see that there are 5 pages. How easy is it to create more pages? (Home, Services, Portfolio, About Us, Contact)

Hi, thanks for interest. 1. Yes. 2. Yes. If you have even HTML basic skills – everything possible.

Hi Dazein,

We have purchased your template, however it`s really difficult to insert another tab next to your header menu - HOME SERVICES PORTFOLIO.
We inserted a tab, and need it to jump to another blog unfortunately nothing happens.
Please could you shed some light on this especially if the template would even allow ?

Dear, it is easier. Add to nav <li><a href="url-to-your-blog">blog</a></li>. That’s enought for HTML. But also you must specify css rule for “a” class in nav, because by default it is not set. Go to CSS and find .navbar .nav li. Change tr: .navbar .nav li, .navbar .nav li a and further for hover behaviour it must look like .nav ul li:hover, .nav ul li:hover a

Hi Dazein

We sent you a personal e-mail and awaiting reply.


Your page is awesome! I bought it some time ago and as a bit amateur that I’m, it was difficult to manipulate so some newbies instructions would be nice. Overall very nice page. I thing you might be selling too cheap, i would have bought it for 50 dollars as well:)


Sanchesqui, thanks for your kind words. Don’t brake your brains, if your stuck – ask me for help. Usually I reply in 1-5 hours. Price :) Themeforest set prices here, not me. Generally, it worth more, I agree with you! Please, don’t forget to rate my work with 5 stars, Thanks.

Wow, then they must be out of spirit!

Don’t worry about it, it was nice to practice and in the end it made sense:)

Thanks a lot!

“Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

Hello! Unfortunately i’ve this issues :( What can i do? Waiting for your help, Cheers


Dear, this is not Wordpress Theme. It is HTML template.

I don´t get how does the portfolio slider works. I don’t know where to change de images for each event

Dear, thanks for purchase. You should read the readme. Everything is described there. Anyway if you will still have problem with it just drop me a line via email form in my profile for assistance.


loudon Purchased

Nice template and good docs. I have one problem. I would like to change the carousel caption in the middle to move to the bottom left of the slideshow. Is this possible while retaining the responsive design?

Firstly it defined in bootstrap.css, then overrided in styles.css. That is rule – to keep original bootstap siles intact and override in our styles, overwise we will have thing getting dirty and messy :)


loudon Purchased

Yes, nicely written.Loving the fact that the code in this template is so well compartmentalised. I expect to be buying again for another client once this site I am working on is online. :)

Thanks, mate :) If you have any more questions just drop a line via contact form in my profile.